Friday, April 23, 2010

Adambeauty Haul: I'm Back to Blanchir!

Smiling ear to ear, I impatiently opened my package from Adambeauty containing my revamped HG skincare, Kanebo Blanchir Superior and a 60ml bottle of Allie sunscreen. Adam is a great seller (if you don't already know), low price for shipping but very fast! :)

I cannot tell you how happy I am to go back to Blanchir because ever since I tried other products, it has been hell for my skin, as in I had constant breakouts which left ugly acne scars on my face (which im treating with Paul & Joe's Whitening Serum at night and DiorSnow Spot Corrector during daytime). I think my skin loves botanical stuff!

Here's the Clear Conditioner (toner) & Milky Conditioner (moisturizer) in its packaging:

They kept the red color but the bottle shape has been changed from the simple oval to this:
Clear Conditioner has 180ml of product content, Milky Conditioner has 130ml.

here is the list of ingredients:
The "moisture" milky conditioner has a thicker consistency and stickier than the old formula I was used to, it can take a short while for it to be absorbed by the skin so I massage it on my face for faster absorption. I have been using it for the past 2 days and I can already notice improvement on my skin in terms of clarity. Thank goodness! Don't you just love it when products deliver results? I love Blanchir!

moving on, I also got Kanebo Allie Precious Barrier Protector SPF 50 PA+++,  I decided to try this because of its "whitening" properties, i suppose it can help with the dark spots from my acne scars.

It came in bundled with a 20g. SPF 31 UV lotion which is very handy for traveling.
The consistency of the whitening version is thinner and runny so I have to be careful and fast in applying it to my face otherwise its going to drip from my fingers, ending on the floor. hehe. I also have to shake it vigorously before using to mix the contents. I forgot to shake it once and all I got was clear fluid coming out. >.<  but its also nice, it doesn't smell like sunscreen, my only concern is it leaves a subtle white cast on my face, I don't mind it as long as I don't look ghastly. But in days when I know there's going to be lots of photographs taken, I'll use the Water Touch version, which is still my HG sunscreen, even my Papa uses it now. 

By the way its his birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA! I love you! I'm still thinking of a gift, more sunscreen perhaps? hahaha! :D

back to business, curious about the consistency? heres a swatch:
left, ALLIE Precious Barrier Protector SPF 50 PA+++ right, ALLIE UV SPF 31
both are very easy to blend despite the difference in viscosity. Also, the UV cream has a light "sunscreen" scent and a cool and moisturizing feeling to the skin. A nice product to try, no need to shake before use. ;)

TGIF! The weekend is one sleep away, I hope you all have a great weekend! xoxo^^


  1. ooh... how do you order from Adambeauty? ^.^ I don't have a credit card so I'm a bit clueless how to buy from those websites... Where do they ship it? to our Philippine PO?

  2. lovely haul..please update us on blanchir products! they sound good :)

    spf is important, i use 50 too :D

  3. Niiiceeee, it's always such a feeling when you found what works for your skin ^^ I'm a big fan of sunscreens too

  4. I've always wanted to try Kanebo and might pick up some when I go to Asia next month. Do you know if they're good for acne prone skin? Laneige had too much fragrance and broke me out.

  5. Wow, results in 2 days?! I'll definitely have to check it out. =D I like that the Allie sunscreen has a high SPF!

    Happy Birthday to your papa! Hehe...sunscreen sounds like a fun gift. ;)

  6. Happy b-day to Papa!!! I hope he has a great weekend.

    I read the ingredients...makes me wonder if it would taste good on a salad. LOL!

    Take care.

  7. this is the allie sunblock you mentioned to me last weekend, isn't it?
    is it available in our local market? no?

    nice haul G and happy birthday to your papa =)

  8. I love when skincare products work out =) Glad you were able to get back to your HG products!

  9. hmm i wonder how much shipping would be to canada..especially with such heavy items..
    yay for finding a hg product that works for you ! in my experience..deviating away from hg products lead to disaster ! haha and happy belated to your papa!

  10. oohh i'm trying blanchir now!! heheh. i think adam is a great seller too! he answers emails sooo quickly


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