Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Preview May 2010 Scans

Hello everyone! Please excuse my 4-day blogger absence, it was a busy (mother's day-family bonding) weekend, then we had the very first automated elections in the Philippines (which I am truly happy to experience despite the killer heat and long queue) and yesterday i got sick again! Seriously, who gets the chills in the middle of summer? bummer. I'm feeling so much better now than yesterday, but I still have to rest so I cant stay on blogger too long for now. I got scans for the May issue of fashion mag Preview to show you today. I only got to scan the beauty section yesterday before I got the chills, I hope you enjoy it! 

KC Concepcion on the cover urging people to VOTE! How cute is that hat?! :)

tips on how to achieve a smooth, glowing and flawless complexion in the beauty section.

makeup for humid weather conditions, MUA Gela Laurel-Stehmeier suggests silicone based foundations for a lightweight finish and tints rather than powder blushers for a longer lasting color on cheeks. She also loves Lancôme's waterproof mascaras which lasts on our humid weather.

skin saving supplements, like the oral UVA/UVB protection capsules from Heliocare; which i think its very interesting.

tanning must haves:

celebrity nail polish expert Deborah Lippmann on the Beauty Guru section:
I have yet to try Lippmann nail lacquers, they sound promising! 

more sun protection products to keep our skin safe from damaging UVA/UVB rays:

I noticed a lot of people are sick, the weather is really taking its toll on our health so please be safe and keep away from the harsh sun and drink lots of water and vitamins. that's all for now, back to bed I go! :)


  1. thanks for the scan! i want the kiehls tinted moisturiser~~

    xoxo elle

  2. Looks like all the cosmetic companies are getting us ready for the beach! Boy am I ready!

  3. Thanks for the scans...I miss this mag....

  4. I'm glad you're taking care of yourself. Maybe you tried to bounce back too quickly from the earlier bug. You deserve a little pampering after being out in that heat while sick.

    Thanks for the interest and encouragement on Mikey!!! He's not very popular. LOL I was thinking about starting the next installment with, "Mikey couldn't hear the train whistle as he walked down the tracks listening to his iPod." Haha, but I think I should at least finish the story-line with his mom.

  5. ah get well get well and GET WELL!!!
    lippmann has a lot of colors to choose from. i saw the brand in department stores here

  6. yay for scans! featured alot on lancome & Bobbibrown
    i dun think they work for my sensitive asian skin

    luv your sweet detailed comments on my blog!*hugss OMG its such a pain to lose the L0VE bangle!! the bangle does make mark on my wrist lol its HARD! might wanna give my wrist 4months break

    hey cancer babe! high5! we will survive lol

    as for weather in Singapore is HOT & HUMID!
    be prepared to sweat a lot *giggle or stay indoor :P no rain & thunderstorm..slight shower perhaps

    Are you planning a trip down? oohh TheSands Casino at MarinaBay is Beauutiful...i heard its partially open not the highest DECK

  7. G, we always seem to be MIA around the same time...hehe. ;) Hope you had a fabulous weekend with Mom and the fam! Please feel better soon, sweetie. *hugs* And how nice of you to provide these awesome scans despite being sick!

    P.S Thanks for the l'occitane amande pomme eye gel and nature's gate eye cream recs!

  8. get well soon! the magazine looks cool!

  9. i excuse your 4 day blogger absence... since i have no right to complain :p i hope you feel better soon (:

  10. Georgina, it's so cute that you're worried about 4 days of blog MIA when I go for a week or two at a time :P I'm the real baddie here. I'm glad you're feeling better, being sick is the worst! I really like summer makeup looks.. especially that tanned bronziness which I rarely get, but I'll work on it this summer if I have time haha. I passed you a blog award btw! Have a great weekend~

  11. Ah~ the scans remind me of the summer days that are coming.... it's still so cold here damn it!! XD

    Hope you're better now Georgina!!!

  12. Hey Georgina! Thanks for posting these scans, I know they must be hard work doing them. I hope you had a great mother's day with your family :)

    Hehe thank you for your nice comments! I love the bag too--it's a Na Ra Ya bag, my first one! :D


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