Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jill Stuart Sweet Lock, Brilliant Crown FOTD

Obviously, I am a sucker for Jill Stuart packaging. It brings out the kid in me, which is always fun. Here are some eye candy pics to enable you and for me to keep as remembrance, because I used them immediately after snapping up the photos. LOL

Mix Blush Compact 105 Sweet Lock (LE)

The limited edition blush compact turns into a soft and delicate mauve-ish rose combination on my skin, the shade is quite muted which works with the shimmery, smoky shades of Fall. It defines the cheekbones while giving it a gentle glow.

Prism Carat Eyes 101 Brilliant Crown
This bi-color eyeshadow contains a cream coral base and loose mossy green pigment packed with shimmer. I chose this combination as I find it sophisticated and the most neutral out of the 5 shades released. It gives off a brilliant and sparkly look.

101 Brilliant Crown Swatches
It was disappointing to see the coral cream shadow barely noticeable on my lids, but to be fair, it does a good job in brightening the lids and making the shimmer powder stay put.

Here are the products used for my FOTD:
Nanoce BB Moist Cream
Lunasol Micro-finish powder 02 Beige
MAC Prep + Prime (Medium)
Jill Stuart Mixed Blush 105 Sweet Lock - overspray is gone!
Jill Stuart Prism Carat Eyes 101 Brilliant Crown
Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner
Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Milan
Shu Uemura Eyebrow Pencil Hard 09 Seal Brown (not in photo)

a couple of tips on applying the shimmer powder: 
1) get the product from the cap for more control, dipping your brush/finger directly into the pot will make application messy.
2) Apply Prism Carat Eyes before base makeup, that way you can clean glitter fallout easily.

here's my FOTD:
I'm quite pleased that Sweet Lock and Brilliant Crown look nice when worn together, as the colors are complementing to each other. Playing with lip color also takes it up a notch, you can go for a nude lip to focus on your shimmering eyes or a soft rose shade for a sweet yet dazzling look. I am currently in love with the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Milan, the bright rose shade is just spot on for my complexion, and the matte lip looks oh so fabulous with the bling bling eyes! :)

Its such a fun look to sport! Sadly, I don't have anywhere to go to but the hardware and the clinic. Hahaha!

Have a lovely Tuesday lovely peeps!


  1. I love how highlighted your cheeks look! God, I love JS stuff! :)

  2. The hardware store??? I know you're only going there to buy things. But I've been stalked by women in hardware stores--they didn't resemble you at all. I'm afraid those poor girls had given up hope of finding rich and handsme and instead set their sights on handy. LOL!

    The products have nice packaging.

  3. G is so pretty! Love the eye makeup. The JS blush gives your cheeks a very nice glow. :)

  4. G!!! you're getting prettier than you already are ahahaha! is it because of JS? :P

    i love your eyes and the blush! both look great on you! hmmm... too bad the cream shadow is only good as a base. :/ it would have been great if it can be used on it's own..

  5. Such a gorgeous look! You look so pretty! Love the blush and lip combo. Brilliant Crown looks prefect with this FOTD. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Looking gorgeous as usual! Love the whole FOTD! Your eyes are lovely and your cheeks are glowy and defined. The pop of color on your lips is the perfect finish.


  7. Gorgeous look!! <3

    I can't wait to get my JS set! XD

  8. Oh you're so pretty! I rarely see a full FOTD from you and you're gorgeous.

  9. I'm so jealous! I love the blush and the loose shadow, so pretty and I want it so badly! Great look btw and thanks for sharing!

  10. Sweetie, you look so pretty as always! I must be behind on my JS news b/c I didn't even know about the LE compact. It's darling <3

  11. You look adorable, Georgina! The JS Brilliant Crown is such a pretty silvery-taupe and I love how sparkly it is!

    Omg, I want the JS Mixed Blush 105! <3

  12. Jill Stuart is always so so nice. But I think you outshone those things with your pretty face :D

  13. Very gorgeous FOTD!! I have been wondering about this Jill Stuart blush compact if it would show up on more tanned skin tones and glad to see that it lends such a lovely glow to your face.

  14. So pretty!! You have a gorgeous smile gal!
    I was intrigued by the JS bi colour shadows but was worried that the loose powder would be too gritty and have lots of fall out :(
    I missed out on those NYX matte creams! so regretting it now cos everyone keeps telling me how good they are.


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