Monday, May 3, 2010

Rustan's Shangri-la Fire Sale

Hello hello! Happy Monday everyone! Thank you for the warm well wishes you have sent me, I'm still  recuperating, but nonetheless better than how I was feeling over the weekend (because my monthly period decided to be such a darling and go with the flu -no pun intended) ^_~

Anyways, I just want to share what I got in my email this morning, as some of my Philippines - based readers would know, the Shangri-la Plaza Mall had a minor fire incident on April 23, 2010 (Papa's birthday!) concerning their storage room for groceries. If you have been to Rustan's Shangri-la, the supermarket is on the basement and the department store (cosmetics and high end boutiques like Gucci, Ferragamo, Tod's, etc.) is right above it so needless to say, the whole of Rustan's might have been smoke damaged, hence the FIRE SALE.

The sad news is, all the cosmetics which were "smoked" will be up for destruction according to the SA from Chanel (including some stuff I put on hold and was about to get the day after the fire! One Chanel Particuliere included! I guess it wasn't meant to be). Aww... poor little poopsies! :( I wonder if they have anything left to sell in there. I might check it out this weekend and let you know if I manage to get anything.

Have a great week ahead! 



  1. LOLL our monthly best friend always somehow knows when the best time to come visit is hey?

    Boo for the cosmetics being destroyed ! I'm sure tons of people would be more than happy to purchase a few slightly burnt things for cheap! Haha hopefully you still find something =)

  2. hey hun!

    to answer your question, i use Revlon Colorsilk box to dye my hair. it's fairly cheap in my area!

    im loving your blog layout! <3

  3. Wow, that costs a lot! But that's better coz we don't know there might be some complications if we used 'smoked' cosmetics haha =p Will they get you a new Chanel product instead?

  4. Eek!!! {closing eyes and pretending not to see} LOL

    Glad you're feeling better. =)

    PS - The verification word is "ickers". ahahaha!

  5. Get well dear~!
    I wished I was in your city so I can go check out the sale =x
    Yes I got the white lucent serum but I haven't tried it yet. Gotta finish the Clinique first

  6. Great to hear you're feeling better, G! :) Sorry to hear you weren't able to get the stuff you had on hold though. Maybe you can find them this weekend like you said.

  7. sad to hear the cosmetics were destroyed.. what a waste!

    thank you for your sweet comment, i do hope you're better now :)

  8. hah?! got such thing? smoke sale!? but.. hmm... smoked cosmetics shouldn't be any problem if it's one in sealed packaging/container? get something good CG!!!

  9. g, hope you feel better!! everyone's getting sick :(

  10. What the.. smoke sale? Wow never heard of the like before! I thought it was just you know one of those signs where it'd say "HOT SALE" I didn't actually think the sign "Smoke Sale" was actually to be taken literally!
    Aw man.. that sucks for that department and whatnot. That's such a shame that all of those products are to be wasted away.


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