Thursday, December 31, 2009

What I loved in 2009

Happy new year dear beauties! 2009 is nearing its end and we will be welcoming a new year of discovering the best beauty products to enhance our already pretty selves! ^_~
I would like to share with you some products i used and loooved this year, from skin care to makeup, in short, my beauty secrets for 2009! :)

I have normal skin that used to have an uneven skin tone, dark pigmentation under the sides of my mouth and chin area, but when I started using Kanebo's Blanchir line, my complexion got better and it obviously lightened the darker areas on my face giving me a nice, even and smooth skin. Im down to the last quarter of the Clear Conditioner and Milky Conditioner (i love how it smells!), I may repurchase after trying the DiorSnow White Reveal Lotion i bought. I'm still contemplating on what moisturizer to get. Can someone recommend a good moisturizer?  ^_^

This is basically my regimen: i wash my face, pat toner, serum, massage moisturizer on, apply eye cream and i'm done! when it gets cold and i have drier skin, i use a richer night cream. I also spot correct blemishes when i get them occasionally.

During the day, I always make sure i put sunscreen on. Allie SPF50 PA+++ for my face, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch SPF50 PA+++ for my arms and legs and Bare Escentuals SPF30 Natural Sunscreen for touch-ups.

I'm so glad I discovered Bare Escentuals' sunscreen, its portable and convenient for touch ups!

For makeup, I love Maquillage's Face Creator in 66 (nude pinks), my HG powder, CHANEL's Poudre Universelle (Is this limited edition?) and Jill Stuart's Mix Blush in 07 Lovely Tulip, the white block gives me a nice glow which i really love!

and for eye makeup, after all the Lunasol's I got this year, Esprique Precious wins my heart (and eyes) with this super gorgeous palette. Superb soft texture, soft shimmer and pretty pigmentation, when I can't decide what eyeshadow to wear, i put this on and I LOVE it! ^_^

That's about it! I hope you liked my list! Up next, my gotta get get list! hahaha

Hello 2010! I'm ready for you! ^_^

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New year, new makeup!

I really enjoy reading about my fellow bloggers' raves about their Christmas presents and goodies, what can i say, new stuff make us happy! Yes? As i have mentioned in my previous post, I did some shopping during the Christmas weekend and ended up with some Shu Uemura, Lunasol and Bobbi Brown stuff. Yay! New makeup to wear on the new year!

I divided them into 3 categories: tools, base makeup and point makeup to make it easier to view. ^_~

Lunasol Cream Foundation Sponge & Shu Uemura 20H brush
If I ever have a shopping mantra, it is getting the best that you can buy. I invest in Shu Uemura brushes because they are the softest and most durable, the BEST imho. I also bought a Lunasol sponge to work with my water cream foundation. So soft!

Base makeup: Lunasol Water Cream foundation in 0C03, Micro finish loose powder in 01 plus a mini micro finish loose powder in 02 as a GWP. I'm spoiled. hahaha

Point Makeup: Shu Uemura Glow On blush

Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss 01 Tutu, Lunasol Full Glamour Lips G 06 Rose Pink, Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited PK344, Shu Uemura Gloss Unlimited Pink Collection PK310 n
SU Gloss Unlimited Pink Collection PK310 n, Lunasol Full Glamour Lips G 06 Rose Pink, SU Rouge Unlimited PK344, Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss 01 Tutu
Pretty pink shades! 

Happy new year everyone! Wishing you a blessed 2010. 
♡ coffretgorge

Michael Kors ♡ Manila

 I really like collecting pretty  limited edition stuff especially if its really practical and wearable. I got this Michael Kors ♡ Manila canvas shopping tote as a gift and i love it! I'm planning on using this to lug around my cosmetics + hair essentials on weekends. Its also good to use as an eco-bag when you shop. I love the red heart applique and the red croc embossed patent leather trims on the handles. Very cute!

heres a New York version of it:

photo from

Clever right? Is this available in your local Michael Kors boutique?  :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Coffretgorge Christmas

Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! :) As for me, it was a day spent with my loved ones. It was tiring, but it felt so good to play with the kids and hang out with the family.

Me and my god daughter running around

I got some stuff from Shu Uemura (ongoing holiday sale 15% off on all regular items from Dec.23 - 31,2009), Lunasol and Bobbi Brown on the weekend. 

Here's a little teaser. ^_~
I'll be posting a detailed haul hopefully by tomorrow, I'm so excited to try everything! Happy holidays! ♡ coffretgorge

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

coffretgorge loves: Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss

Happy holidays everyone! It's almost Christmas are you done shopping yet? I hope you are! As for me, I'm never done shopping, its a disease i know. (gotta get get...) hahaha! 

Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss

If you're looking for a really nice stocking stuffer for your lazy sister, busy mother, girly girl friends and makeup junkie colleagues you have got to get Bobbi Brown's Rich Color Gloss! As i have mentioned in a previous haul post, its a lip balm, lip color and gloss in one tube, its so convenient I LOVE IT! Usually, i apply my trusty strawberry Chap stick on before anything else, but this is so moisturizing it does everything. You can really tell its a lip balm because it is a bit minty when applied plus it's long wearing too. Amazing.

Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss in Dusty Rose

swatch: thicker on the left side, lighter on the right
coffretgorge rates it: 
Texture: 5/5 smooth
Shine: 3/5 Pretty
Pigmentation: 4/5 rich color
Applicator: 4/5 fuzzy doe foot
Packaging: 4/5 small, great for traveling
Price: 3/5

It comes in 8 wearable colors, ruby red if you like bright red lips, if you like pink, try dusty rose, if you're into pinkish browns try pink buff, or naked if you like nude. Try before you buy or consult the MA if its for someone else so she can recommend the right shade for every skin tone.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

BB craze: TFS Hydro Splash BB Cream

I've had this for a while now, but never got to write and post a review, The Face Shop's Hydro Splash BB Cream SPF 20 PA++ is the first BB cream i bought.

The Face Shop's Hydro Splash BB Cream SPF 20 PA++
What they say:
Hydro Splash BB Cream contains 70 percent moisture and is a very lightweight water-based BB cream, absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. At the same time, this lightweight cream provides sun protection to the skin. keeping the skin moist and dewy. it has aloe extracts and spf20 PA++ sun protection. 

Size: 45ml

Instructions on how to use:
For clear skin makeup, apply a makeup base first and then lightly apply BB cream. It will even out the complexion and conceal blemishes and give a dewy finish.

coffretgorge says:
If applied using your fingers, its quite hard to blend which causes blotchy, uneven application, but when applied using a sponge, it's so much easier to blend and results are better giving my face a smooth and even finish. I don't have to wear concealer anymore since it has medium coverage and my dark circles and blemishes aren't that bad. I think this BB cream is suitable for fair to light-medium skin tones, if you're in the darker side it would be better to look for another BB cream. 

Hydro Splash BB Cream kiss ^_~

they say it gives off a dewy finish but IMO it has a fairly matte finish ( i hope you can see the difference on the photos ^_^ )

I use this after my skin care and makeup base/primer so i have more SPF and moisture. It stays on the whole day even if you perspire, just blot the oil or sweat away and you're fresh looking again!

What is your favorite BB cream? ^_^

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

YSL l'amour + Lunasol Lip Brush Ex N

If I were to pick one label to live out of for the rest of my life, it would be YSL. I love everything about  it, the fashion, the bags, the shoes, Stefano Pilati and of course, i lalala-love the cosmetics and the gold packaging? Can you say luxe? ;) That's why I got a bit sad when SA Aaron told me that the YSL counter in Rustan's will be taken out for a while to prepare for Giorgio Armani cosmetics. Its such a bittersweet feeling. But hey, absence makes the heart grow fonder right? We'll see.

I have acquired a small collection of YSL cosmetics in my beautyholic life, but what i love most are my Rouge Volupte Lipsticks. They glide on like butter, super pigmented, has SPF 15 and long wearing too! If you like putting it on straight from the tube, try it with a lip brush, it will make the application super easy and it will give you a smoother, nicer finish. I use a Lunasol portable lip brush made with 100% Kolinsky hair - its ♡!

Lunasol Lip Brush Ex N

YSL Rouge Volupte - whoever designed the packaging is a genius!

#2 Sensual Silk - a creamy pinkish  beige

#19 Frivolous Pink - a midtone pink with blue undertones

swatches: left #2 Sensual Silk, right #19 Frivolous Pink

I still want to get #1 Nude Beige, 4 Sweet Honey, 16 Red Temptation and 26 Tender Peach. Have you tried YSL's Rouge Volupte? What's your favorite shade?  ^.^

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Weekend Holiday Haul + thoughts

Christmas is just around the bend so I tried to shop for everyone in my list last weekend, I still have to shop some more, but I'm satisfied with what I have accomplished so far. Needless to say, traffic around the metro was bad and finding a parking space at the mall was close to impossible but I managed to get by thank goodness for valet!

Of course, I wouldn't be as diligent as a happy camper if i wasn't able to buy some stuff for myself so here are some holiday gifts to self. hahaha ^_~

My Rustan's weekend haul
clockwise from top: Lunasol Star Shower Eyes in 03 Dazzling Night, Stila E/S in Wheat, Guerlain LE Meteorites Perles Imperials, Fair Crea White UV Face Powder SPF 16 PA++ Refill, Fair Crea White UV Face Powder SPF 16 PA++ Case, Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss in Dusty Rose, Lunasol Treatment Mascara Base

Product Close ups:

Lunasol Star Shower Eyes palette in 03 Dazzling Night
I could not resist any longer, i just had to have it already! hahaha. This is the main palette for Lunasol's 2009 Autumn Collection. A lot of beauty bloggers have raved and ranted over this, i just had to see for myself. so far im loving the main and shade colors (both on the right side of the palette) As usual, the redundant white shimmer is still there on the top left, only difference is the bling. ^.^ I think this will be perfect for upcoming holiday get togethers. Click on this if you would like to see Fuz Kittie's day to night FOTD using Dazzling Night :)

Lunasol Treatment Mascara Base
I'm using this today and i must say that its really nice, it helps in lengthening lashes, no clumps, its nice on its own, but better with your HG mascara. Its a mascara booster! I'm loving it! :)

Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss in Dusty Rose
A lip balm, lip color & gloss in one tube. This stuff is addicting! It feels soft and doesn't dry out my lips at all even without a lip essence. I got Dusty Rose, a pink mauve color, it looks nice on pigmented lips plus its long lasting too! They sell out really fast so if you're in Manila and you're lemming for this, get the one you like NOW. (Rustan's Makati has more shades available the only shade OOS is Tutu, a cool pink)

Guerlain Holiday Collection Meteorites - Perles Imperials
Aside from it being LE, the all black packaging lured me into buying this baby as it looks way better than the cheap looking cardboard packaging of the regular Meteorites. But I'm not complaining, as it beautifully sets make up, evens out your skin tone  and gives you a pretty, pearly glow. It is pink toned and a little shimmery, I don't mind that but some beauty bloggers prefer wearing this only at night. The Guerlain Holiday collection arrived last week at Rustan's. And yes, I'm contemplating on getting the Bal de Minuit E/S palette. *sigh*

Fair Crea White UV Face Powder  SPF 16 PA++ Case & refill
I bought this for travel as I'm always on the go, my Jill Stuart loose powder although pretty, just won't cut it. I need another one with more practical packaging. The Fair Crea White UV Face Powder is really fine and the puff is soft like clouds, aside from the SPF 16, i feel like it has moisturizing properties and the skin really absorbs it. Even if you go overboard it still won't look ghostly as it is translucent. I don't think i can recommend it for oily skin types though. ^_^

I was eyeing the LUNASOL Micro Finish Powder N 01 but the kind, chummy SA's @ Kanebo recommended this because of the UV protection and treatment properties. If you have the Lunasol Micro Finish Powder N, would you recommend it? Because I'm still lemming for it. Kill it please! lol

Monday, December 14, 2009

EYE don't cause EYE care ^_~

Hello beautyholics! i hope you all had a fun weekend! I would like to start the week with some beauty EYE don'ts i've learned through reading Bobbi Brown's book, Beauty Evolution. I think you might be interested in some tips in taking care of our very delicate eye area.

1) DON'T put eye cream on your lids if you're going to wear eyeshadow/s, it will make the lids moist and oily which can cause creasing. Eyeshadow is best applied with a dry surface. A primer also helps :)

2) DON'T rub concealer on your under eye circles. No no no. Skin in this area is very thin and can sag faster when rubbed frequently. RELAX and pat lightly in a circular motion. Always remember that patience is a virtue. ;)

3) If possible, DON'T use waterproof mascara everyday, it can dry out lashes. 

4) DON'T pick a red toned shadow as base, it can make you look tired. (or make you look like you have eye infection) But if you can pull it off, why not. :)

 and the last one comes from me,

5) DON'T be afraid to try different colors, you'll never know what it looks like until you put it on.

I hope you learned something new today. Have a great week ahead! Stay gorgeous! ^_~

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Skin Smarts: Eye Cream

A lot of skin care experts say that eye cream is key in your 20's and i think they're right. I also believe that prevention is better than cure, so if you can prevent fine lines from forming, that would be great. I've seen my mom after her blepharoplasty and its wasn't pretty for about 2 weeks, it made me a little paranoid about sagging under eye bags. 

Eye cream is an essential in my skin care routine, I have two eye creams, 1 for daytime and the other one for night time. We all have different issues, If you have puffiness, look for firming properties, if you have dark circles, look for formulas with vitamin K.

left: Nature's Gate eye cream right: L'Occitane eye gel

Nature's Gate Ultimate Comfort Eye Cream $14.99
Best for under-eye circles
Nature's Gate Ultimate Comfort Eye Cream ($14.99; Eight essential amino acids and sodium PCA, a natural humectant that draws moisture to the skin, help hydrate, while extracts of eyebright, chamomile, and cucumber brighten and soothe. As a bonus, the cream's pump dispenses just the right amount, keeping application tidy.

Coffretgorge says: I find this product effective, it moisturizes and it lightened my dark circles (they're not really that dark). I think it does what it say it will do. The skin around my eyes improved a lot with this cream. I've been using it for quite a while now and this is my second bottle. Packaging is efficient as it dispenses product very easily and its very hygienic. Plus the price is very reasonable and it will last a long time. I bought mine at Healthy Options.

L'Occitane Amande Pomme Velvet Eye Gel $33

from L'Occitane:

The Velvet Eye Gel is a fresh, non-oily, light and easily-absorbed gel that helps the eye area to effectively protect itself against the first signs of aging. Its formula contains a unique combination of active ingredients:
-Almond proteins and silicium (to help firm skin, improve its elasticity and smooth fine lines)
-Organic apple extract (to help protect against free radicals)
-A firming extract derived from almond (to tighten the skin)
-A plant-based complex (to ease the appearance of dark circles)
-Flavonoids extracted from sweet orange (for anti-puffiness action)
-Natural-based micro pearls (to illuminate the skin)

The eye area is refreshed, dark circles and puffiness are less visible. The eye area is smoothed and better protected.

coffretgorge says: I bought this product because i was quite impressed with the list of benefits it promised to give. Protection, firming, lightening, anti-puffiness which i need. The gel has tiny specks of shimmer (to brighten up the eye area.) I tried using it in the morning to brighten up my eyes but it took forever to dry up so now i only use it at night. When dry, it gives the applied area a refreshing and slightly tight feeling, which makes you feel its working on fine lines. I've been using it for almost a month now. It's okay. I only wish L'Occitane can fix the loose screw caps! You can't rely on the bottle at all especially when traveling as it comes loose on its own! I read some reviews on their site and a lot of users have also experienced this, causing them to lose a lot of product or spill product in their bags! Price is a bit higher than Nature's Gate. I bought mine at L'Occitane, Essenses, Rustan's Makati.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A little DIORSNOW haul

Don't you just hate having those occasional acne because it almost always leaves dark spots? I do. Argh. I'm on a mission to banishing some dark spots on my face thats why I am very diligent when it comes to protecting and taking care of my skin.

 I was looking for a daytime spot corrector last weekend with no particular label in mind, i scoured the whole lot of Rustan's cosmetic floor and asked for spot correctors. Kose Junkisui has one, but it smelled weird so I skipped that and went to the Dior counter. I asked the kind SA and she said that they do have a spot corrector in the DIORSNOW line but its only a GWP. *thinks* I am halfway through my Blanchir toner so i figured i'd buy the DiorSnow White Reveal Lotion 1 Fresh  and the White Reveal Makeup UV Base SPF 35 PA+++  and get the Spot Corrector (which accdg. to the box, is worth ¥5500) for FREE!  :)

my little DiorSnow tree! ^_^
Whitening UV Spot Corrector swatch:
White Reveal Makeup UV Base SPF35 PA+++ in beige
White Reveal Makeup Base SPF35 PA+++ swatch:
runny consistency which makes it easy to apply and blend. (OMG my skin looks parched! I applied the Bare Escentuals sunscreen SPF30 here before swatching. @.@ )

Im excited to try it! I hope the DiorSnow line is effective in bringing luminosity and refining skin texture as it promises to do. :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Coffretgorge likes: Stila Lip Glaze

I was at Rustan's on Sunday wanting to try & buy the Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss and the Metallic Long Wear Cream Eyeshadow in Mercury as i loved the look on the campaign. hehe. but everything i wanted was OOS so i just looked around and found these babies from Stila. I'm so glad I did!

Stila Lip Glaze in Starfruit
It's pink with gold micro shimmer, very purrty! :)

Stila Lip Glaze in Watermelon
This smells so yummy like watermelon! which is one of my fave fruits ever! next to mangoes. ^_^
Every shade has a different scent, so it depends on your olfactory sense if it would please you or not, but the scent does not linger for long though.

Pale Pastel Pink, i have to say i was skeptical to try this because i have pigmented lips, but when i did, i was happy because it showed up decently and looks good on my lips! Lesson learned: Never be afraid to try!  ^_~

 Retails for Php695 at Rustan's Shangri la. If there's one thing I'd like to improve in this product is the packaging, i personally don't like twisting the nob to get the product out. (oh yes, im lazy! haha) but seriously, i just find it so hard to control! :( 

Coffretgorge rates it:
Texture: 3/5 Medium Stickiness (bearable)
Shine: 4/5 Pretty
Pigmentation: 3/5 Medium
Applicator: 4/5 Brush
Packaging: 1/5 I'm not a fan of the twist nob
Price: 4/5 Reasonable

If you're constantly in the hunt for lip gloss to add to your collection, go on and try Stila Lip Glaze ;)