Monday, May 17, 2010

Liberty of London x Kamiseta + TFS Haul

 I know a lot of you are familiar with textile and fabric giant Liberty of London especially now that they have their MAC collection and Target collaboration, but locally, they have also worked with women's clothing brand Kamiseta (which simply means 'undershirt' which is ironic because it is usually refers to men) to bring in a limited edition collection for summer which consists of multi colored dresses, button down shirts with bow details at the back and drawstring, short sleeved dresses using Liberty fabrics, I went there to check the LE collection and I didn't go home empty handed, I got a cute floral print dress which is super comfortable and totally suitable for the hot and humid weather we have here.
I'll show you the print, the LOTD will come later. ;)

isn't it fun and pretty? I'm planning on taking it to our family HK trip. Of course I'll share photos; If you share some good places to shop and eat! bwahaha >:)

Next, The Face Shop mini-haul, mainly essentials:
top left to bottom right: Raspberry Roots de-puffing eye gel sample, Clean Face White Post-Acne Nighttime Spot Eraser, Plus +1 Pomegranate Lip Care Stick, Nail file and TFS Color Nuance for Cheek in OR202 (shine) *phew!*

I'm seriously in love with this pomegranate lip care stick right now, here shown with my trusty strawberry chap stick for size comparison:
its longer but slimmer, contains lesser product too. I got it for Php265 (approx. $6)

texture is similar to chap stick and it moisturizes my lips adequately, difference is the Lip Care Stick gives a vibrant cherry red tint to lips, which makes you look like you just ate a popsicle, very natural and pretty. I usually reapply every 4 hours, not bad eh? I highly recommend it if you're looking for that red stained lips effect without drying the lips! I've been using it everyday since I got it, which is exactly a week now. :)

I also got the Clean Face White Post-Acne Nighttime Spot Eraser for my acne scars, I'm using it now after the Paul & Joe whitening serum, i have noticed a slight difference already, dark spots have lightened up a bit, I hope it eradicates the scars completely soon. Retail price: Php795 quite affordable! No wonder its always sold out.
it turns invisible when blended, sometimes I use it instead of my Diorsnow spot corrector for daytime. :D

I got curious about the blushers because they reminded me of Shu Uemura packaging. Hehe. TFS Color Nuance for Cheek in OR202 (shine)

here it is in the pan, its more vibrant and orangey in person, i dont know why it ended up looking pale here on blogger. :/

the swatch is more accurate:
Pretty orange shade right? 
Honestly, i liked the way it looked when i swatched it because i was so used to pinks and roses the color looked refreshing and summery, but when i tried it on my face it was too orangey for my liking, i have to try it again and blend it very well this time. Quality wise, its quite good for its price (Php395, approx. $8), it is highly pigmented and it has little specks of shimmer which gives off a faint glow to the cheeks. TFS Color Nuance for cheek has 8 shades available, I'm going to try OR201 next, a light peach shade.

Happy Monday everyone! Stay gorge! x.x



  1. nice haul!! let us know how you find the spot eraser pls!

    that blush is super pretty!

  2. Happy Monday! How does the Paul & Joe Whitening Serum work for you? I'm thinking of picking one up soon.

  3. The Lip Care stick looks so pretty :)

  4. There's something very appealing about a girl in a clean, crisp, button-down shirt. I have to remind myself not to just assume she's nice. I know that's weird...I can't explain it. =)

  5. I'd like to try the lip care stick :) thanks for the review :)

  6. Great Haul~
    ohhh the Face shop blush looks like a Shu Uemura one. Pretty~

  7. lip care stick looks so hydrating and cuute in colour! :) x

  8. TFS blush really has the shu packaging look! and its soo affordable.. yea! think you would'nt feel gulity to bag more of their blush hm!

  9. What a coincidence! I just bought a TFS lipbalm, but mine is the non tinted one :)

  10. amazing haul!!
    the color off the lip care stick is realy pretty <3

  11. I love that print on your dress! Nice Face Shop mini-haul too :D I agree with you that the blusher reminds me of Shu's. Sorry to hear the color didn't work out though. Hope your next shade (OR201) does!

  12. the blush does look like shu's. the lip balm seems very moisturiziung. great haul

  13. I also have that lippy from The Face Shop :) It's really moisturizing :)

  14. whud whud whud??! liberty collaborated with kamiseta?! I WANT ~~ how much is your dress? in usd? ohh please show me your outfit of the days..
    the flower prints are gorgeous!
    checkout my fb album~~
    i cant get my hands on any liberty prints..sniff sniff i live in a HOLEEEE haha

    TFS blusher is as good as shu? i read some reviews they are good dupe lolx

  15. That's a very pretty blush~ wow the Liberty of London fabric looks totally fantastic! Can't wait to see you wearing it!

  16. lipstickaddict: hi!!! :) yes it is! im so in love with it right now, the chapstick is super jealous. LOL thank you for following my blog! :)

    stellar: yes! yes! yes! i sent u a message on facebook check it out! ;) hmm..tfs blushers are def. more powdery than shu's but for the cheaper price im not complaining! ;)

  17. how's the spot eraser??? pleaseeee review XD


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