Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Hair Color! Liese in Sweet Pink

Happy new year everyone!!! I know, I've been out of the blogosphere for a while. My alibi? The hectic holidays of course! :P I had a lot of fun spending time with my family, especially my 4 year old niece who was quite the chatterbox, OMG she just won't run out of energy! XD 

Anyway, today I would like to share with you my new hair hair color, I used Liese (Lee-zay) bubble hair dye in Sweet Pink. My black roots were already annoying to see so I decided to re-color my hair once again.

the box contains foaming pump, agent 1 & 2, hair essence (leave-on conditioner), gloves and english instructions. 

simplified instructions:
1) Put on gloves
2) Pour contents of bottle 1 to the larger bottle 2, close cap
3) Mix in a gentle, see-saw motion, DO NOT SHAKE
4) Take off cap and put on pump, Press bottle UPRIGHT to get bubble hair dye
5) Apply evenly on hair as if shampooing
6) Leave on for 30 minutes.
7) Rinse, Shampoo
8) Apply treatment essence afterwards


color is faded Prettia Bubble Hair Dye in Marshmallow Brown (sorry for the unruly hair! LOL)

oooh pink foam! :P

vibrant hair for 2011! :)

It wasn't as pink as I expected it to be, but its quite pretty especially outdoors in sunlight where I can really see the hint of pink in my hair. That being said, Marshmallow brown is still my HG color, it just works better with my skin tone and complements my yellowish undertones. I think Sweet Pink will also look lovely on ladies with fairer skin tones.

I noticed I gained new "followers" while I was away. Thank you so much for reading lovelies! I wish you all a happy and blessed 2011! :)

Cheers to another year of fun and gorgeousness!


  1. HAPPY NEW YEARR!! LOVE your hair colour there! :)) Dww I never expect my hair to be the exact colour of the dye on the box.

  2. This way of dying your hair looks so fun!! I love bubbles! I'm so used to seeing my grandmother dye her hair with the little tubes and comb.

  3. i always wanna try that hair dye
    where did u buy it???

  4. strawberry blonde :D

    the spring 2011 collex will be released on 10th Jan (a week away)! i'm trying to curb spendings this year too >_<

    i may try the bubble dye later too coz it's so much cheaper to do it yourself <3

  5. urghh this is what I was trying to do with my red henna but it refused to work! Love your haircolor right now :) Maybe I should give that henna another try... Happy 2011!

  6. Welcome back, love! Ok, I accept your alibi. ;) Yay for vibrant hair for the new year!'ve just reminded me to go for a trim....hee hee. I can't say I've ever had pink hair but I do like this color on you! :D

  7. Pretty color!! I need to dye my hair soon too!

    Happy New Years Georgina!

  8. What a beautiful shade! I bet your hair is so gorgeous in the sunlight!! :)

  9. GORGEOUS color!! I love the pink foam! hahaha!! It's very pretty :))

  10. Lookin glowy in sunlight I must say! =) You look good with such vibrant hair! Hehehe... I'm still back on my natural black hair hehehe happy new year to you too, gorgeous!

  11. oh... that's a very pretty color!

  12. happy new year! ^.^ pinkish hair? hmm must be pretty under dirct sunlight! ^.^
    Hope you ate looots of yummy food =)

  13. HMMm PINK?! I actually like it! hehehe hope you had a great holiday and a happy new year G!

  14. your hair is looking bright and lovely for the new year! Happy new year Georgina!

  15. The hair color looks great on you~ ^0^ I am always too scared to dye my hair because I am afraid of hair damage, haha, maybe I will try it this year??!?^0^

  16. Hello Georgina! What a coincidence, I dyed my hair last night with Liese too but I picked Chiffon Beige :D You colour looks awesome! I think am a convert to DIY hair dyes :D any other brand you would recommend?

  17. Happy New Year! brand new hair for a brand new year. love the colors ^_^

  18. thank you for the positive feedback ladies!!! im going to enjoy the PINK hair while it lasts! :D xx

  19. That's a lovely hair color! If and when I decide to dye my own hair again, I'll have to remember this color.


  20. Happy New Year G! I love your new hair color :)

  21. Happy New Year G!! Wow, your hair look so nice and healthy!! Love the new colour =) Hope you're doing well G ^^

  22. super coool
    I want to try now!!!
    thanks for sharing!!!

  23. G~ i'm in luv with liese too~
    onto my 2nd bottle already
    my holiday photos at HK& Taiwan is ASH BROWN! not too bad right??!!

    wonder which color to try next *giggle i dun think i go well with red base color ~ as i flushed easily ahahha

    omedeto! happy new year


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