Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hoyu Beautylabo Bubble Whip Hair Color in Maple Chocolat

I thought I'd change my hair color (again) so I got Hoyu Beautylabo's Bubble Whip Hair Color in 'Maple Chocolat' from my stash. Does the name sound delicious or what? :P

I purchased this from Coco cosmetics dispensary along Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. Price is HKD85 (approx. USD12).

It comes in a super cute shaker bottle packaging which is totally reusable. You can stuff it with your random knick knacks to get rid of some clutter.

hair swatch/guide:

Always remember to put on the  gloves provided for protection.
Its very easy to prepare and use, simply pour the clear solution onto the shaker bottle:

followed by the coloring agent:

put the lid back on and shake shake shake it like a bartender! (around 30 times)
until the mixture foams and fills up the entire bottle.

Tadah! soft, whipped hair dye ready to use:

FLUFFY foam! you can tell I had fun with this. LOL
Its very easy to get the foam, all you need is to scoop it out with your hand, no need to exert effort in pumping a bottle to get the bubble dye out. ;)

apply it on your hair evenly, in sections if you can, so you get an even hair color.

all gone!
wait for 30 minutes then rinse. Then apply the hair essence to damp hair to make it smoother, shinier and more manageable. (I sounded like an ad there! haha)

Hoyu Beautylabo's foam is denser than Prettia's, so it needs more effort in massaging it to my hair. 

The color turned out lighter than what I expected and it remained as vibrant after 3 washes. 

Hoyu Beautylabo's foam has a stronger chemical (ammonia) smell which hurts the nose and the eyes if inhaled deeply. (I walk around the room to get fresher air.)

Hoyu Beautylabo's bubbles can stain the skin and it can be difficult to remove. I don't get that with Prettia.

The after color hair essence was really good, (better than Prettia's) as it made my hair softer and helped get rid of the hair dye smell. (wherein it takes 3 washes with Prettia)

As, cute as the packaging is, I don't think I will be repurchasing this, Prettia is HKD10 cheaper (at and if you have someone who won't mind squeezing the bottle for you (like Lurvey) then I would recommend Prettia Bubble Hair Dye more as it delivers better results than Hoyu's (in my opinion).

This is the first time I'm having maple/red undertones in my hair so I'm still getting used to it. Some people who have noticed said they liked it and that it looked pretty. I dunno... I don't think it suits my complexion. hehe. Im going to post a full FOTD on my next post so you get a better picture. Have a nice day! Thanks for reading!



  1. The name made me hungry ;D

    Lovely hair color, G!

  2. Either that fluffy foam looks like a chocolate shake or I'm hungry. XD Your hair looks vibrant and shiny, sweetie! Thanks for the review. You saved me some money...woot!

  3. oh wow! the packaging looks really cute and colorful..haha. :)

    Jennifer & Sherry

  4. SO CUTE! LOL Lovely hair color :) I'm sure it suits you! :)

  5. thats a pretty shade! im sure the ladies appreciate your tips and instructions :)

  6. wow i never heard of this before!

  7. such a pretty packaging....and thanks for the review....I'm so going to get a prettia hair dye next time if I'll get the chance to go to mitsuwa again...and thanks for your comment on my post...

  8. haha thats so cute looks like a smoothy lol I want to try prettia so cool that it foams hehe

  9. nice review! :)
    and the end result is pretty too..
    i would love to try D-I-Y hair coloring next time with the use of asian hair dyes! they look so cute and sound so yummy LOL :)

    oooh you got the beautiful life palette!! its so nice!! :) well i personally don't like their multiples cause it doesn't stay on my cheeks for long :{ (but hey, that's just me hehe) try their powder blushes too!! <3

  10. wow your hair colour is soo pretty and woah theres a lot of product in that cup..Is it because of the foam?
    I love the packaging though cute ><

  11. The name looks yummy. Why do all Jap cosmetics and other stuff have to have cute packaging?! :P Great job on the DIY.

  12. The name sounds really appealing !

    I saw these in the city last week, but I think they were selling for much much much more expensive >>" ! I guess it was one of those stores that just ups the price of all imported goods :(!

    But yeah. I think the bottle looks cute and everything; but from your review doesn't sound all that great. Hmmmm.

    I'll wait to see a full photo ! :D But I seem to like the colour already x3

  13. I love the colour so shining!!! Thanks for the review :)

  14. the name does sound delicious! thanks for reviewing this cuz ive seen them and have been curious about them :) would you say its enough for someone with long hair? i know with the palty hairdye you need two packages :X cant wait for your full face picture! im sure you look gorge!

  15. It looks great!

  16. Thanks for showing the step by steps. I don't like strong scents from hair dye products as well. Can't wait for your FOTD~^0^

  17. Hey Georgina, your new hair color seems more playful- maybe because it's lighter :) can't wait for your FOTD. btw you can email me at

    I wonder what you will email me about :)

  18. heheheh for some reason I think the bottle design reminds me of bubble tea XD how asian...

    unfortunately asian hair does tend to show up with red undertones when you strip it of the black. you have to use a toner to get the bronze out, which unfortunately is a separate process...I dyed my hair too these past few weeks and yeah...after a few washes, I think I need to retone again >.<

    ...if it makes you feel better, from the photo you posted the colour looks great^^

  19. Thanks, hun! :) I don't know about the sexy part though...hehe. Girl, all you probably need at most is a light jacket!

  20. hhmm...I think the color looks great in the picture. :)

    I'm looking forward to the FOTD.. :))

    Much love,
    enchi :3

  21. From what I can tell, the color looks really nice. I can't wait to see your FOTD.

    I will be getting my hair highlighted tomorrow. I've had my appointment for a week now. Can't wait to get rid of my awful dark roots.


  22. Didn't I leave a comment teasing you aobut going blond for Halloween??? Maybe I messed up the verification word. :(

  23. That's so cool about the foam part! That's totally much more fun than just using normal hair dye =D

  24. love the packaging!! it's cute how the base comes in a chocolate bar looking wrapper hahah

  25. OMG WHAT'S THIS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it LOOKS SUPER DELICIOUS/CUTE.. i think i might die..if i buy this.. will like shake shake.. DRINK.. faint


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