Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Jill Stuart Secret Tease Collection

Pretty and sexy, Jill Stuart's "Secret Tease Collection" is the most popular out of all the holiday coffrets released in 2010 and I think a lot of beauty bloggers will agree.
The sultry and seductive lace motif is incorporated into the box packaging, which will make the one opening it more excited. I know this because I felt it! ^_^

The delicate pouch made of soft pink satin and black lace:
Honestly, I don't think this pouch can hold a lot of weight because of the fabric used to construct it is very light. Can you spot the precious little "J" dangling on the bow? What a treat if your name starts with J! *jearrrous* Why cant it be spelled like Gill Stuart? Hahahaha! :P Just kidding! Gill sounds fishy. ^_~

When opened:
It has one zippered and one drawstring compartment inside.

Products included in the coffret:

Night Jewel Perfumed Body Powder
OMG, this is so FLUFFY. Even Lurvey liked how FLUFFY it looked he wanted to touch it. LOL! This pink powder puff has shimmer and the scent of Jill Stuart's Night Jewel fragrance, a very sweet and sultry floral (top note includes green tea and jasmine). Oh and do you see that tiny rosette in the middle? adorbs!

False eyelashes
FLUFFY feather falsies. I have to go get my eyebrows groomed professionally before I try this out. I think it will look better with thinner set of brows since its so full and almost bushy looking. This comes with a small tube of lash glue.

Blush Blossom 101 Sensual Dahlia:
The lace motif continues with the loose blusher packaging, the brush it comes with feels softer compared to the ones in the mixed blush compact which has denser bristles. However, I still prefer using a stippling brush when applying loose powder blushers to avoid looking like a clown.

shimmer tint, blush glow

swatch when blended:
looks nicer no? :)

Jelly Lip Gloss 102 Silky Pink
a very sheer pink shade, its a mildly sticky gloss with flecks of iridescent shimmer.

What surprised me was its moisturizing ability. It didn't make my lips feel dry which is very nice. This is my first lip product from Jill Stuart and I must say it gave me a good impression. 

Jelly Eye Color N 104 Satin Lingerie
I really like the texture of JS eye jellies, 104 Satin Lingerie is no exception. However, its a very pale pink shade loaded with shimmer, and with my NC30 skin tone, it does nothing but brighten the eye because of the shimmer.


here's 104 Satin Lingerie on my bare lids:
this is the only item in the set which disappointed me, I don't think I'll be able to use this much even as a highlighter since the shimmers are not really subtle. But I will still experiment and mix it with other pigmented shadows to discover its versatility and full potential. ;)

Despite my minor rant about the eye jelly, I'm very happy I got a hold of this sought after coffret. The quality is great and the theme is spot on trend with the lace packaging which influences a woman to feel the sweet and sexy image the brand evokes. 

Thank you Jennifer for helping me get this limited edition coffret! and thank you lovelies for reading!


  1. Fluffy puff! :P Of course, the blush caught my eye. It looks so pretty and I agree that it looks nicer when blended.

  2. OH EM GEE !
    this set is SO gorgeous ! *_*
    the blush looks amazing as well as those dramatic lashes! btw, i also find the eye jellies to be a bit hard to use :/ my eyes just look like a total disco ball whenever i try it on!

    - Coco

  3. JS really has one of the most amazing packaging ever!!! :3 Everything is sooo pretty.

    Maybe you can use the jellie as an eyeshadow base. :)

  4. I want the fluffy body powder puff....this JS line looks so much like a goth princess...

  5. The blush is super lovely! Nice review :)

  6. Gah you're just teasing me with this collection! It's difficult to get a hold of JS in the US so I can only drool from your blog. I agree with the Eye Jelly N - it's super sheer and not worth purchasing.

  7. I've seen this so many times and each time, I fall in love all over again

  8. this is beautiful! Gotta get my hands on some Jill Stuart one day :)

  9. eek!! I love that fluffy powder puff, and I really need to get my hands on some JS eye jellies!

  10. I love the lashes and the blush alot! using the blusher almost everyday :D

  11. ahh so pretty!!! those falsies look luscious!! :)

  12. the blush swatches are so pretty <3 i want to buy the blush alone LOL

  13. p.s. im' glad you liked the coffret! i agree their eye jelly in Xmas coffret is not that great (it's similar to the one last year).

    Inboxed you on FB about the promo details ;)

  14. With the lace and "tease" in the title, the collection is well designed to get a guy's attention so he would buy it for his girl!

  15. prettiness! *.*
    however, the jelly is indeed disappointing! they should have packed more pigment in it!

  16. oh cheers babe! what a great coffret set! so cute and pretty! you tried the falsies yet?

  17. Be still my heart.

    Sultry and seductive is right! There is something about black lace that is always soo sexy. Combining it with the pink is just perfect! Everything looks so nice. =D Oh why does JS tempt me so...?

  18. thanks for your compliment G! *guerlain* comes out tomorrow *drools* hehe you should do a post of you wearing lashes ^^"

  19. Aww yeah the jelly eye colour is quite light. I like using it as a base for my evening eye makeup because it makes the colour a lot brighter! Hehehe
    I'm sooo in love with the loose blush in this set gosh, I don't think I've found anything so decadent and cute all in one package!

  20. someone stop em from creating such cute products with an equally dainty packaging!

    the blushes are so nice. however, it's a letdown that the jelly isn't pigmented.

    and those falsies...are...hysterical! haha, i'd love to get a glimpse on how they'd fare on your peepers!

  21. You're teasing me by posting this! Hehe j/k, they look really pretty~

  22. hehe yay! you have this too! I love the blush so pretty...I haven't been able to play with mine all that much yet but I'm not sure how to use the jelly eye color its so sparkly!.

  23. aww i want to see you with a look with this set! im sure it will look amazing on you :)

  24. ahhh so pretty! and i love those lashes... take pics with it on! :P if only i was good at wearing false lashes, i would wear them more often on nights out!

  25. happy New Year G!!
    gosh i hav been missing again!~bz bz with work T.T

    woohoo!! we both NABBED the JS Secret Tease 2010~ how could we NOT right?!
    hahaha <3<3

    i havent touched the blush blossom & lipgloss still sitting prettily inside the lacy pouch

    i've started with the eye jellies - gotta agree its ridiculed stayingpower ~however try using eye primer followed by \ pink pearl shades as base before apply SatinLingerie ;) sure pops out better

    i combo two eye jellies together~
    satin lingerie & vintage decor!!
    they both blends well together

    love themmmm


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