Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back From Sasa Land!

Hello everyone! Gosh, I missed blogger! I'm so sorry for leaving without posting a "will be back soon" post (I know Rick, June posts wont write themselves and thank goodness for that!) ^_~ I have been extremely busy with work and preparing stuff for the trip, plus a few errands here and there to finish before leaving. So there, I hope you still care for me and the blog! I'm back to regular blogging now. Yay! :)

As some of you might know, I've gone to Hong Kong with my family and Lurvey for a quick holiday, went to Disneyland of course (again) and enjoyed the waterworks parade this time. I dont have all the photos yet (Lurvey has them on his cam) so all I can share for now are haul shots I took with my Canon point and shoot camera.

Here's a sneak peek of my cosmetic haul. Yes, thats a small luggage full of stuff from Sasa, Bonjour, Facesss, City Super, Colourmix and other random places in Hong Kong. hahaha! Now that I'm part of the beauty blogging community, my cosmetic collection has gone from puny to growing more and more each day. :D It's just so fun! 
looking at this photo makes me miss HK already. >:)

I also got magazines. Even if I dont understand the text, I appreciate the photos very very much! 
here's ViVi and the Agnes B. S/S 2010 catalogue
Please don't hesitate to ask if you want scans :)

GWP Agnes B. tote with a cute heart charm/bracelet/pendant 
its so adorable! :)

got some shoes too!

Jelly bow shoes from a street seller in Haiphong Road, its so weird because I went back the next day to get another but the seller wasn't there anymore. :( Oh well. 
i got this for HKD69 (approx. USD9), some sellers here in Manila have these but the prices are unbelievable (around Php2,000 or USD43) because they put CHANEL labels (rip offs). Needless to say, this is a steal! :)

Bow sandals from a store in Granville Road, very very cute and fresh looking. I know, I'm crazy about bows! :)
got it for HKD150 (approx. USD20) not bad :)

and the last one, from Nike Silvercord, a pink/grey/white Women's Blazer Mid '09 ND:
the guy from the store told me that these come in different colors for every country, pink for Hong Kong! Nice. I don't know if thats true but if it is, thats very clever and fun to know. Random fact: I like grey and pink combinations. ;)

That's it for now! Cosmetics are up next along with some snapshots of me walking my stems off in HK! hahaha! My feet and legs are still aching, I need a swedish massage to relax the muscles! ;) As the sales associates in Hong kong would say (in a teeny tiny voice)...

Thank you buh-bye! ^_~


  1. omgosh i love how you have a suitcase full of just cosmetics hahah!! i went to disney too!! (not the HK one tho lol). Hope you had tons of fun and had lots of yummy foods!!

  2. Welcome back!! Love those jelly sandals! and what an awesome makeup haul! can't wait to read all about it!

  3. Wow great makeup haul. I love all the shoes you got especially the bow sandals! So pretty. =)

  4. Wow! I'm so jealous T-T Your haul looks amazing~!

  5. Welcome back from Sasa Land! *^_^* Girl, I spy a lot of goodies in your luggage!! So many cute kicks too esp those pink Nikes...woot! Would lurve some Vivi scans if you have the time. :) Happy to hear you had a fab time in HK!!!

  6. Welcome back! What an amazing haul~~ Cant wait to see the comsetics properly =P

    I am tempted to get jelly sandals too. Are they comfy? I have afeeling they completely lack support.

  7. Welcome back! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I like the Nike's.

    I just wanted to let you know you were missed. =)

  8. Wow, it looks amazing, can't wait to see your haul post on it, and welcome back! Missed you a lot^0^

  9. oh yay ^5. i just got back home from asia as well. i want to see more photos haha~!

  10. Wow. I'd like to see all the cosmetics you bought from Sasaland. :P That's a lot! ;D

  11. Looking at your haul makes me miss Hong Kong so much too!!! :( There's nothing over here that compares to shopping in Asia >.<

    So glad to see you went hard in shopping XD

  12. I got that Agnes B mook too, from Singapore.

    Where in HK do you buy Japanese magazines?

  13. i miss HK! so much to see & shop indeed~
    i'm proud of your haul hehehe

    where did u get lavshuca? i dont see them at SASA/Bonjour/Watson *sniff*sniff

    wheee for dollywink lashes! how much in HK?
    its HKD120 over here in KL *overpriced!
    can you giveme a review of dollywink glue?
    much better than the koji squueze tube?!

    i got the agnes.b emook too! too beautiful to resist..metal charm *bonus!

    can i hav some VIVI july scans~~

  14. hugs* thankQ for the kaching $$ wishes lolx

    fancl is only slightly cheaper in HK, so no worries to get from Singapore *checkout their webbie

    dun forget fancl treatment & yogurt mask!
    immediate radiant & healing~ great for too many late nights and subsiding breakouts

    sigh*i must hav enter the wrong SASA eventhough they are everywhere lol

    you are sooo funnily adorable on your fixation on the agnes.b tote!

    cant wait for the holiday photos from Mr.Lurvey !

  15. HK has the best shopping for sure and you totally proved it with your new haul!! These all look fantastic. I especially love the bow gladiators :)

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  16. Great haul! Sasa is such an awesome store to pick up stuff. I can spend an entire day there and not finish. Your shoes are super cute. I should head back to Granville before the end of the week =)

  17. HOLY MACRONI!!! So many goodies!! Ah~ so lucky you got to travel. Must have had a blast over there! =) Glad you made it safe back home Georgina!

  18. I love Hong Kong's cheap shoes, they come in high quality too! <3

  19. in fairness, i like pink and gray combo, too. :) lurve lurve lurve!! :) love your shopping stuff! enjoy 'em!! :) following you!! :)


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