Sunday, September 5, 2010

Etude House Haul: Dr. Lash Ampule Long and Volume

Good news to cosmeholics in the Philippines, our local Etude House stores have the Dr. Lash Ampule sets available for your hauling pleasure. Be prepared to shell out Php998 for a box set. ;) 

Etude House is happy place full of pink & white, princessy decor and hounding SA's dressed in pink maid uniforms... It always makes me feel it would be a waste (of gas money, travel and time) to go home with just one item, (OMG shopaholic! LOL) plus I couldn't help but get a new LUCIDarling Fantastic Rouge lipstick to try and a small packet of Happy teatime green tea (makeup) cleansing wipes, hence the small haul. I got the Lee Min Ho planner as GWP (gift with purchase) it is so cute! Also, the pages inside can be customized, I'm definitely using it for 2011! ^_^ 

what's inside the box:
I started using the Dr. Lash Ampule last night, I will do a full review in 2 weeks time to show you if there's any effect in my lashes.

Enjoy your Sunday!



  1. cool! you got the 2ne1 tap tap thing haha. i think thats it :P but etude house has really really cute packaging for sure

  2. "it would be a waste (of gas money, travel and time) to go home with just one item" Hahaha--but very logical!!! :P

    I don;t think I've ever seen a pink maid uniform.

    Happy Sunday!

  3. i got the lee min ho planner as well :) i hope this product works out for you, if it does i should get it too :)

  4. The packaging looks really cute. I hope it works for you, G. :P

  5. Yes, you are a shopaholic G! Hehe. *^_^* I wished we had this store here but I know my wallet is rejoicing right now. XP Looking forward to that review!

  6. Is this the one 2NE1 endorse??
    can't wait to hear the results ^^
    & I want that lee minho planner!!>3<

  7. I've seen this on a few blogs and it looks so interesting! Can't wait for the review! Hope it works out for you. :D

    ♥ Milk

  8. ooh, i hope this works out for you in 12 weeks! ( :

  9. Cute haul! Can't wait for your review :)

  10. Oh Woowwww you got it!!!! can't wait to see your review & result :)

  11. I'm totally looking forward to your lash review. I hope that it works out well.

    Etude House item packaging is quite pretty!


  12. what a pretty packaging, I am so intrigued, I hope you get wonderful results from it!! :D

  13. the dr.lash ampule set sounds intriguing haha. i'll definitely wait for the review :)

    btw, what nars product did you get?? :) xoxo

  14. LOL at It always makes me feel it would be a waste (of gas money, travel and time) to go home with just one item! I understand what you mean though hahaha

    I try to spend >RM30 whilst at Etude House. We have this stamp thing going on, everytime you spend more than RM30, you get a stamp and once you fill up your card, you get a RM50 giftcard/voucher.

  15. Totally feel the same way here when I feel like I should buy more than 1 item!!!! XD


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