Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weekend DIY: Hoyu Beautylabo Hair Dye in Marshmallow Beige

Hi everyone! I dyed my hair again, and this time I used Hoyu Beautylabo in Marshmallow Beige. Read on to find out how it worked out! :)

 I purchased a Hoyu Beautylabo hair dye from an eBay seller based in Hong Kong (for USD18 including shipping), I was getting the new bubble/mousse type (I even asked the seller to make sure I'm getting the product I want) but they still sent me the conventional hair dye, but since I was very curious on how marshmallow beige would turn up on my hair, I decided not to complain and use it anyway. 

Here's what's inside the box:
Hair essence treatment, coloring agent no. 1(tube) & 2(bottle), instructions(in Japanese) with the gloves inside and the applicator comb.

Prettia Bubble Hair Dye in Royal brown, the color have turned quite yellowish (in daylight) which I did not like very much. 

get the gloves from the instruction page:

pour agent no. 1 into no. 2, then shake 30 times.

replace cap with the comb applicator:

gently press the bottle to get the dye out like this:

and apply as evenly as possible to sectioned hair:
leave it on for 20-30 minutes then rinse, shampoo hair, apply hair essence and rinse.

et voila! Marshmallow Beige hair color! in natural light:
can you see that dark spot on top of my head? the dye didn't get through it I guess.

with flash:
It may look vibrant here but it looks better, darker in person I promise! hehe. sorry for the messy hair! thats how my hair behaves when not blow dried. ^_^

My thoughts? The shade that I achieved is the one in the middle so its safe to say that the swatches are accurate, however, I will not repurchasing this because its quite a mess to use and I can't apply it by myself, Lurvey helped me a lot in my weekend DIY hence, the dark patch of hair on top of my head. Haha! The bubble type hair dye is more convenient for me. Plus it left my hair with more even color, because its easier to apply. So next time, I'll make sure I get the right product I want.

What do you think? Happy weekend everyone! :)


  1. I think it looks great! I really want to dye my hair too, but I'm scared I'll make a mess and miss patches! D=

  2. Nice. Reminds me- I need to dye my hair too...

  3. Nice review and thanks for all the helpful pictures. The Beautylabo dye didn't completely cover your roots like you said but I don't think it's too noticeable. I think it's quite cool how it comes with a comb though! Marshmallow Beige sounds so cute too! I love the color in natural light but nice that you're going back to the other type of hair dye too. ^^

  4. oOOh it doesn't look too bad though! I think it blends alright into your natural hair colour I guess. The brush is a little gimmicky though hey?? I was intrigued by your pictures too hehe

  5. i'm still hesitating if i should dye my hair as there will be a need to touch up the root once every few months.. i bought the DIY one like yours now i'm wondering if i should try the bubble one :P

  6. Marshmallow, bubble/mousse, I'm getting hungry! You have nice hair. Now, off to find breakfast. =)

  7. looks lovely! its weird i have so much access to japanese dyes and they are so cheap here but ive gone au natural for the last yr or so LOL.

  8. G, I'm so glad you did a post on this b/c I've been wanting to try Beautylabo. I'm sorry you didn't love it but I think the color looks quite lovely on you. :) I agree though that the bubble type is more convenient.

  9. I quite like the color :) I've given up dying my hair long time ago for some reasons.. sometimes Im tempted to dye my hair again but never did in the end lolz..
    Nehs just lost her beloved husband T.T it's a very sad n unfortunate news

  10. looks great! i wish i could dye my hair myself but i am so uncoordinated

  11. very cute color. I can't possibly dye my hair myself! I messaged to in the cbox! check it out

  12. Oh how nice, I really like how it came out!
    I've never dyed my hair before & I know for sure that I wouldn't be able to dye it myself either! haha


  13. Hey Georgina, I think that's a pretty shade! And it looks like the dye works because your hair color is definitely more consistent now :) Thanks for your sweet comments girl, I'm glad you have the heart for animals. haha I think I found the right foundation match too, yay!

  14. oohh what a pretty brown color! but the name is a little misleading... not very marshmellowy in color :p did the whole bottle last for midlength hair?

  15. CG! did u try your kao liese bubble hair dye yet? which one do u like? liquid compare to foam dye?

  16. Georgina! i saw beautylabo at my local drugstore..more to haircare items~
    i bought the extra hair serum even though i pickedup Liese already hehe

    see the power of blogging? really open up my eyes to other brands...else i wouldnt take notice..
    i have tunnel vision lolx

  17. Looks promising. I like the brush + tube applicator!

    And I <3 that color!


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