Thursday, December 2, 2010

Autumn in HK Part 4: Blogger Lurve! and Haul ;)

One of my favorite parts during my trip to Hong Kong was meeting Jennifer of lifeandlensofbeauty. It was my first time meeting a fellow blogger from abroad, so to tell you I was psyched would be an understatement. We met up in the afternoon, but only had 2 hours to chat and shop together so we pretty much stuck to my shopping list. Jenn helped me get some stuff from Faces, Lane Crawford and City Super. I loved shopping with a fellow blogger! It was so much fun enabling each other in person! LOL XD I'm already looking forward to shopping with her again next year! Hopefully we'll have more time to roam around the shops that time :)

G and J at Harbour City :)

pretty J asked to have a heart, so I gave her a big, pink one ;)

Jennifer is so sweet she came bearing cosmetic goodies!
Thank you Jenn! I'm wearing the NYX round lip gloss now. ^.^

now onto my cosmetic haul, 

our first stop, JILL STUART! :)
I  got 6 items from Jill Stuart: Makeup base, Smooth Silk N foundation refill + case, 2 eye jellies and the eyelash curler. The other stuff in the pic are GWP's.

next in my list was the Cle de Peau counter at Lane Crawford! I already hit pan on my Shu Uemura eye corrector so I was in the hunt for a new concealer. MUA recommended for us to try the Ochre shade, and it looked really promising in brightening and covering my dark circles so I got one. 
MUA also gave us puny Cle de Peau foundation samples (bottom). Don't let that packaging fool you! :P

after that we went up to City Super to get some Dollywink and Canmake cosmetics.
lashes! I really wanted to try no.4 because the lash band is not as long as the other ones from the line, I just hate it when I have to cut lashes. I think its such a waste. I also got the lashes case, just because. *BIG BOW*

GWP foundation, 5 effects foundation in 03, gradation wink eyeshadow palette and concealer in 09 (for dark spots/acne scars)

Of course I wouldn't be able to resist getting a few items before I met-up with Jenn.

Some hair care and hair dyes from Vivo, a store similar to Watson's.
the pink range from Essential smells so good! I got a shampoo, conditioner and hair masks.

My HG hair dye, Liese aka Prettia bubble hair color
in Sweet Pink (got it to try a hint of red) and Marshmallow brown (my current hair color).

Kiss Me Heroine Make liquid eyeliner, mascaras, Dove foaming cleanser, 'Q-pot ish' chocolate falsies case. Majomajo nail polish and cream shadow, Gi & Gary falsies, Cyber colors concealer and screw brushes.

my loot from Joyce, Deborah Lippmann nail lacquers!
Happy Birthday, Bad Romance and Across The Universe. FINALLY! :D

I really tried to contain myself from buying too much cosmetics this time, thinking that I will be back next year helped a lot! I know you gals understand the feeling of being overwhelmed with so much prettifying things. I think the only area where I failed completely was with the foundations! I just cant resist the Jill Stuart and Canmake foundies!  I can only justify those purchases by thinking I will save money on shipping if I buy it in Hong Kong. Yeah, poor justification. I KNOW! hahaha XD

That's it for now! I hope you liked the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Lovely Thursday to ya!


  1. I really want some dolly wink lashes! and the case is soooooo cute! im so jealous!!!
    Can't wait til you do some reviews on ur items!
    It's nice to know your having fun!!!!
    With Love

  2. I enjoyed this post very much!! I'm so jealous of you getting to go to HK and meeting with a fellow blogger~!

    Don't forget to invite me next time xD I've never been to HK before but I want to go realllly badly!! I mean, look at the loot that you got xD

    I also find it funny how so many of the products have a giant sticker on it. LOL, that I can't read....

    And join my giveaway? The prizes are almost $200 CAN and includes a lot of MBD and FaceQ Sheet Masks.

  3. I'm drooling...haha...I wanna go to Hong kong now!!!and I would be nervous if ever I get to meet a fellow blogger..hehe..

  4. hahaha you really are on a roll! ooh which JS eye jellies did you get? I've always been so tempted to get one, but so far I've held off. I'm also tempted to try the CDP concealer, but eek that price tag! Wish they'd have a sale lol...

  5. OOOO, I've never heard of the 5 effects foundation, can u do a review on it? =)

    and as always, love ur hauls!!! =D

  6. Georgina, I'm overwhelmed by all the eye candy!! Jill Stuart products look so elegant.. and Deborah Lippman polishes are so popular, gorgeous chunky glitters.. show us NOTDs! ^^
    Maybe someday I will get to meet you and have a shopping day together.. sigh

  7. awww you got the Dove makeup cleanser!! I sound very lame to ask this but...where's Vivo XDD

    don't forget that part of our swap is coming on its way to you LOL!!! i'm a complete idiot to have forgotten to take you to DAISO...

    glad you got Deborah Lippmann :D (HURRAY!!!)

    am looking forward to next year already xoxo !

  8. I wish we had a Jill Stuart and Canmake around me~ I hope you do a review of those ^_^ esp of the Canmake concealer.

  9. omg that is so much stuff! I'm jealous-- especially of the Jill Stuart stuff! I love JS packaging it looks so pretty!

    thank you for the congratulations! wedding planning has begun and is in full-force!

  10. holy! wow i love all the stuff you bought! so lucky i want to go to asia again *sigh* Have fun with your goodies!

  11. Review Canmake 5 Effects Foundation please? It better come in soon, we are soooooo behind (no Melty Nude here yet even though I saw Gradation Wink)

  12. you picked up so a ton of goodies!!

  13. i really want to meet another fellow blogger too~ it seems so fun to shop with someone who shares the same passion. sigh.... one day i will get a chance. hehehe

    wow love jill stuart. i have never worn lashes before, so would you recommend dolly wink's?

  14. Really, really nice haul! You got some awesome stuff there and I'm looking forward to any future reviews you might do. The two of you look cute together--yes, depsite the heart, Jennifer looks lovely.

    Yes, I'm meeting Kay next week! I'm so looking forward to my first meetup.


  15. I'm so envious of your Jill Stuart haul!

  16. Both you and Jennifer have naturale BIG DOLLY EYES~ pweetty

    G !! i have setup my dates with Jenni on this coming dec26~ wheee
    my greatest joy in bloggin is able to meet super duper sweet gals like you!

    she is taking me NARS! JillStuart~ and whateva hot & trendy cosme in HK!

    i would also like to spend time with her in a sweet~ CAFE chatting

    cant wait to see you JS eyejellies color! oh please review the curler!!

    oh my my posh & luxury Cle de Peau~
    FOTD please!

    OMGGG we picked the same dollyWInk this season! i too bought no.4 last weekend haha so i dont have to cut the lashes and much easier to glue >:D are we long lost sisters or what?! psychic chicks~! hugssss

    the same for liese~ i colored mine in ash brown recently~ its beautiful and evenly distributed to my surprise! and everyone also~

    i wanna try milk tea next round!

    i totally heart dolly wink lashes!
    no.2 & no.4 how much in HKD?

    i must not forget canmake during my trip to HK this time round!

    can you review abou kissME heroin mascara? how's thefiber extension, loads and lightweight?

    ohh i luv your all your posts~
    seriously you & jenni is firing my urge to blog again~

    i need to make time & organize my photo album *heck
    lazy stellar taking over ...haha

    hear from you soon!

  17. Your haul is awesome! I'll get overwhelmed too if I were you :D

  18. I love the japanese bubble hair dye too! just had my hair done recently. i used a different brand but the result is quite similar to that of liese's!

  19. great haul! i'm so jealous >.<

  20. babe! your hauls always make me drool. everything's just too cute. wish i live near you so we can go shopping all the time.

    btw, check out my holiday giveaway at

  21. What an awesome haul!!! :D Ooh you got so many JS goodies and the eyelash curler too hehehe let me know how you like it! :D I really like that it's pink and has such a cute little crystal attached to the leg :D
    You're so lucky to find Dollywink! I saw them in HK too but none that I was really interested in buying. The packaging is so cute too hehe

  22. ahah the packaging always fools me! least its better than nothing?:)

    anyway my dolly wink i dont cut them! they are a little longer than usual ones but i like the effect it gives with the down turned eyes ! if u have them def try them they are the best hehe xx

  23. i really love the haul! so jealous with the canmake goodies >< isnt the 5 effects foundation new? I hope to see a review on it :P and the gradation wink is also interesting!hope u enjoy all the goodies!

  24. hehe stellar: you should totally blog again :P

    i'm with the others too - a review on Canmake foundie! Looking at your haul makes me want to try DollyWink liners

  25. So cool that you gals were able to meet up! =D That shipping excuse? I do the same Love, love, love the goodies. Esp the JS stuff. *^_^*

  26. My jaw dropped when I saw the JS GALORE~! Not to mention so many stuff that you came to haul! You got so many cute and adorable things! Ah you better be relishing in them G haha.


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