Monday, April 12, 2010

Preview April 2010 Scans

Fashion glossie Preview is on a roll, putting pretty ladies on their covers this year. For April, dancer/actress Maja Salvador poses in couture swimsuits for model/photographer Jo Ann Bitagcol's very first cover shoot.
I swear, she got waaaay hotter when she had her hair cut shorter. She looks so chic now compared to her previous look. oh and check out those killer skull heels from Kermit Tesoro! Filipino pride yo ;)

The beauty section features summer melt-resistant makeup:

its the time to sport colors far from serious browns and taupes! go for loud pinks and pretty purples!

The latest MAC Viva Glam campaign featuring Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga:
See the Viva Glam timeline on the right side? :)

spotted: The Beauty Blender sponge ;)

anti-aging products, Etude House goodies and beauty tools

A feature on Argan Oil and by products available locally:

All season travel essentials:
ooohhh...the MAC Lightful Ultra Charged Foundation makes an appearance! I like the cool colored compact!

Products to protect the skin from the harsh sun while making the face look flawless.

For lucky people in cooler (not freezing) climates:

A mag ad insert from local clothing brand Bayo and Johnson & Johnson's skin care:
I love the romantic feel of this collection! My kind of look :)

the model's makeup complements the clothes very well, soft and subtle colors to accentuate the shadows in her face...It works! :)

cover girl Maja working that wrap around maillot and the skull heels:
her facial expression is a little awkward, but it's still a beautiful photo.

Safari themed eye makeup featured with a Louis Vuitton scarf:
are you digging the no eyebrows look? erm, maybe for halloween.

Very cute swimsuit!
kneeling on those rocks must hurt big time. Can you say OUCH? hahaha! Oh the life of a model, this photo makes me thankful I'm not one. (As if!) harhar! I hope you enjoyed the scans! Have a great week ahead!



  1. *gasp!* MAC lightful is indeed in the Philippines! ^.^ that's great news! thanks for the scans!

  2. i luvvv reading magazines!!
    thanks for your scans * a taste of Filipino~
    you people hav NARS there...Kuala Lumpur cater no NARS T.T sniff sniff *even named after us LOL

    hehe we are soo alike to go for soft floral dress~

    thanks for your positive comments babes!
    WOW~~Candy & MIU will be thrilled to hear you'll be visiting them soon~ HUGSSS

    you are BAGANDA!*wink wink

  3. Thanks for all the nice magazine scans, I find international magazines so much better than the U.S. ones. Maja S. is very gorgeous! I'm off to look at bigger pictures of the lovely pages. :)

  4. I want those skull heels plus she is gorgeous! =D I love the Viva Glam timeline and of course argan oil although I may be switching to something lighter soon due to the warming temp. I love the cool colored compact of the MAC Lightful Ultra Charged! Yay to girlie, pink clothing!!

  5. OMG CD!!! I WANT THAT MAGAZINE!!! I SO WAN IT!! the name of the mag = PREVIEW is O_O like.. beauty junkies must have bible for upcoming goodies. How much is this magazine?! dammm when my bro was in Philliphine last year i should have met u! so we could exchange stuffs by him WUUWUusobsobsbosobobsbos....

  6. Thanks for the scans! They're so fun to look at !
    The cover girl's legs look like they go on forever!
    & i am so not digging the no eyebrow look...and i don't dig the bushy eyebrow look either..but it seems like that's what in fashion..SO WEIRD!
    I really like the pictures of the Bayo and Johnson & Johnson's ad ! really pretty clothes and really pretty makeup!
    Those skull heels look CRAZYY to walk in !

  7. oh yay thanks for the scan. i saw my beauty blender there haha. its actually really good

  8. i wish i looked hot with short hair! i just look younger =_= hahaha

    do you know anything about argan oil? i'm starting to hear a lot about it but never know what all the fad about it is!

  9. ooh thanks for sharing these :D
    love it
    love your blog too
    great posts
    stop by some time xx

  10. lovvveee the dress where you said its a brand called Bayo?? so pretty!! love it! :D

    and PS: thank goodness you didnt think that my blog name is about my vag! :P

  11. I've never come across this mag but the cover girl is super pretty!!

  12. Oh thanks for the mag scans. I like the pretty romantic theme look too. LOL I didn't even notice the no eyebrows until I read what you said hahaha!

  13. i heart maja's shoes in the mag! soooo love it :)

    hope you can follow and join the daily party :)
    you're invited to a BLOG PARTY!

    i would really appreciate it if you can grab the badge and write a post about the blog party :)

    rj's mama

  14. I love the outfits Maja is wearing! is she a filipino model?? she has GORGEOUS skin... ><


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