Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Canmake 5 Effects Foundation Review

Canmake's newest 5 Effects Foundation combines beauty essence, sunscreen, make-up base, foundation and finishing powder all in one step.
Packaging is a pink, round plastic case with angled cuts on top to resemble a precious jewel. Although a tad flimsy compared to high end foundation cases, it is the prettiest one out of all the drugstore foundations I have seen.
on the upside, it is light and handy for traveling as it also comes with a mirror and sponge.
I purchased mine as a set (case+refill) at City Super for HKD138 (approx. USD19) but you can also get just the refill or the case. This is currently available in 3 shades, [01] Light, [02] Light Ochre and [03] Natural Ochre.

With a matching shade to your skin tone, it gives off a soft and natural, semi-matte finish. SA recommended [02] Light Ochre for a fair finish, but Jennifer and I decided to go with [03] Natural Ochre since I wanted a shade which will blend with my neck color. I'm happy to report that [03] is a perfect match for my NC 30 skin tone! This foundation has tiny specks of shimmer in it but its not notice-able when worn. :)

Coverage is light to medium, and can be layered for a flawless veil. Oil-control is pretty decent (I have normal-combination skin), I usually blot oiliness once a day (twice if I'm outdoors and its super hot) but when I wear this foundation, I don't feel the need to touch up all day. Plus I like the dewy glow it gives after hours of wear. Its like wearing BB cream,  but better.

♥ It doesn't flake and emphasize fine lines. Effect #1, #3 and #4

♥ It has UV protection SPF31 PA++. Effect #2

♥ It covers imperfections well, even neutralizing redness, but of course you'll need a concealer for those stubborn red mountains aka cystic acne if you want a very clean and flawless look. ;) Effect #4

♥ You won't feel the need for a setting powder when using this foundation as it has a cream to powder finish. Less products to use = less primping time! Effect #5

♥ Another important thing to mention is that it did not break me out or cause any allergies or rashes on my face. I believe it has a non comedogenic formula, free of mineral oil and fragrances. :)

♥ It lasts all day. (paired with my HG DiorSnow UV Base)

I can't think of anything bad with this foundation, perhaps the lack of shades to suit individuals with skin tones darker than NC30 is its downside, I hope Canmake releases more shades for this so more ladies can enjoy the great product + good value this foundation offers. Overall, this foundation is great and highly recommended to all my lovelies! :)

Thank you for reading and happy holidays!


  1. I love the pretty pink packaging :) spf 31 is pretty good for a foundation! although knowing myself, I'd probably still wear sunscreen under it anyways.

  2. its in my wishlist already!
    canmake galore~!

    i think i will need this as mid-day touch up after i blot!
    so i dun carry my loose powder in my makeup pouch *wheee

    please tell me its not cakey not flaky!! and decent cover up :D

    the pink reflecting packing is sooo much better than their boring clear plastic right?!

  3. I need to get Jen to CP this for me!! Canmake is cheaper in HK than MYS (Jen and I compared prices previously lol~~)

    Happy holidays G! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas ^^

  4. Thanks for reviewing this foundation! I had been curious about it but it's really difficult to buy foundations online since it's better to test it out in person. Unfortunately, I don't have a store to go to for swatching purposes. It sounds like it's a great product!


  5. The packaging is really pretty! I'm glad it works for you and did not break you out. :)

  6. IT looks so pretty! I wanna try this out1 :)

  7. looks like a great product....I wonder of the darkest shade match me..I was NC35 last summer...

    and thanks for your comment, I love the kissing santa & mrs. claus ornament too..it's my first ever ornament after we got married....Merry Christmas to you...

  8. Oh, this sounds divine! Love that jeweled cover. =D

    ("Online shopping early in the morning"...yes!)

  9. Ooh, the packaging is gorgeous!! I wish more drugstore brands would put in more effort on their packaging. I would totally buy something just for the packaging xD

  10. nice review! this foundation sounds really nice

  11. Thanks for this foundation review. The packaging is so cute. IT's nice that's it all those products in one too.

  12. Wow, it does look like a really good foundation. Too bad I am not a fan of compact foundation, but the packaging is really cute^0^~ Glad you found something you really like!

  13. Gosh, for a girl who does not need any makeup...


  14. i have been looking forward to this review for a long time! i tried googling but nothing showed up :( thanks so much !

  15. The packaging is so pretty *-*!!

  16. The packaging looks so pretty! Thanks for the review! I love the fact that it lives up to what it claims!

  17. Just wanted to stop by and say hi and thank you for the sweet comment. I hope you've been doing well. Keep up the great makeup reviews. :)

  18. The compact is so cute looking! Sounds like there's almost nothing bad about this product :) I'm surprised they don't have more shades though :)

  19. This looks so gorgeous! I've always had a soft spot for canmake... <3

  20. I don't think I have yet come across a foundation that combines so many functions into one product! It sounds like an ideal foundation, something that you only need to apply once a day and not worry about any negative effects on your skin. hehe now.. I just need one of my CF brands to make such a product for me :P sniff. Happy Holidays Georgina!!

  21. the packaging is really pretty and the sponge looks really soft too. the quality seems great for a drugstore foundie. i'm glad it works great for you.

  22. this sounds like a decent drugstore foundation - its definitely hard to come by.. if i ever need a new foundation i will check this out!


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