Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review + Swatches

If you usually shy away from matte lip formulas because they tend to dry and chap your puckers, you might want to check out these NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. The formula glides on smoothly and dries into a velvety soft, matte lip color. Has anyone noticed I have been in a matte lip kick lately? *puckers up*

"NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream straddles the line between lipstick and gloss with a creamy, lustrous formula and soft matte finish that exudes a sensual glow."
my small SMLC collection ^_^

Milan, Addis Ababa, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Monte Carlo

Milan (rose pink), Addis Ababa (fuschia), Antwerp (coral), Amsterdam (coral-red), Monte Carlo (deep red)

+++ The Positive +++
◆ comfortable to wear, lips feels soft & pillowy
◆ easy to use, doe foot applicator
◆ lasts 4-5 hours on me
◆ not drying (but not moisturizing either)
◆ vibrant, opaque pigmentation
◆ affordable Php330 (approx. USD8) + shipping
◆ available through local sellers, got mine from Digital Traincase

--- The Negative ---
◆ may enhance lip lines
◆ incredibly addictive LOL :P

My favorites are Milan and Antwerp, they brighten up my NC30 complexion in an instant! Well, all of them do, but Milan and Antwerp are the easiest to wear for work color-wise. All I do is exfoliate my lips to provide a smooth canvas for the lip cream and it looks UH-mazing. Do you fancy matte lips like me?

kiss kiss! 


  1. These look really creamy! I'm going to have to check these out!!

  2. Antwerp and Amsterdam both look really pretty. :)

  3. OMG, these are FOR SURE incredibly addictive!!!!!!!!! I love how it's called a lip cream. It looks and sounds divine!

  4. great colors :)
    im loving milan and antwerp!

  5. I'm a fan of anything that keps puckers from getting dry and chapped! =)

  6. I'm more of a gloss girl but these swatches do look UH-mazing!

  7. I love Antwerp, just my kind of colour.

  8. someone hauled a lot of matte lippies. :P i think i'll go order your favorite colors hahaha! :) thanks for the swatches G!

  9. Nice Haul, Love! I personally like the Milan and the Addis Ababa. They're very chic! great choice! I might try them soon ;) thank for this post, dear!

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  10. after i recover from my recent brush damage, im definitely trying out matte creams too. :)

    lovely pink site! following! :)

  11. I'm such a fan of nyx soft mattes. One of my best buys this year. :)

  12. Pretty swatches!! Antwerp looks great.

    I've noticed the enhanced lip lines thing too with some NYX lip products, but some shades are more forgiving with it than others. (Unfortunately my favorite lipstick shade in Pumpkin Pie isn't :-( )


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