Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Autumn in HK Part 3: Central + Stanley Market + Food!

Lovelies! It's December! Where did time go? ahhh... Holiday season is here once again! I can't wait to shop for kid's toys with Lurvey! As we know, Christmas is more fun for children, their faces light up whenever they open presents, that's why I always like to watch them demolish the gift wrapping on Christmas day. hahaha! 

I want to thank all of you who left a comment on my last post, I'm still contemplating on repurchasing the blusher, I'll let you know if I do! for sure ;) will be replying to your blogs in a bit! :)

OK enough rambling and on to my post, today I'm going to share some photos from our 3rd day in Hong Kong, we had a lot of FUN stuff to cover that day...

Started the day in Central, where I spotted this super cool wall:
I lurve this pic and you know why! :P I'm carrying the Lanvin ♥ H&M paperbag because I was meeting Stellar's SIL anytime that day to give her the dress I got for Stellar. side note: I can't wait to see you wearing it babe! :)

We got some yummy McDonald's iced coffee to jump-start the morning! ->because Starbucks costs a fortune in Hong Kong. LOL
plus I got some Deborah Lippmann at Joyce! woohoo! :)

K & G at Stanley Market for lunch.
urbanity x coffretgorge ^_~

food porn time!!! 

yummy Torino pizza and Frutti di Mare spaghetti at Pizza Express!
I swear, K and I finished this without remorse! sooo good! It made me miss my family, who love pizza and pasta as well!

full and sleepy... hahaha PIG! but still posing for a photo. XD

afternoon dessert: Mango platter at Hui Lau Shan, Haiphong Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.
my favorite snack in Hong Kong! the cold weather won't stop me! XD

our last pic of the day, this was in front of DFS Galleria where we swatched Givenchy blushers -which are now added to my gotta get get list! XD
paper bags galore! this is where I missed Lurvey the most. hahaha *kidding!*

My meet-up with Jennifer up next! I realize this post has been long and pic heavy, I have to dedicate a separate post for our meet-up and haul to keep ourselves focused on matters at hand. LOL! Don't I sound so serious and mature? XD



  1. The pasta looks yummy and the pizza looks much more yummy! And the mangoes. :P

  2. mmm mango platter looks delicious. I never go to Starbucks unless I have a giftcard~~just too expensive for me! That wall is cool! hahah it's the perfect background for you. And all the food porn is making my stomach growl *feeed meee* xD

  3. wow shopping galore! and i love the pink wall too!!!!

  4. Gahhhh i LOVE Huy Lau Shan when im in HK I live off the stuff XD
    Thinking about it is making my mouth water!
    Shoppin in HK is the best!
    CAn't wait til i go back!
    Would love for you to follow me back

    Much Love Chanel

  5. wow you're carrying the shopping bags everywhere that day (impressed!) you must be so tired at the end of the day LOL!! thanks for telling me that Joyce sells Lippmann <3 bad news for wallet, tee hee!

  6. The pizza looks so yummy~~
    I agree, the mango desserts are love!

  7. The food looks amazing. I miss Asia a lot!^0^

  8. Georgina, stop by Honeymoon Dessert in Mongkok in the giant mall if you're still there! I love that place. It has really good desserts.

  9. oh my gosh hui lau shan! i love that place, i haven't been there in ages! >.<

  10. wow, it looks like you did a lot of shopping in HK! Can't wait to see what you guys did when you met up! :)

  11. ahhh the food! ur are so lucky :) i miss hk so much! and i love mango stuff too. can u please describe the mango stuff? im trying to figure out what it is.... i think i see some moshi ^^

  12. LOL, I love the comment about needing L for the bags!!! You looked terrific that day...and the food looked great too. Now I want pizza for dinner.

  13. nice! would love to visit there as well! Foodie pics are always awesome hehe!

    Pics looks fun and and you're enjoying ur time! have fun!!

  14. Wow! your trip looks so much fun!! i really want to go to hk now =) food looks amazing! yum!

  15. OOOHHHHH Hui Lau San!!!! T_T I am so jearous :(

  16. I always head to Hui Lau Shan when I'm in HK! Freaking love it. Ah, you make me miss the city so much... XD The pizza and spaghetti look scrumptious, and you two dolls look so happy toting your shopping bags...hee hee. *^_^*

  17. Ooh, I love how you paired your outfit with a pop of colour from your purse! Those mangos look so deliciously good, I think you got me savouring G!


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