Monday, April 26, 2010

Shu Fanatic Program + Review: Shu Uemura Nobara Cream Cover Stick 754

On Friday, I received an invite to attend Shu Uemura's Shu Fanatic, a privilege/reward system card where members receive invites to pre selling events, workshops and exclusive discounts.  I didn't really plan on going as I was being a good girl (trying!), but the Shu boutique was within the vicinity where we had my Papa's birthday dinner so I remembered to drop by before heading home. There were quite a lot of people perusing the displays when I entered but I was greeted by my sweet MUA/SA Cindy right after she spotted me. After a short chitchat she went to get something and I was surprised to get a new Shu Fanatic Card to replace the old one and lots of freebies. Yay! I'm glad I went. :)

there are 3 cards which has corresponding levels: white (Php7,000 single receipt or Php10,000 accumulated purchases), red (Php10,000 single receipt) and black (Php15,000 single receipt)

product rewards & partner establishments:

Cindy gave me lots of cleansing oils and a 30ml. UV Under Base which I was excited about

 this is how it looks like:
it's a lightweight mousse, this needs fast blending as it dries up quickly. It has SPF 17 PA++ which is nice, but to those who has allergic reactions to silicone, it has silica listed in its ingredients. 

after blending:
it makes the skin super smooth, glowy and bright (in a good way). It also evens out the skin tone and helps minimize the appearance of pores. It doesn't have shimmers (Shu Uemura also released a shimmery version but I believe it has been discontinued). This is the nicest gift with purchase I've ever received in my beauty blogger life. :)

now, onto the main purchase of the night, I must warn you, I really like this! Lemming prone zone! ^_~

The Nobara Cream Cover Stick in 754, a medium beige shade with a neutral under tone
 ingredients: dimethicone, neopentyl glycol dicaprate, isotridecyl isononanoate, synthetic wax, ceresin, talc, diisostearyl malate, sorbitan sesquioleate, phytosteryl/octyldodecyl lauroyl glutamate, alumina, aluminum hydroxide, tocopherol, canola oil, may also contain i 77891 / titanium dioxide, ci 77491, ci 77499, ci 77492 / iron oxides & mica

Omigosh. Perfect match!
✪ high coverage (concealer level)
✪ long wearing (even in humid conditions!)
✪ easy to blend with fingertips or as recommended, a foundation brush
✪ very creamy and soft to touch, it glides on like butter! (its like a foundation version of YSL's Rouge Volupte!)
✪ it feels very light on the face
✪ travel friendly packaging
✪ it did not break me out! 
✪ available in 13 shades (supposedly)
✪ a little goes (or should i say, blends) a long way

✪ some ladies have difficulty getting their shade right
✪ here in Manila, only 6 shades are available (734, 754, 764, 964, 974, 554)
✪ price: Php1,900 (approx. $42 USD) for 11grams of product

It's always a challenge to find a perfect match foundation but once you get it, you will be rewarded with a flawless face, free from break outs if you're lucky. Now I understand what the bloggers/MUA's/celebrity  raves are all about. I'm in love with this Nobara foundation reincarnation. Shu Uemura did it again, its another HG material for me!

Oh it's the last week of April! Have a great week ahead everyone! ^_^

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Paul & Joe Weekend Spring Makeup Workshop

How are you spending your weekends lovelies? If you're in Manila and heading out to Rustan's Makati, there's a beauty event you might want to check out this weekend and the next...

They will feature Spring eye makeup tutorials using Paul & Joe's Self Select Eye Colors.

Anyone going? ^_^

Friday, April 23, 2010

Adambeauty Haul: I'm Back to Blanchir!

Smiling ear to ear, I impatiently opened my package from Adambeauty containing my revamped HG skincare, Kanebo Blanchir Superior and a 60ml bottle of Allie sunscreen. Adam is a great seller (if you don't already know), low price for shipping but very fast! :)

I cannot tell you how happy I am to go back to Blanchir because ever since I tried other products, it has been hell for my skin, as in I had constant breakouts which left ugly acne scars on my face (which im treating with Paul & Joe's Whitening Serum at night and DiorSnow Spot Corrector during daytime). I think my skin loves botanical stuff!

Here's the Clear Conditioner (toner) & Milky Conditioner (moisturizer) in its packaging:

They kept the red color but the bottle shape has been changed from the simple oval to this:
Clear Conditioner has 180ml of product content, Milky Conditioner has 130ml.

here is the list of ingredients:
The "moisture" milky conditioner has a thicker consistency and stickier than the old formula I was used to, it can take a short while for it to be absorbed by the skin so I massage it on my face for faster absorption. I have been using it for the past 2 days and I can already notice improvement on my skin in terms of clarity. Thank goodness! Don't you just love it when products deliver results? I love Blanchir!

moving on, I also got Kanebo Allie Precious Barrier Protector SPF 50 PA+++,  I decided to try this because of its "whitening" properties, i suppose it can help with the dark spots from my acne scars.

It came in bundled with a 20g. SPF 31 UV lotion which is very handy for traveling.
The consistency of the whitening version is thinner and runny so I have to be careful and fast in applying it to my face otherwise its going to drip from my fingers, ending on the floor. hehe. I also have to shake it vigorously before using to mix the contents. I forgot to shake it once and all I got was clear fluid coming out. >.<  but its also nice, it doesn't smell like sunscreen, my only concern is it leaves a subtle white cast on my face, I don't mind it as long as I don't look ghastly. But in days when I know there's going to be lots of photographs taken, I'll use the Water Touch version, which is still my HG sunscreen, even my Papa uses it now. 

By the way its his birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA! I love you! I'm still thinking of a gift, more sunscreen perhaps? hahaha! :D

back to business, curious about the consistency? heres a swatch:
left, ALLIE Precious Barrier Protector SPF 50 PA+++ right, ALLIE UV SPF 31
both are very easy to blend despite the difference in viscosity. Also, the UV cream has a light "sunscreen" scent and a cool and moisturizing feeling to the skin. A nice product to try, no need to shake before use. ;)

TGIF! The weekend is one sleep away, I hope you all have a great weekend! xoxo^^

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Awful Truth: Makeup Testers Can Have Feces In Them

Just a quick repost from COCOPEREZ.COM, on how testers on makeup counters can have the bacteria E.Coli, the same bacteria found in feces. EEEEEEWWWW!!! Let's all be safe and use those cotton swabs ladies! or better yet, ask for a free  sample! :)

click on the link to read the full article:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MAC Nail Lacquer in Wham, Bam, Glam (Matte)

I know its spring/summer time and I should be sporting vibrant colors but I just want to share my very first matte nail polish from MAC called Wham, Bam, Glam from their Riveting collection. I was totally left out of the Chanel Particuliere craze, needless to say, it was sold out before my very eyes. So I just went on with my life and bumped into a shade pretty similar greige brown (grey - beige - brown) to that of Chanel's IT nail color, just darker.

swatch after 2 coats, under natural light:
the nail lacquer is very hard to apply as it streaks and dries up really fast, but once you get to the 3rd coat, you'll see the full effect of the matte lacquer. You can also opt to top it with glossy top coat if you get tired of the matte look.

here's a swatch after 3 coats, indoor lighting:
can you say, concrete chi-chi? :)

Only issue is when you scratch your nail into something rough, it will show up and really stand out unlike in glossy finish nail polish. Also, tip wear is noticeable in as short as 2 days.

Do you like matte nail lacquers? What other brand/s and shade/s would you recommend? Also, if you know a nice grey - beige- brown shade please let me know. TIA! ;)

Friday, April 16, 2010

TGIF + More Awards! :)

How are you spending your Friday night lovelies? Im spending mine at home, surfing the net, blogging and watching Let's Speak Korean on Arirang with my peripheral vision (i don't absorb anything, really) anyways, my fun and always sensible blogger bud Ric and sweet Jessie tagged me to receive a Happy 101 Award while the lovely Nat got me a Kreativ (i have no idea why its spelled like that hehe) Blog award plus the One Lovely Blog award. Instruction is to share 10 things that make me happy plus 10 more things about me (sorry!) and pass it on to 10 more bloggers. Easy breezy right? Here we go!

10 things that make me happy:

1. holding hands ♥.♥

2. hugs ε-----^_^----3

3. Hong Kong. Can you say shop n chomp? (hi Lisa!!! hahaha ^_~)

4. finding out that a pair of gorgeous, killer looking shoes are actually comfortable to wear.

5. reading your comments and commenting on your respective blogs, therefore keeping us in touch :)

6. traveling, discovering new places to eat...

7. dessert!

8. Occasions... because I love being dolled up by a MUA and a hair stylist. (yep, lazy me!)

9. hammocks and swings.

10. scenic drives.

Ten more things about G you might find interesting:

1. I terribly miss New York, I want to watch broadway musicals again, shop at urban outfitters (in person), get groceries at Whole Foods and have Cold Stone ice cream for lunch. ;)

2. Im very blessed with a generous though most of the time crabby elder sister. hahaha! love her to bits!

3. I am totally addicted to Fro-Yo and Ice blended drinks from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf & Starbucks. In this hot hot weather of ours, can you blame me for wanting it everyday? gosh. i want one now! hahaha

4.  I don't appreciate SA's who push their products too much for commission, ever heard of subtlety? geez.

5. I used to be technologically independent, but when Lurvey came along I make him fix everything. ;)

6. my secret dream jobs include being a personal shopper, be a popstar and/or to be a judge on iron chef. :P

7. I used to shop for clothes and shoes every weekend, now its cosmetics. :o

8. I collect Melissa shoes, those pretty plastic shoes from Brazil. I love how they smell like candy

9. If handbags could talk, mine would say, please stop bringing all these crap you put inside me, its making me look fat. hahaha!

10. I started blogging because i was inspired by the nicest super blogger Fuz Kittie, ironically, she went on hiatus right after I created coffretgorge. :| I hope she returns to blogger soon! :)

I'd like to share the awards to 10 beautiful bloggers namely;
3. Eva
5. Mary
7. Cha
8. Iris

so sorry if i deviated from some of the rules like the 7 more facts to share because i think my brain isn't functioning very well anymore. I need to go sleep now, gotta wake up early tomorrow! :)

ps. Please help me pray for better weather here in the Philippines, we need rain as farmers are having a hard time growing their crops because of the dry spell. I hope you guys are being blessed with good weather wherever you are. Thanking you in advance!

♡ coffretgorge

Thursday, April 15, 2010

There's A New Sunscreen In Town!

Im not kidding, I think Im going to melt in this sweltering weather if I stay outdoors! I swear, this is the hottest summer I've had in my life! I am also bloated for drinking A LOT of cold water just to stay sane. Warm weather is my kyptonite (aside from pretty things ^_~), it makes me weak and helpless which explains my endless complaining. Okay, I just had to let that out :P Thank goodness for sunscreen and air conditioners!

Moving on, I was running low on my Neutrogena SPF50 body sunblock so I went out to get & try another sunscreen which is not as rich as Neutrogena's because its so hot and humid right now, plus Im usually indoors anyway, a lighter lotion with mid range SPF is just what I need. Believe me, there's A LOT of sunscreens available right now in all forms and sizes so it can get confusing; I was so tempted to get a spray on kind (hello laziness!), but held back to look for other promising products. Good call! Because I went inside The Face Shop and found this...

TFS Blooming White Rose SPF 30 PA++ Body Sunscreen
A body sunscreen that provides UVA & UVB protection for healthier skin.
the tube contains 170ml of product for Php 545 (approx. $12 US)

It's lightweight, fast absorbing, has adequate sun protection and it moisturizes making the skin smooth and soft to touch! 
it is made in Korea ^_^
It has a moderate white rose scent which gets lighter and more pleasant minutes after blending into your skin. 

I like this sunscreen, it leaves a light, clear and glowy finish, so plus points if you like that, rather than a thicker sunblock which leaves a heavy, sticky feeling and a white film coating on your skin making it look patchy which can get ugly. ;) You just might want to reapply often or get another sunscreen with higher SPF if planning to stay outdoors just to be safe. ;)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Preview April 2010 Scans

Fashion glossie Preview is on a roll, putting pretty ladies on their covers this year. For April, dancer/actress Maja Salvador poses in couture swimsuits for model/photographer Jo Ann Bitagcol's very first cover shoot.
I swear, she got waaaay hotter when she had her hair cut shorter. She looks so chic now compared to her previous look. oh and check out those killer skull heels from Kermit Tesoro! Filipino pride yo ;)

The beauty section features summer melt-resistant makeup:

its the time to sport colors far from serious browns and taupes! go for loud pinks and pretty purples!

The latest MAC Viva Glam campaign featuring Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga:
See the Viva Glam timeline on the right side? :)

spotted: The Beauty Blender sponge ;)

anti-aging products, Etude House goodies and beauty tools

A feature on Argan Oil and by products available locally:

All season travel essentials:
ooohhh...the MAC Lightful Ultra Charged Foundation makes an appearance! I like the cool colored compact!

Products to protect the skin from the harsh sun while making the face look flawless.

For lucky people in cooler (not freezing) climates:

A mag ad insert from local clothing brand Bayo and Johnson & Johnson's skin care:
I love the romantic feel of this collection! My kind of look :)

the model's makeup complements the clothes very well, soft and subtle colors to accentuate the shadows in her face...It works! :)

cover girl Maja working that wrap around maillot and the skull heels:
her facial expression is a little awkward, but it's still a beautiful photo.

Safari themed eye makeup featured with a Louis Vuitton scarf:
are you digging the no eyebrows look? erm, maybe for halloween.

Very cute swimsuit!
kneeling on those rocks must hurt big time. Can you say OUCH? hahaha! Oh the life of a model, this photo makes me thankful I'm not one. (As if!) harhar! I hope you enjoyed the scans! Have a great week ahead!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Sweet Change + Maquillage Eyes Creator 3D in BE763

Happy weekend dah-lins! As you might have noticed already, I've changed my blog background! :) I have been feeling under the weather recently so I thought of doing some changes to uplift my mood (yeah, because happiness is a choice sometimes! ^_~) I wanted something light colored, pleasant, sweet and cute so i chose this, it has the perfect dose of girly-ness, just what I need! :) 

I also have something to share with you, I got the limited edition Eyes Creator BE763 from Maquillage's Spring 2010 collection and I can't take my eyes off of it! (please forgive me for the terrible pun)  It's so pretty!
The palette comes in the large and sleek compact similar to the Face Creator compact, but this has a pearly/milky finish to it.

The labels on the plastic insert is always a good touch.

The ripples on the shadows and the shell + star prints on the cream base and gel liner are so cute, but will be wiped out when the palette is used. :(


The smooth texture, silkiness and soft shades make it a really nice palette, color payoff is slightly sheer (even the liner color) but totally detectable and the combinations are perfect for a spring time light makeup look. For sparkles, there's quite a lot of shimmer on the gold shadow. I know I don't need another neutral/soft colored palette and the colors are very dupe-able but I just had to have it! Plus Maquillage never fails me when it comes to the quality of their products. If you are hunting for an eyeshadow palette with soft spring time shades, you might want to check this out. :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blog Awards: When It Rains, It Pours!

I would like to accept these awards by being diligent and following the rules, instructions are to share another 5 things about me. So if you're not sick of me yet, please read on! :)

1. Honestly, I did not think that blogging would be this fun and fulfilling! I have made a lot of cool blogger buddies considering that coffretgorge is just half a year old. Yes, that's you! ^_~

2. I know you know I love Bowie, an applehead chihuahua I share with Lurvey, but you might not know that I am addicted to shopping for Bowie's clothes and accessories now! Rakuten has become a favorite because thats the only place I know where I can get super kawaii stuff for the pets.

3. I think I need to go have my eyes checked. Seriously, I feel my eyes are so tired everyday trying to read all of the blogs I follow! But I'm not complaining, I'm just saying! ;) I've been having random migraines too, plus I think I would like to rock a pair of specs for that grandma/geek chic look. LOL :P

4. I can easily forgive and forget most of the time, but there are some random things (not necessarily bigger or more hurtful) which stick to my memory and when it happens, I find myself having a hard time getting over it.

5. I love being around babies and kids! I find them so adorable and I like taking care of them. I love taking my 3 year old niece and kid cousin out to go swimming or wander around the mall, parks or just play inside the house. Usually I like to tickle them 'til they scream for mercy (muahahaha), hearing them laugh makes me so happy. :)

There you go, more random facts about moi! I would like to pass these awards to:
Nic Nic of Bang Bang She Shoots
Denysia of Hellodenysia
Life Spice
Ehlee of superwoolu
Jian of Pinkfishpie
Lisa of Shopnchomp
Jessie of ApplePIE
Natalie of NaTGN
and to all of my readers who want to do it too! I would love to know moooore about you! Don't forget to let me know if you got it! xoxo^^