Friday, August 13, 2010

Birthday Love from Ehlee!

I'm not done with the love packs just yet, the other day I received a package from my super sweet and pretty blogger friend/ plushie sister Ehlee of superwoolu, all the way from Canada! 

 [click on the links to see "E's plushies""G's plushies"]

Moving on, here's my first blogger love pack/ birthday present from Ehlee!

what's inside:

A cute and funny birthday card...
which made me giggle. :)

a little peek inside the card:
the salutation/greeting made me smile this big (^_________________________,^)

I tried Jolly Ranchers for the first time, didn't know they were so sour. my face went from this :) to this :} hahaha!

 a box of choco-mocha aromatherapy bath fizzers:
I thought these were real chocolate! Fortunately I read the "bath fizzer" line. XD

and some real eye candies!
eye shadows! I'm looking forward to trying the 5 color palette soon as the colors look gorge from the pan! Ehlee is so thoughtful, she knew that I was in a cream eyeshadow phase so she also sent me a GOSH e/s cream stick in a neutral gold shade :)

I feel overwhelmed by  all the love and good vibes I have been receiving lately, its been almost a month since my birthday but I still feel very special everyday! I wish you can feel my gratitude. Thank you Ehlee for your thoughtfulness and generosity. I wish I can meet and chat with you in person someday, that way I can give you a real *BEARHUUUUUUUG*!

All the ♡,

ps. Makeup free for 5 days and my skin is loving it! TGIF! :)


  1. That's so sweet of her! you are very lucky! : )

  2. Aww. That's sweet of her. The porcupine card made me giggle too. :P

  3. Nice presents! I thought that was real chocolates. I'm a total chocoholic.


  4. WOW a luv package! hehehe

    I love Jolly Ranchers, especially the watermelon flavor.

    Swatches for the new eye shadows? ^.^

    awww the card is adorable!

  5. aww that's so sweet of her! and those bath fizz look so much like chocolate, that I actually thought they were at first glance! hehehe hmm sounds yummy already!

    I am glad your skin is getting a breather and loving it! :)

  6. so nice & sweet of her....Blogger buddies are the best....

  7. Awwww... such awesome presents! I thought the bath products were chocolates too! Haha.

  8. The card is so cute and funny! I really like the shades in the palette, especially the first golden bronzy shade!

    ♥ Milk

  9. awww that's so nice to of her to send all that stuff!! I love getting things in the mail that aren't bills! heheh

  10. awww how sweet! the birthday card is really cute and those candies hehe

  11. they really do look like chocolate. hehe. She's so sweet :P happy birthday! :)

  12. That's so sweet of Ehlee (I never knew her name until now! :D)!

  13. Aww how sweet! I have the GOSH eyeshadow too and I think it's amazing! Hope you'll like it too! :)

  14. Bathing in chocolate scent? Cool! But now even more people will want to follow you around. Be careful with that stuff. =)

    PS - You are special everyday!

  15. awww that's so sweet of her! <3

  16. Aw tt's so sweet! I love getting snail mail :)

  17. aww Ehlee is super sweet! Enjoy!

  18. Chocolate bath fizzers! Rub-a-dub-dub <3 So sweet.


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