Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color N in 09 Midnight Shine and 10 Vintage Decor

If Jill Stuart, Jelly and Shimmer are very appealing words to you, these little poopsies are definitely going in to your list after reading this post. Sorry! :P

Packaging is lovely as usual, this is Jill Stuart were talking about after all...
i love touching the embossed details on the carton! XD

feminine detailing on the cover...

scalloped edged glass pots...

and fluffy eye jellies in the most gorgeous colors!
I love the spongey, bouncy and smooth texture of these eye jellies, the scent is also very appealing to ladies who like sweet and flowery fragrance. Its not a problem if you don't have quick hands when applying cream/jelly eye shadows as these jellies don't dry up insanely fast unlike MUFE Aqua Creams. One more thing, these jellies don't crease on the lids. Yay!

09 Midnight Shine
deep blue with red undertones, reminds me of an eggplant. XD

10 Vintage Decor
a sparkly taupe. :)

swatches on bare skin (no primer):
GORGEOUS shades! I think these 2 are the most pigmented ones out of all the eye jellies from JS. 

Staying power is really good, especially if you don't rub your eyes. But I still suggest using eyeshadow primer before applying the eye jellies to make sure the pigments and shimmer stay put. Removal is easy, warm water and mild soap will do if you don't use primer (I tried this on the swatches).

With only 10 days 'til Christmas, is anyone still looking for something sparkly to stuff their girly friends stockings? Fret not my lovelies, I think I've found the perfect little pots your friends wont mind digging in to.

Ho Ho Ho!

ps. Its Lurvey's birthday today! Happy Birthday my love! ^_^


  1. i love jelly colors~ hahahaha
    i have 09 and 08. i have been debating about getting a new one, but i will have to wait until i go back to taiwan = cheaper prices :)

    Thanks so much for the swatchess.

  2. Ooohh! Happy Birthday to your Lurvey!

    The eye jellies are really pretty!


  3. I love JS stuff! Too bad it's really hard for me to get my hands on it!

    Happy Birthday! :)

  4. me faints! those are so gorgeous! especially the midnight shine

  5. ahhh i've been poisoned~!
    i want the vintage decor!!
    you were right so is jennifer lolx

    am mad about taupe this fall/winter season..can you tell?

    luff luff luff all about JS packaging scent texture totally paysoff!~

    give us EOTD sooon G!

    happy birthday to the love of your life!!

    my lanvin post is up! hope you dont mind me flicking your photos & sharing *wink

  6. Are you sure they're not jam??? One shakes and one doesn't, but I forget which is which. =)

    Happy b-day to the mister!!!

  7. happy birthday to your lurvey ^^
    the eye jellies are gorgeous!

  8. Gimme, gimme! I'm entranced by the sparkliness. ;)

    Happy b-day to your man! How will you be celebrating?

  9. LOL yes it does look like eggplant for some reason ^_______^
    Aww the packaging of Jill Stuart's look amazing!
    Happy birthday to your love :}

  10. Gorgeous! I've been meaning to try out the JS eye jellies for a long time!

    How do you wear the darker colors usually? Do you wear one color all over the lid, or are they blendable?

  11. oooh those are sooo cute!! <3 Jill stuart!

  12. Ughh these are so nice. I'll definitely get my hands on some of these when I have the money for it! Thanks for the swatches. ^^

    ★ Cookiie

  13. both colors are so gorgeous!! i need to get my hands on some of these :)

  14. I love cream shadows, and these JS ones are such good picks. Thanks for sharing georgina^0^

  15. omg >.< I'm so in love with JS packaging, and I've been dying to try out a JS eye jelly. The shades you picked are simply gorgeous!

  16. those are such beautiful colours!

  17. I have one light color also (forgot the color code), love the packaging and the lovely scent more than the eyeshadow itself :D

  18. i love the fragrance in this JS pot hehe

    xoxo elle

  19. Aw, sweet plans :)

    Haha...I actually don't have a whole lot right now (maybe 7?) compared to other girls I think. I'm always donating them. (Most are GWPs that I'll get and then decide I no longer want)

  20. I love JS eye jellies too! They smell really nice :D

  21. you picked some gorgeous colours! would love to see you do a look with it ;)

  22. I LOVE navy eye colors. This is a great one! I've never seen these before.
    Thank you for entering my Chanel Le Vernis giveaway. Good luck!

  23. Wow! They're really gorgeous and really pigmented! Love the colours you chose G!


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