Monday, May 31, 2010

Hooray For May! A Haul Post feat. OPI, Shu Uemura x Tsumori Chisato and More Kawaii Stuff!

*please forgive me for leaving you breathless with that title.*

Its the last day of May! I cannot believe it's mid-year already, time surely flies by super fast! I'm sure all the filipino shopaholics are gearing up towards all the mid-year sales coming! Im only looking forward to one store, Mango (my favorite!) They have a lot of super cute dresses, tops and shorts for summer this year and I cannot wait to grab them all at lower prices!  Living in a tropical country has the advantage of wearing summer fashion all year long which I love! :)

Even if summer is nearly over for us here in the Philippines (as we have been experiencing random rain showers and thunderstorms recently) God blessed us with a clear sky today. I was out and about with my kid cousin all day, we went to the mall, had his hair cut, had really good pasta for lunch and then I bought him some other stuff he needed for school. It was a nice bonding thing for us. Even if we live in the same house and see each other everyday! :P

But of course, I wouldn't pass up the chance of hauling some stuff for myself,
here are some things which caught my little eyes and left my wallet lighter. ^_~

some OPI Nail Lacquers...
my OPI collection is growing fast! I haven't even posted the first ones I got yet! :D

tested out 10 colors from Lippmann and OPI, but went home with these complexion flattering poopsies. (yep, I got that term from Ursula.) LOL!

I also got a shampoo bar and square tin from LUSH...
travel buddies:)

Before going home, I dropped by by Bon's tangible store in Banawe, Quezon City called Wang-Lai Mart, which is loaded with yummy asian food, kawaii stuff and great beauty buys!  She stocks up on various BB creams like BRTC and L'egere, Shiseido fine toiletries like Tsubaki and some Jill Stuart too! Check out her site if you cant come to the store, she has really good prices for her products, plus she's really nice and polite. :) Im so sorry I dont have pics to show how her store is filled with Sanrio cuteness, I forgot my camera! *ashamed blogger*

So what did I come home with? I got this LE Tsumori Chisato Planet Pouch which sold out in stores a long time ago. Its part of Shu Uemura's Holiday 2009 collection. See my crazy haul post here.
I may be 25y.o. but obviously, I'm not over my stars obsession just yet, the star studs are so beautiful *mesmerizing* and the puffed pouch is functionally cute! :) Can you blame me? I hope not. :D

star zipper pull detail

as you can see I filled it up with my cosmetic necessities already! :)

I also spied super cute ang-pao's and got some for my adorable god-children...
Sugarbunnies Shirousa and Kurousa in sakura backdrop & Hello Kitty CNY edition!!! ^_^!

that's all for now, i have to get my beauty sleep! Im not getting 8 full hours anymore, but sleep is sleep! hahaha!

 Gingy says goodnight dahlin's! xoxo
"sweet" dreams! ;)


  1. Do review on the Lush!! And I want the pink angpao..So cute neh~~~

  2. Haha, I love the stitches on the Gingerbread man's legs! A little slapstick humor to stat the week. =)

  3. Hehe the ginger bread man is too cute. Love Tsumori collection~

  4. Hi, where did you buy the OPI polishes?

  5. OO great picks on the OPI polishes!! i've seen a couple of blog posts on jade is the new black and it looks amazing!! lol i'm 23 and i'm still a kid at heart too. LOL i LOVE gingy!!! where did you find that? haha oh and enter my contest georgina! :)

  6. Cynthia: which one, the tin cans? I'll show you more photos soon ;)

    Anonymous, OPI nail lacquers are available @ Rustan's Department Stores, but they have a better selection at Rustan's Essenses, Makati.

  7. Awww all the stuff you got is super kawaii^^

  8. cuteee :$ That red nail polish has gotta be something hehehe Show me it soon! xo

  9. *stops to grab a breath* Whew...long title there sister! ;) Wow, mid year sales sound great! How awesome of you to take your kid cousin out for the day. And I'm giggling at how you couldn't resist doing some hauling....hehe. I freaking love OPI and those colors are poppin'!! I'm still a bit of a LUSH newb though. I've only tried their bath bombs and Snow Fairy. Those tins look super sleek! Omg, I can't believe you got the LE Tsumori Chisato Planet Pouch!! It is TDF cute. :D I am a bit star crazy LMAO at the gingerbread man. XD I need me some of those cute ang-pao's!

  10. that pouch is super cute... modern firl OPI would be a perfect summer nail colour!! you have show it to us when you have it on XD

  11. loove then nail polishes and gingerbread man!

  12. Man, it's so nice to hear about weather half way around the world. I tend to forget that the weather I experience here isn't the same all over!!
    That pouch is way cute. Pretty cool you got your hands on it even after all this time. Hee hee hee gingerbread man!!! I saw the latest Shrek movie with RJ recently, I think it was a pretty good ending to the series! =D

  13. Hello Georgina,
    I love those ang-pos! They are so cute. Do you remember where you got them? I need to get them too!


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