Friday, June 18, 2010

HK Holiday Part 3: Ngong Ping + Disneyland!

This is probably the last part of my Hong Kong holiday posts. Saying that I had a blast is an understatement, I always have a great time in HK, it's a happy place after all. Although I hope next time I don't have to go to Disneyland anymore (it takes too much time and energy which i'd rather save for exploring Sasa land. lol) Lurvey and I are planning our next trip already, where to go and what to do (we like to discover new places to eat together). Looking forward to our annual trip makes life exciting! ;) OK. Enough rambling, onto the pictures!

This one is so funny, my kid cousin and I were mocking my infamous, sleepyhead of a brother on the MTR. :D
GP, you're sleeping habits are exposed for all the world to see now! wake up! :p

a quick family photo op before climbing the stairs to greet buddha a happy morning ^_^
that's my Papa holding my pink umbrella. XD

the view from the Ngong Ping balcony was really nice! good thing we were blessed with good weather and a clear sky.
♥ lurveyduveys ♥

after an exhausting flight of stairs, a long walk back to the station, a bus and an MTR ride, we arrived at Disneyland!

It's my kid cousin's first time there. yay! :)
an umbrella is a necessity if you're going to visit Mickey and friends! It can be really hot during the summer, plus it will come handy during the Waterworks parade ;) [super simple OOTD consists of a red plaid shirt, white shorts both from Mango plus white Melissa ultragirl jelly flats -which got cropped out *nyorks* sorry!]

a trip to Disneyland is not complete without buying something from the Main street stores, I bought some goodies to take back home for my niece and a Minnie hair chou chou for me! hehe (★.★)
if you're too old for the big Minnie mouse ear headbands, get this instead. it's super cute! makes me smile ^_^

That's it for my 3rd HK holiday post. I hope I made you feel happy with the photos ;) I got some accessories from HK and Korea to show you next. Lurvey got me a light box (?) not sure if that's the exact name for it, but it will make my photos look clean and clear (yep, just like the skin care! lol) So we're going to try it this weekend. THANK YOU Lurvey! So sweet of you to support me on my blogging! *bearhug!!!* 'ω'

TGIF! Have a good weekend lovelies!



  1. lovely!!! aren't those some nice pix or what. the minnie hair chou chou is so cute!!!

  2. Hehehe yay you got to do so much sight-seeing! I went to Ngong Ping Island too^^ It was so hot that day we went that I was soooo exhausted by the time I made it up. I didn't go to Disneyland or Ocean Park though because I don't really like aquariums and the like, but it's fun when you go with family I think. I also wished I bought more from Sasa and went to Sogo and Times Square sooner for all the Japanese cosmetics though >.< Hehe the red bow is so cute! Not for the first time have I thought, your photos make me miss HK! <3

  3. hi!george.....I've been so busy in the past weeks...I'm so glad everythings back to normal....we're planning to go home this december....but not so sure yet....but I hope I could go to HK in time for sales....

    you're such a cutie....I love your pics....and I have to get that minnie hair tie....when I visit cute...

  4. awww!!! I loved HK disney too~ although it was so sunny I wanted to dieeeeeeeee. I didn't get any hair ties, but I got a HUUUUGE minnie-bow from disneyland Tokyo!

    Can't wait to see the rest of your snaps =P

  5. How nice that you were able to go to Ngong Ping. When we were suppose to go to Ngong Ping there was a storm so the cable car was out of service. I'll definitely visit Ngong Ping when I get back to HK!

  6. I wish I could fall asleep like your brother. I have a hard time even in bed. It looks like you had fun, even if it wasn't the best use of your time during the trip. =) The light box was a sweet gift and the bearhug an excellent reward!

    All the picures are nice, but the umbrella one is especially cute.

  7. the bow is so cute! i went to tokyo disneyland during the winter and bought the same minnie mouse design in this humungous snow hat that covered your ears and everything... i remeber going on its a small world and they had one doll representing the philippines. she was just staring at the water. i felt misrepresented lol.

  8. looks like you are having so much fun, I love your bow!

  9. My boyfriend is going to HK next term for exchange so I'd love to be able to join him later this year but that depends on my finances :/ Going to Asia from where I live is NOT cheap T_T *sniff, sniff*

    What about you?? When is your next trip back? :D

  10. i am sure you all had a wonderful time. the mickey hair pony tail is so cute!

  11. omg so fun!! i can't wait till i got o tokyo disneyland!!!

  12. no one is too old to have minnie mouse on the head! ^^

    xoxo elle

  13. it looks fun! You should check out Tokyo Disneysea!! what a cute minnie mouse hair-tie :)

  14. HKKKK ! I love HK so much, I've also been to those places <33 its so nice, but i heard that the disney land is very small there.

  15. Georgina are you getting one too? You'll love it! :D

    I got the Canon PowerShot SD780 IS, love it so far!! <3

  16. OMG you're going to make my head explode with all your nice compliments! LOL OOhh you got a Visee palette too??? I can't wait to see your haul! I really wanted to try their LE palettes but I needed to reign myself in from all this hauling >.< I'm so bad because I have such an emotional attachment to my makeup that I can't bear to sell them...(also because I'm lazy and can't be bothered to figure out how to use paypal to set up payments and such--such a bad excuse, I know!)

  17. HK! i have to go back soon to visit my grandma! you took beautiful pictures on such a beautiful day!! :D and i love the minnie mouse hair tie! i wish i found that in the orlando one! they only had headbands which were way too much for me to wear in such hot weather!

  18. haha yes One Magical time is enough~for HK Disneyland~

    NICEE minnie mouse hair chouchou!i didnt see this last december at HK!i bought the crown hairpin instead keke at least a trinket from MainStreet!I'm not leavin empty handed lolx

    your family photos are great~holidays are da best!

    you are truly bewitched by HK-sasaland~!
    always use your MakeUp stash babe!don be a hoarder >:D

    we are the happyfunny blogger~atta girl!
    i've been seeing lace shorts by ZARA~going for rm129/usd40*ooucch
    found an online shop rather similar only for usd12 *steal i'd say

  19. Oh, I love your chou chou! So cute. *^_^* Your pics definitely put a smile on my face! I feel like going to Disneyland now...hee hee.

  20. Loveee your HK posts Georgina! ^^ Makes me happy to read about your fun times.

  21. I love you pictures, and where you live is sooo beautiful ^^

  22. how much is the Minnie mouse headband in disneyland? thanks!


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