Monday, June 14, 2010

HK Holiday Part 2: Cosmetic Haul

What better way to start a beauty-holic's week, than a collective haul to pump up the blood and make us want to work harder so we can afford this costly hobby we all share eh? Can I get a woot woot?! LOL ;)

To say that I went SASA crazy is an understatement. I think I've scoured all the Sasa's and Bonjour's my eyes have seen during my HK trip. Lurvey's and brother's eyes would roll everytime they see that BIG, pink signage with 4 letters in it. hahaha! [Please keep in mind that this is my own beauty blog and beauty bloggers make these kinds of posts to share the excitement we get from acquiring new "toys" to "play" with, if you do not appreciate such posts, please feel free to look for another blog you might fancy. Getting that out of the way.] Let's get started shall we?

I got 5 out of the 6 Cream cheek blushers (I think i'm now regretting not getting no. 6 >.<), Shading powder no. 1, Gloss fit nail no. 6, Lip essence and Nudy glow no. 01 rose macaron. GWP's: Make me happy fragrance hair essence and Canmake Top Coat

Dolly Wink:
Eyelash fix, Dolly Wink falsies in No. 1 Dolly Sweet and Liquid Eyeliner in deep black

Heroine make Kiss me, Majolica Majorca Lash bone mascara base, Lash Gorgeous Wing to try, and my HG Lash expander frame plus (back up)

Skin care from Lioele:
The HK air is so dry and dirty (broke me out) thats why I purchased a moisturizing skin care to try.

Silk Whitia Masks:
finally! :)

Moisturizing BB Creams:
Skin79 Pink label BB - really really good! , Lioele Water drop BB - magical ;)

Rosebud Salve:
I just want to know what the rave is all about! :)

Palgantong Theatrical Powder:
this was recommended by the beautiful Ari :)

the more the merrier!

Sasa brushes...
have very good quality for their price. I recommend SASA brushes (the pink ones) to those who are not yet ready to invest in MAC or Shu Uemura brushes and have access to SASA.

Surprisingly, this is the only eye palette I bought. :)

Nail Lacquers:
Arezia from Sasa, i think these are HKD 8 a piece.

and some CHANEL from Harbour City
prices have increased in Hong Kong but as you can see, I finally managed to get Particuliére which is sold out in most cities! (Remember the Shangri la fire story?) happy happy :)

I hope you enjoyed my HK haul post! Reviews are on the way, please be patient. Im so behind on reviews and tags! But I promise I'll get to it. Happy Monday lovelies! 

Stay gorge!


  1. wow seems like you have bought so much!
    Can't wait for the reviews and I like the chanel nail polishes! <3

  2. thats my fav store in HK too, i practically jump in every branch upon seeing them as some are really huge! and i shop crazy there.

    hmm singapore don't really have anything special to shop for when it comes to beauty as you would probably have the same kind of brand at your side already like etude house, laneige, the face shop, nature republic, beauty credit.

    yea we do have rmk at isetan scotts. you might wana check out their stuffs, i hasnt try any except a blush of theirs.

    as for food, if you are looking to try SG food, try straits kitchen @ grand hyatt hotel, its serve all SG cusine!

  3. great haul!!! <3 I love those canmake cream blush, I've tried the testers in Taiwan and the texture is dreamy! ^.^ Ooh now I'm itching to go to Hong Kong again

  4. i love sasa! i also stopped by every single sasa i saw when i was in HK :)

  5. Where did you get the canmake stuff? the sasa i've visited doesn't carry canmake -_-

  6. This is a most fantastic haul! I love everything you got haha~ Definitely let us know how you like the Canmake shading powder! I'm thinking of buying one for contouring, but so far, haven't seen any swatches online. :)

  7. Wow what a great haul!!! I don't know if I mentioned but I really regret not searching out the Dolly Wink lashes when I was in HK >.<

    I'm using the Rosebud too and I like it because it's much more moisturizing than regular Vaseline. I only wish it has SPF in it though hehe

    And yay for Particuliere! I got it a few months ago and I've been wearing it soooo often since I got it hehe

  8. Omigosh I love ur haul!!!
    u've convinced me to buy one of the canmake cream cheek blushers, dollywink eyeliner, MJ mascara, skin 79 BB cream, and lavshuca eye palette when i go to hk!!!

  9. The Canmake haul's the cutest! :P That's a really nice and blood-pumping haul.

  10. OMG! dollywink lashes! thats my dream eyelashes! (*dies)

  11. G scored 10/10 superholic powarrr!!
    thank you for the warning haha
    yeshh shop hard & work hard babe~~

    i fancy all your picks! a lil overboard with canmake cream blushes lol! review please..they will last you a lifetime hohoho
    review the nudy lipgloss please! everytime i see it, its screaming at me to grab it lolx
    but i hav pasty frosty pink glosses by dior & rimmel *sniff sniff me no hoarder

    DOllyWInk will make you happy & pretty*period!

    scara galore! marjolica seems to be everyone's HG! will try out oneday...somehow am getting free scara from time to room for new ones lolx

    liole!! ihav yet to try this BBCREAM! review please hehe...its expensive at my place..for HKD220

    ahh so many goodies to tryout & review...clap clap!

  12. Girly, you haul very well haha! I need to get me some Canmake and Dolly Wink products as well :]

  13. Lol yes!! The pink sign is everywhere. They have more Sasa than 7-11 there. Great great haul.

  14. W-O-W! I think I am a haul-aholic but seriously I gonna hand it to you lol! Will keep an eye on your blog all the time for all the interesting reviews:-)

  15. WOOT WOOOT! Omg i'm now so tempted to make some major shopping online but I'm resisting since I'm on a low-buy month. Oh well my wallet is going toget some major damage in July ;D

  16. HoHoHo isn't this xmas time or what! grats girl. love everything you hauled and wish you hauled more haha jk. i can't wait for my chanel illusion d'or to come tmr. finally i had to order it

  17. i'm really jealous of your cheek blushers!! was this purely a makeup shopping trip :p was everything cheaper in HK?

    i have better vegas photos somewhere!! the five I had were literally from a camera we didn't take much photos with =P

  18. Hello Georgina,
    Thank you for your reply; that was quick! By the way, I love everything you've bought in HKG and you're making me wanna go there too!!!

  19. thanks for the birthday wishes georgina!! and omgosh look at all that loot!! you will be doing reviews right?! :D i'm really interested in the lieole skin care line because i've only seen reviews on their makeup :P

  20. kamusta! im half filipina and happened to stumbled across your gorgeous little blog. that is a fabulous haul! specially all the japanese products and i'd love to see how the chanel polishes look like.

  21. OMG!I'm sooo jealous with your hauls......I better visit HK when I go home.....

  22. Woot woot!! ;) Omg, I'm in Sasa and Bounjor heaven. *dies* Ooh, I do remember the Shangri la fire story. How awesome that you were able to score those polishes! Can't wait for your reviews, but yes I will be patient! XD

  23. i just got back from hong kong as well! and omg, i think we bought almost the same stuff! : )

  24. hi sis! im planning to go HK this march.. and im also looking for the canmake, dolly wink, majolica majorca products.lahat po ba ng binili mo galing SASA STORE?. if not, can u please tell me the store name. thank u so much! really appreciate it!♥ hope u reply.


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