Saturday, June 12, 2010

HK Holiday Part 1: OOTD and More!

I have a lot of things from my HK trip to share with you guys but I need to divide them in parts so I don't go crazy and write a travelog-novel which might bore you to death. :] I know I said the haul's up next but I haven't finished taking pictures yet. Please bear with me! :) Also, a very good blogger friend of mine, Stellarvixen requested to see my Liberty of London x Kamiseta dress since she is also into florals and dresses.
So today I'm going to share with you day 1 of my HK holiday. Here's my OOTD (outfit of the day) :

Liberty of London x Kamiseta floral dress, Mango cardigan, Zara wedges and Marc by Marc Jacobs Nylon Little Tate Tote in quartz grey (great for traveling!)

I think dresses are very practical when traveling because you already have a full outfit and only need to accessorize unlike bringing multiple pieces for an outfit which can take so much room in your luggage, leaving smaller space for hauls. ;) Please check the weather forecasts for the city/town you are visiting so you can coordinate your clothes with the weather, you wouldn't want to get stuck in the rain wearing your favorite wedges or get frozen while wearing your mini skirts would you? ;)

on the way to Times Square:

where I was greeted by a JILL STUART store :D
sadly, the new loose blushers i wanted to try are not out yet :(

after Times Square, we took the tram (for that HK experience) to go to Central:
my feet hurt so i took off my shoes. haha! yes, that's my brother sleeping. I swear he can sleep anywhere! hahaha!
then from central (don't have much pics, we went shopping) we took the Star ferry back to Tsim Sha Tsui, walked though Avenue of the Stars, snapped some pics and enjoyed the harbor view especially when the Aqualuna made an appearance. It looked like those scenes from Hong Kong movies which was really nice. :)
the famous Aqualuna


the famous G of ♡ coffretgorge *kidding!*

Happy Independence Day to all my fellow filipinos! MABUHAY! :)


  1. AWW you look like you had a grand time! =)

    LOL @ the photo with you looking happy and your brother sleeping! xD

    I wish I could go to HK again..!!

  2. Lovely pictures! I wish to go back there this year... :)

  3. Heehhe I was standing at those VERY spots in HK too! Yay Jill Stuart! It makes you feel so girly just being in there hey? :D

  4. hk looks fun!! you look so cute with your outfit... actually im heading to HK.. for a family reason

  5. Yay! Didn't know you're in HKG as well. Have lots of fun. I love HKG so much more than China. Which JS compact did you look at? I like the Silk Smooth foundation a lot better than the Moist Foundation but didn't like how they made me buy the compact!

  6. i love HK and wow to the jill stuart shopping!

    now i'm missing travelling already!

  7. Your dress is cute! I'd wish to travel to HK too but I'm so chinese blind and my mom says that I have a accent when I speak cantonese that when I'll buy something there, I'll get rip off because they'll know that I'm from the western side hahah. That Jill Stuart store is so chic!

  8. Your dress is gorgeous. I really want to visit HK sometime also!^0^

  9. Beautiful pictures!!! Since your brother was on a shopping trip (boring for most guys), it was probably even easier than usual to sleep. I don't think I would have closed my eyes if I had been with you. =)

  10. ooh, where did you buy your kamiseta x liberty of london dress? I want one too! ^.^

  11. Aw you look so cute in your dress! I don't own any dresses (except prom dress) I desperately need one hahaha!
    Jill Stuart *drools* I wonder if I'll ever be able to walk into a store.. they might as well just ask for my wallet because that's what would go down hahaha!
    Love the last pic!!!

  12. cute outfit......looks like u had fun....

  13. Hey hun! Hee hee...I am loving the pic of the famous G. Love your OOTD! You have such sexy legs. *drools* I love your advice about packing dresses for vacays. I need to do that instead of trying to figure out outfit pairings b/c it just takes up way too much time and luggage space! That pic of your bro sleeping is too funny. XD

  14. THANK Q! for sharing with me and the fellow gals your liberty X kamiseta floral dress this summer MUST HAVE! hehe

    you did a very good A-LIST CELEB pose ^^

    did i mention you got a very nice sweet smile~ the dimples!!
    kudos for checking out JillStuart~~ the real deal boutique store *lol

    really like your sunnies too!

    the functional MarcJacobs tote is definitely worth getting one eh!nice pick!


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