Friday, September 17, 2010

My Lunasol Makeover + Dinner Date :)

Lunasol's Autumn 2010 collection was launched here in Manila last weekend, and being the big Lunasol fan that I am, I couldn't help but drag Lurvey to check out the Aurorized Eyes shadow quints and the deep red lipstick I saw on ViVi's August issue.

A Japanese makeup artist, "Matsumo" was currently enabling conducting makeovers/tutorials which made me excited because I've never experienced being dolled up by a Japanese MUA before. Matsumo was so pleasant, he complimented my skin a lot even if I had a bumpy red zit on my forehead (which came with my 'monthly visitor' LOL) and even curled my hair to complete the look. I didn't expect that. :) 

going back to the makeup... I chose palette 04 Soft Variation to try because I liked the purple shade. Later on I realized I already owned a nicer quad of purples so I decided to get another palette instead.

Products used (everything Lunasol of course):
Control Makeup Base 03 Clear
Modeling Water Liquid Foundation OC03
Pressed Face Color in 02 Lucent Beige for Highlighting
Micro Finish Powder in Translucent to set
Aurorized Eyes 04 Soft Variation
Coloring Cheeks in 08 Medium Pink
Full Glamour Lips S 46 Shiny Pink 
Gel eyeliner in 01 Deep Black
Full Glamour Mascara
Brow Styling Pencil


creating that "sexy" smoky eye...

Matsumo + G = FOTD! Notice my new hair color? ;) 

If you would like to meet Matsumo and have a Lunasol makeover, he'll be at Rustan's Makati this weekend, at the new Lunasol counter near Bottega Veneta. They're having a promotion (until Sept. 19), 10% OFF on everything including the new collection. Making it harder to resist the temptation. :P

 As for me, I bought one quint (05) and one lippie (S49), the deep red shade I was telling you about. I can't wait to use it! I'll swatch it for you soon as I haven't gotten around to taking photos just yet.

 After the makeover he asked me if I wanted a tattoo... on my neck! Erm, I said I was just having dinner after, I didn't need it, but he insisted so I let him do it. I didn't expect I was going to make him happy as a clam! Hahaha! Maybe he was a frustrated tattoo artist. The SA's said he was offering the ladies who came before me but they all declined. So I was his first "tattoo" client. XD

this is the "tattoo" Matsumo drew for me:
I asked him to draw something kawaii, I imagined a butterfly or a flower maybe. But he drew that tribal looking thing. Hahaha! Any idea what it is or what it means? So random. :P ~I hope vampires don't read my blog, look at that juicy neck! Muahahaha >:) ~

that same night Lurvey and I had dinner @ Tender Bob's. The guy loves steak. ;)
I'm wearing Eki's kawaii earrings! Love them to bits. :)

our appetizer: Potato Skins with sour cream and cheese dips.

I have this habit of ordering the same dish as Lurvey's whenever I can't decide on what to get. Hahaha! He wanted a Rib eye steak, so I got Rib eye as well, just a smaller portion.

I ate the carrots already prior to taking the pic hahaha!


No dessert for me since I got so full munching on those carbo loaded potatoes and steak. LOL. *happy G*

Thanks for reading my mishmash post! I'm nursing a migraine so please forgive me if I was rambling today. :)



  1. You look, oh-so-gorgeous!!

    And Mm...potato skins! XD

  2. So L got to watch the magic happen!!! Alright! Looks like you two had a wonderful dinner. But hey, who's the beauty in the 1st pic??? Don't be mad at L if he flirted with her a little--he's only human.

  3. You look so pretty! He did a great job. And I love your new hair. =D I can't say I know what that symbol means but he *is* creative. And yay to steak!

    Hope you feel better soon =D

  4. Your hair color is perfect! I really like it. OMG! You look so gorgeous with your makeover! I'm so jealous that you were able to get a makeover by a Japanese MUA.

    Your food looked yummy but you look more yummy.


  5. Your hair color is perfect! I really like it. OMG! You look so gorgeous with your makeover! I'm so jealous that you were able to get a makeover by a Japanese MUA.

    Your food looked yummy but you look more yummy.


  6. lovely makeup & delicious dinner! sounds like fun...

  7. You look gorgeous!! :) Love the new hair color

  8. You look so pretttyyyy!!! <3 <3 <3 sooo lucky that you have a lunasol counter by you, i'm so jealous T_T The earrings you're wearing from eki are so cute!!

  9. hehe,vampires would ignore that juicy steak and go for your neck instead sis,matsumos a bit hmm weird isnt he?but love the makeover.

  10. You look really gorgeous!! It's really sweet of him to curl your hair too :)
    Yummy steak!! *drool*

    ryc: Penang is known for the food, but not so much for the shopping. I didn't have much time to shop in the first place though. and the sight is just okay imo..

  11. THat's so exciting to have a makeover done! Especially by a Japanese MUA!! Over here in the UK I never let the MUAs do anything to my face because I simply don't trust them! One of my friends once went for a makeover at some counter..can't remember which one, and the girl made her eyes look even smaller than they already were! She was really upset.. D=

  12. You look fantastic. The mua looks nice and it was funny when you mentioned agreeing to the tattoo made him really happy. :P

    The steak looks yummy. :)

  13. You are so lucky, girl, i have never had a makeup artist do a look on me, which is something I always want to do, haha^0^

  14. what a great makeover! so pretty! :) LOL to the vampire statement! and potato skins....yummmm O_O

  15. i want those potato skins!

    anyway, i love learning about new brands : ) great look he did on you

  16. wow! you look really pretty! and I love your hair too!


  17. sorry I'm a pain I know, but I've noticed you've started following me in the new GFC, but I've put the old one up again, as it's working now... so if you want to, you can follow me there again! Thanks!


  18. You look very pretty! Curly hair really suits you. The MUA sounded really nice!!

    Looking forward to your swatches on the new lunasol palette!

  19. G, you're so pretty!! love the hair too!! =D The tattoo looks like an invitation for a vampire to take a bite hahah

  20. Omg G you look so prettyyy!!! I've never done makeovers before just because I don't like getting the attention of the MUA haha.
    The food looks yum. I love how you dress up to go eat out, I should do that more often ><


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