Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TFS Clean Face White Post-Acne Nighttime Spot Eraser Review

A popular product from The Face Shop, oftentimes, its out of stock, so when I spotted it in a store during one of my TFS leisure sprees, I grabbed one right away as I have some "spots" to "erase". Some readers have been curious if it really works so I took a photo of my target spots before using it to show the difference.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Contains arbutin to fade post-acne marks and triclosan which inhibits the proliferation of acne bacteria. Its skin lipid complex strengthens skin’s natural protective function for faster repair of damaged tissue.

before (May):
after a month (June):
I apologize for the different quality and lighting of the pictures, the before photo was taken at night and the latter during daytime. I hope you can still see the difference. A little more exfoliation will help totally erase those stubborn spots. I can't wait to have a spot-less face! (well, except for my 6 beauty marks aka moles.) :)

HOW TO USE: Apply (only) to acne scars/ dark spots after skin care. Please note that I also use Paul & Joe's Whitening serum as part of my skin care regimen.

HOW IT FEELS: It's a thick cream, which may cause a stinging sensation if you have very dry or sensitive skin.

✪ hygienic tube packaging, which is also good if you travel.
✪ no heavy scent/fragrance
✪ if pimple/acne is still in its healing phase, using this will reduce redness in the area
✪ reasonably priced considering the amount of product you will get (Php795 or $17 for a 15ml. tube)
✪ you will notice minimal fading of spots in a week's use

✪ it can be hard to find because its always sold out
✪ it did not completely erase the spots in one month, so it can take a long while to totally eradicate the spots.

REPURCHASE? No, because there are more products to try out there!

This review is dedicated to Ehlee, sorry it took a long while hon! I hope you still find it helpful. :)


PS. I have something brewing... Stay tuned for the next post!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Soft Box Trial: Owls, Bears, Bows and Bangles

Hello lovelies! How's your week coming along? Mine started a little weak, as I got a bad case of tummy ache yesterday after I sipping a tall cup of coconut juice. Hahaha! It was so bad I couldn't work, it drained my energy. :( but I'm so much better now and back to blogging as you can see. :)

Last weekend, Lurvey and I took some test shots using the "soft box" he bought just for me. [aww I feel so special, lucky G! ♥.♥-] We used some accessories I recently bought as subjects.

First one, Owl earrings from Korea, I was lured by the pink eyes! ^(o.o)^
No, I did not go to Korea, just bought them from a korean seller. I love korean accessories! They are cute, unique and have superb quality, my ears don't get itchy at all when I wear them, which happens a lot with other fancy/costume jewelry.

Tous Bears, they're super cute when worn 'ω'

my forever infatuation with bows. ^_^

plus some coral/turquoise bangles from Hong Kong. They're very cheap but oh so pretty! (Hi Jess!) ;)
don't you just love the gorgeous, perky colors? Sooo so pretty, especially when layered.

OK enough of the word pretty. LOL. I love how the photos turned out, bright, crisp and very clear indeed! Next time I'm going to work and try to make my photos look seamless. Again, thank you Lurvey for the soft box! A loving bf addicted to photography has its perks! *BIGHUUUUUG*

Wishing you all a great week full of happiness! Stay gorge! (that includes you Rick! hahaha! ^_~)


Friday, June 18, 2010

HK Holiday Part 3: Ngong Ping + Disneyland!

This is probably the last part of my Hong Kong holiday posts. Saying that I had a blast is an understatement, I always have a great time in HK, it's a happy place after all. Although I hope next time I don't have to go to Disneyland anymore (it takes too much time and energy which i'd rather save for exploring Sasa land. lol) Lurvey and I are planning our next trip already, where to go and what to do (we like to discover new places to eat together). Looking forward to our annual trip makes life exciting! ;) OK. Enough rambling, onto the pictures!

This one is so funny, my kid cousin and I were mocking my infamous, sleepyhead of a brother on the MTR. :D
GP, you're sleeping habits are exposed for all the world to see now! wake up! :p

a quick family photo op before climbing the stairs to greet buddha a happy morning ^_^
that's my Papa holding my pink umbrella. XD

the view from the Ngong Ping balcony was really nice! good thing we were blessed with good weather and a clear sky.
♥ lurveyduveys ♥

after an exhausting flight of stairs, a long walk back to the station, a bus and an MTR ride, we arrived at Disneyland!

It's my kid cousin's first time there. yay! :)
an umbrella is a necessity if you're going to visit Mickey and friends! It can be really hot during the summer, plus it will come handy during the Waterworks parade ;) [super simple OOTD consists of a red plaid shirt, white shorts both from Mango plus white Melissa ultragirl jelly flats -which got cropped out *nyorks* sorry!]

a trip to Disneyland is not complete without buying something from the Main street stores, I bought some goodies to take back home for my niece and a Minnie hair chou chou for me! hehe (★.★)
if you're too old for the big Minnie mouse ear headbands, get this instead. it's super cute! makes me smile ^_^

That's it for my 3rd HK holiday post. I hope I made you feel happy with the photos ;) I got some accessories from HK and Korea to show you next. Lurvey got me a light box (?) not sure if that's the exact name for it, but it will make my photos look clean and clear (yep, just like the skin care! lol) So we're going to try it this weekend. THANK YOU Lurvey! So sweet of you to support me on my blogging! *bearhug!!!* 'ω'

TGIF! Have a good weekend lovelies!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ViVi July 2010 Scans *pic heavy*

ViVi July focuses on fashion, mixing and matching the trends which are very "in" right now like maxi dresses, boater hats, jelly shoes/sandals and rompers, this issue also has pages dedicated to summer swimwear  but I don't want to upload them because perves might come flocking in! LOL. The beauty section has tutorials on base and eye makeup plus nail art ideas which are super cute. Lots of accessories too! *drools*

I hope you enjoyed the scans as much as I enjoyed browsing the mag (even if I don't understand the text). Lots of pretty stuff right?

Stay gorge!


Monday, June 14, 2010

HK Holiday Part 2: Cosmetic Haul

What better way to start a beauty-holic's week, than a collective haul to pump up the blood and make us want to work harder so we can afford this costly hobby we all share eh? Can I get a woot woot?! LOL ;)

To say that I went SASA crazy is an understatement. I think I've scoured all the Sasa's and Bonjour's my eyes have seen during my HK trip. Lurvey's and brother's eyes would roll everytime they see that BIG, pink signage with 4 letters in it. hahaha! [Please keep in mind that this is my own beauty blog and beauty bloggers make these kinds of posts to share the excitement we get from acquiring new "toys" to "play" with, if you do not appreciate such posts, please feel free to look for another blog you might fancy. Getting that out of the way.] Let's get started shall we?

I got 5 out of the 6 Cream cheek blushers (I think i'm now regretting not getting no. 6 >.<), Shading powder no. 1, Gloss fit nail no. 6, Lip essence and Nudy glow no. 01 rose macaron. GWP's: Make me happy fragrance hair essence and Canmake Top Coat

Dolly Wink:
Eyelash fix, Dolly Wink falsies in No. 1 Dolly Sweet and Liquid Eyeliner in deep black

Heroine make Kiss me, Majolica Majorca Lash bone mascara base, Lash Gorgeous Wing to try, and my HG Lash expander frame plus (back up)

Skin care from Lioele:
The HK air is so dry and dirty (broke me out) thats why I purchased a moisturizing skin care to try.

Silk Whitia Masks:
finally! :)

Moisturizing BB Creams:
Skin79 Pink label BB - really really good! , Lioele Water drop BB - magical ;)

Rosebud Salve:
I just want to know what the rave is all about! :)

Palgantong Theatrical Powder:
this was recommended by the beautiful Ari :)

the more the merrier!

Sasa brushes...
have very good quality for their price. I recommend SASA brushes (the pink ones) to those who are not yet ready to invest in MAC or Shu Uemura brushes and have access to SASA.

Surprisingly, this is the only eye palette I bought. :)

Nail Lacquers:
Arezia from Sasa, i think these are HKD 8 a piece.

and some CHANEL from Harbour City
prices have increased in Hong Kong but as you can see, I finally managed to get Particuliére which is sold out in most cities! (Remember the Shangri la fire story?) happy happy :)

I hope you enjoyed my HK haul post! Reviews are on the way, please be patient. Im so behind on reviews and tags! But I promise I'll get to it. Happy Monday lovelies! 

Stay gorge!