Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Scorchin' Hot in Here, I Made a Molten Heavanilli...

...accidentally of course! You guys are witnesses to my rants on how hot and humid the summer gets in here and I really want to show you this just so you get an idea on how high room temperature has become.

Exhibit A: LUSH Heavanilli
from this cute heart shaped massage bar...
(photo from LUSH)

to this...
tadah! A Molten Heavanilli cream! LOL. I immediately stuffed it inside the fridge to make it solid again. Can you imagine how messy it would have been if it wasn't inside a plastic bag? yikes! 

and because of that, I'm thinking of getting...
Exhibit B: Suesh Swoosh™ Cosmetic Chiller
its from a local beauty brand Suesh and it retails for Php3,000 (approx. $67) Dimensions are 8' x 9' x 12' inches (LxWxH) it's very small. I'm not sure if its worth getting because I'll probably need two or three for my stuff and for that amount I'd be better off buying a small refrigerator. hahaha! :D

and speaking of refrigerators, I beat the heat by drinking a lot of cold drinks like water, home-made fruit shakes and my current food/drink obsession (which usually last for 2-3 weeks -random fact!), the bottled Starbucks Frappuccino coffee drinks. I like that I can just grab one anytime I want to get my caffeine fix without going out (saves me time, energy and gas money). Plus I love the super cute bottle, which you can reuse as a vase, perfect for making breakfast in bed with a touch of a minimalist floral arrangement aka a lone daisy. ;) 

 Starbucks Frappuccino Coffee drinks
my stocks inside the fridge. :P I took my time taking pictures because the cold breeze felt so good! hahaha!

*sigh* I think Mother Nature is punishing us for all the bad things we have done to her. :( Let's all go green and take good care of our surroundings in our own way. :D

stay gorge inside and out!



  1. haha there goes your LUSH cute forms!
    all my lush products are stored at a corner in the fridge! cupcake & brazilian honey masks,angels on bareskin, soaps etc

    i like the word molten! only see them as dessert kekeke

    yay for starbucks frapp bottled drinks~~
    however i finnd them wayy too sweet for my liking and they cost a bomb here rm10 usd3.5
    so i rather get the freshly brewed ones

    hehe good lesson on collagen..especially when we hit mid twenties XD
    thankyou for your sweeet remarks!

  2. lol how funny is that molten cream! that fridge looks interesting. i've been wanting one for my skincare products too. i just don't know which one is good. starbucks frappie is really good. i like the caramel one the best

  3. ah i have a cosmetic chiller

    till the husband took it to work hahaha
    it really was just a mini fridge
    not as cute as pretty as the one in ur post!

  4. Wah I can't believe your poor lush soap melted, it must be very hot. I grew up in an area where it was 100 degrees all the time but it was dry heat so not as bad. Stay cool!

    Ah that cosmetics chiller is cute but probably the same as a mini fridge. ^^ Let us know if they actually preserves eye creams and what not.

    I love those coffee drinks too. So sweet and yummy.

    My ballon ride was really fun and scary because of the height. You stand in a wicker basket and go way up in the air, it's a cool feeling to be floating around gently in the sky though.

  5. my heavanilli experienced the same thing too. but better than your molten version....
    I think LUSH should figure out a way to prevent the mis-shape butter bar ;)

  6. Holy eff, it is hot there! =( Having grown up in drier temperatures, I have never gotten completely adjusted to the humid weather in Asia. I've never seen a fridge for cosmetics before but now it makes sense! I love the color. *^_^* Dude, I used to drink those Fraps all the time in college...haha! They definitely helped to keep me up, plus they are delicious!! Hope your week is going well =D

  7. Wow, it's hot there!!! I keep a small fridge under my desk at work. It's not very green, but it sure is nice. =)

    Mocha and vanilla are my favorites. I don't like hot coffee, but I love almost everything else coffee-flavored...cold/frozen drinks, ice cream, candy--just no hot coffee unless I'm sick.

  8. hahaha the cosmetic fridge is so cute lool! yay for the frappucinos! :D

  9. stellar love: i knoooow i learned my lesson and now i keep my massage bars in the fridge too. :D why is the bottled starbucks frappuccino so expensive there? it only costs around $2 here. :)

    LS: yeah but its so small theres NO WAY your stuff would fit in it. hahaha! ;)

    yumeko dear: we have a mini refrigerator here that we dont use, im thinking of plugging it in again to keep my skin care and makeup in cooler temp. :D

    K: its so hot and humid im not kidding. there were people who actually died of heat stroke, especially before the national elections when politicians were out campaigning. :(

    Ning✩: hahaha my heavanilli almost lost all of its "oils" good thing it was inside a bag. ;)

    Lisa babe: yep! because room temp here is way hotter than other countries, cosmetics tend to get stale faster. :( im not letting that happen to my babies! waaaah! :P

    Rick: me too, coffee bean & tea leaf is another fave of mine! :D

  10. O gosh those Frappuccinos are my fave!

  11. LOL at all those Frappuccinos!

  12. I lovvveee those fraps mmmmmm... but they're so costly over here.. well at least I think so haha. Wow it must be really hot over there o___o that fridge thing is pretty interesting! Then you could put your eyecream in there because it's best used when chilled! I don't put mine in my family's fridge because well.. you know.. but I'm sure I'll do that when I get my own place in the future >=D


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