Friday, May 7, 2010

The Face Shop NOTD + Over The Top and Sisterhood Awards

When it comes to cheap yet decent quality nail polish, The Face Shop is my go to store for experimenting with colors, loud and bright or muted and sheer, they have it. Most of the time its a hit or miss for me with texture and brush quality, but I usually don't regret because its only Php95-175 (approx. $2-4) I also happen to love their base coat which prevents yellow nails, top coat to protect the polish and nail polish remover which smells so good and is non-drying. 

I was out at the mall the other day doing errands and passed by a TFS store so I checked if they had new nail polish available, to make the story short, I got BR805. I do realize I've been into browns lately.

here's my NOTD with BR805, taken indoors with fluorescent lighting.
It's a light brown shade which I think is very flattering for my skin tone, it's also very simple so I don't have to worry about what accessories to use unlike when I sport bolder, louder colors. As it's quite sheer, i needed 3 coats to get  an opaque color on my nails in the photo. I didn't mind though, 'cause it's very easy to apply, very smooth and glossy, almost foolproof, which is another plus cause I don't always get to have my nails done by a pro and I don't have surgeon-like steady hands. hehe.

For my nail expert beauty blogging friends, how do you prevent bubbles on nails? Does this occur when drying? Because I applied it perfectly but when it dried up, the polish on my left thumb had *sing with me* tiny bubbles. hehe. 
Your comments and suggestions will be very much welcome. TIA! :)

In other blogger news, sweet Jess and Bec tagged me with more awards I can put on my little award corner on 
♡ coffretgorge. Thank you lovelies! I appreciate it mucho mucho! 

thank goodness I don't need to share more random facts because I seriously think you'll get tired of me
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TGIF ladies and gent! (yes Rick, that would be you "leg man". kidding! hahaha ^_~)


  1. oooh I have not seen this brand before but I love the purple undertones in that polish. Does it have sort of mauve undertones or is it just my computer screen? My favorite nail polishes are probably China Glaze. I like the formula, brush, and they make some very pretty colors.

  2. what a pretty nail polish come i didn't saw this at the face shop...I'm no expert but my sister's worker used to roll the nail polish bottle between her palms..she said to prevent for me I just shake it before opening the bottle...and thanks for the awards...sorry I still hadn't done the previous tags...have a great weekend...

  3. do you apply polish in front of a fan? if yes, that maybe the culprit for the bubbles galore

  4. "Tiny bubbles, tiny bubbles, in the wine, in the wine..." ;) Hmm...I wish I knew what the cause of the bubbles are. How come browns look so nice on you yet lousy on me? *pouts* Thanks for the awards! :D

  5. Lovely nail polish colour, and you pulled off the colour very well. As for me, I also love faceshop nail polishes because they usually have the perfect colours that I want :)

  6. thank u for passing it on

    for me, i always put an excessive amount of top coat and just want for it to dry. [i use sally hansen kwik dry]

  7. ooOh this looks really lovely. i love mauvey-taupes hehe

  8. Haha, I revealed toooo much!

    Have a greta weekend. =)

  9. Hey Georgina! Yay another paella lover.. haha I wasn't a wine drinker until I tried sangria :) I don't like to drink wine by itself though! Thanks for considering cruelty-free brands dear.. unfortunately YSL and most Japanese companies are not cruelty-free, including Shiseido =( It's hard for me too but fortunately there's a lot of U.S. brands that are cruelty-free.. do you have access to them too? I think the nail polish bubbles... are just because of the formula haha cuz it happens with me for specific polishes only. Congrats on the awards!

  10. Thank you sooo much for the award coggertgorge!! Love you~~

  11. i like! nice color!!....I have yet to try polish from the Face Shop!

  12. such a beautiful color. as for your question, the best way to minimize bubble is, roll the nail polish bottle instead of shaking; apply thin layers and let dry completely. if you don't let the bottom layer dry completely the gas can't go anywhere when the top layer dries. that's how the bubbles appear

  13. Hey thanks for the awards Georgina~! I agree so grateful that it isn't another sharing of facts because I've done so many before haha!

  14. I love the color of the nail polish! Thanks so much for the awards.. you're so sweet. Hope you're having a great day!!

    xx Love & Aloha

    *Swing by my blog to enter The Pagestoppers giveaway!

  15. aww thanks love for the award!! and the nail color looks awesome! is it more brown or purple?


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