Thursday, April 15, 2010

There's A New Sunscreen In Town!

Im not kidding, I think Im going to melt in this sweltering weather if I stay outdoors! I swear, this is the hottest summer I've had in my life! I am also bloated for drinking A LOT of cold water just to stay sane. Warm weather is my kyptonite (aside from pretty things ^_~), it makes me weak and helpless which explains my endless complaining. Okay, I just had to let that out :P Thank goodness for sunscreen and air conditioners!

Moving on, I was running low on my Neutrogena SPF50 body sunblock so I went out to get & try another sunscreen which is not as rich as Neutrogena's because its so hot and humid right now, plus Im usually indoors anyway, a lighter lotion with mid range SPF is just what I need. Believe me, there's A LOT of sunscreens available right now in all forms and sizes so it can get confusing; I was so tempted to get a spray on kind (hello laziness!), but held back to look for other promising products. Good call! Because I went inside The Face Shop and found this...

TFS Blooming White Rose SPF 30 PA++ Body Sunscreen
A body sunscreen that provides UVA & UVB protection for healthier skin.
the tube contains 170ml of product for Php 545 (approx. $12 US)

It's lightweight, fast absorbing, has adequate sun protection and it moisturizes making the skin smooth and soft to touch! 
it is made in Korea ^_^
It has a moderate white rose scent which gets lighter and more pleasant minutes after blending into your skin. 

I like this sunscreen, it leaves a light, clear and glowy finish, so plus points if you like that, rather than a thicker sunblock which leaves a heavy, sticky feeling and a white film coating on your skin making it look patchy which can get ugly. ;) You just might want to reapply often or get another sunscreen with higher SPF if planning to stay outdoors just to be safe. ;)


  1. aah! this is so perfect!!
    I always buy terrible sunscreens that are greasy and horrible :(
    this looks so nice :)

  2. hi M! do you have the face shop in australia? :) if you do, get this one! you'll be happy :D

  3. wow.... I really, really recommend people to try Aveeno baby sunscreen :)
    I did catch up watching the You're beautiful K-drama, but I'm sooo busy now which makes me hard to watch that drama anymore... but I still watch episode by episode when I feel really free, caz u know, K-drama make my ass stick on the sofa and eye's stick with the laptop for hours... haha

  4. I need to remember to use this when I work in the yard--I usually forget. Then my arms, legs and the back of my neck get too much sun.

  5. That sunscreen looks promising! Does it have any scent at all? I left Cebu on the 11th actually but I'm off to Vietnam tomorrow! I wear sunscreen everyday (even in Canada) but we were snorkeling and playing in the water in Cebu so that might explain the tan--we were wearing spf 130! XD But I'm going to enjoy the hot weather despite the setbacks because once I'm home, I'll be missing the sun again lol

  6. It's only April and hot already? i'm glad you found yourself a nice sunscreen

  7. Glad you found a good sunscreen, most of them are oily and nasty.. I am still looking for a good one =) but preferably one that is cruelty free!

  8. Haha...I'm ok with warm weather as long as it's not humid...wah! Pretty things are my kryptonite too. ;) I heart the sweet packaging on your new sunscreen.

    P.S Got my pedi! OPI Pompeii Purple is on my toesies.

  9. my only sunscreen is from nivea.

    oily ba siya sa face george?
    i want a sunblock for my face sana yung hindi sobrang oily.

  10. hehe my sunsuncreen is Nivea brand too but I might give this a try because I have faceshop in Australia =DD

  11. hey dear, is this TFS sunscreen from The Face Shop? that's because i'm not sure if i actually seen this in our local The Face shop though, hahahha..
    i might go and check it out again ;-)

  12. ooo, this sun screen sounds good. I like ones that are nice and light. I'm going to have to track it down :)

  13. For some reason i never wear sunscreen/sunblock...probably because i never like the feeling it gives me skin ! this looks good though ! too bad i probably won't be able to find it here =(

    & i totally wish we had hot weather right now ! it's raining and gloomy outside =(


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