Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Love Pack from Lulu!

I'm so awesomely blessed with the sweetest blogger friends! Gifts or no gifts, you gals (and guys) definitely make my life so much pleasant and pleasurable right now, I check my blog email first thing (almost always) every morning because your sweet messages and comments really make me smile (or giggle or even laugh sometimes), I think everyone should start their day with a genuine smile. It makes you appreciate life better even if you know your day is going to be crazy. :)

ANYWAY, thank you for reading through my rambling there. This post is dedicated to my sweet friend Lulu of Luluchinadoll! If you have been following my blog, Lulu won my very first giveaway titled "Coffretgorge's Birthday Giveaway" back in July. After sending her prize, I didn't know I was up for a surprise! (wow, that rhymed. LOL)

Lulu's love pack aka birthday presentS...
all the way from sunny California!

Lulu is not only generous, she's super thoughtful as well, she got me a BeneFit creaseless shadow/liner in RSVP (which is her favorite) because she knew I'm currently into cream shadows. Plus my first Rimmel blusher to try in an interesting shade!

Lulu and I share the same sentiment when it comes to bow accessories, she picked out some jewelry for me too!

really pretty!
the necklace has a vintage feel to it, worn paired with the dangling pearl earrings, it makes me look sweet, innocent and so much YOUNGER! muahaha ;)

she included some skin care too! I gave the Kiehl's face cream to Lurvey because he's currently battling dry skin, I'm glad to report it works well on hydrating his face and oil control is really good! Thank you Lulu!

e.l.f. Hypershine lip gloss
packaging is very much like Stila's lip glaze, and the shade is very pretty, Im sure this will look great on top of a lipstick in a complementing shade. :)

and last but not the least! Hello Kitty nail file! 

Thank you Lulu for sending me a birthday love pack! I appreciate the thoughtfulness and time you spent on wrapping each item carefully, placing a hello kitty sticker on everything. I enjoyed reading your cute note as well! It made me happy and all warm and fuzzy inside. heehee ^_^

♡ always,


  1. How super cute and thoughtful! I love the Hello Kitty stickers! Happy Birthday! I hope I can get some awesome blogger friends like that someday! ^_^

  2. Lulu is so nice! i see lotsa hello kitty! hehe :)

  3. What a wonderful and thoughtful present! I love bows too and that necklace is so cute. The Hello Kitty nail file is adorable as well.

    Well, you know, do a good thing for someone and good things will be returned. You are such a sweetie too.


  4. That's a great necklace. But, wait...what??? You are sweet and innocent, right? ;P

    I used to get fuzzy inside, but I'm better after coughing up that lint ball! LOL

    But on a serious note, you and Lulu are both sweethearts!

  5. How nice of Lulu.....she's also my first ever giveaway winner....and she's one of the sweetest blogger I've met...

  6. aww it made me all warm and fuzzy inside reading your post! I am glad you enjoyed all the little goodies, and happy to know that the khiels cream worked well for Lurvey's dry skin! Please let me know if you need help purchasing a full sized jar since I work right next to a kiehl's store hehe. Enjoy your bow goodies and yay for birthdays <3<3<3

  7. yes! LULU is such a sweet girl! Love her too!! :) YAY for goodies!!! :D love the bow earrings :)

  8. What a great surprise! :)

    I did purchase a couple items from the CCO! I'm going to be blogging about it next! :D

  9. That is so sweet! Reading this entry put a smile on my face. So much love on blogspot! :D

    ♥ Milk

  10. wwoooow... nice package you got there... :)

    Much love,

  11. aww that is so sweet of her :3
    everything looks gorgeous~

  12. gosh lovely package!!! and those jewelries are pretty!!! and happy be-lated birthday. since the package is a birthday present so I guess your bday went by recently hehehe ;)

  13. That's so sweet of Lulu! The bow jewelries are pretty :D
    ryc: Thank you hun! I'll try to pack mosquito repellent :D

  14. wow it's a very nice love pack! :D abt the shu uemura product i reviewed, it's a skincare product, but since it's tinted abit, it can also be like a light cover under makeup :D hope this helps.

  15. love the jewelry! and cute nail file

  16. Aw we're just lucky to have you as our blogger buddy Georgina! haha Hello Kitty nail filer.. that's so cute :D let us know how the Benefit shadow works out for you!

    p.s. thank you for your comforting words on fishpie :)

  17. Cool package, lucky girl! The necklace is so pretty!

  18. What a lovely surprise! Lulu is so sweet. =D The HK nail file made me smile...hee hee.

  19. I agree! Lulu is super duper sweeet! =)

    I LOVE BOWS TOO! I want those earrings, omg! >.<



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