Tuesday, November 30, 2010

BREAKing News

I accidentally dropped and broke my current favorite blush, CHANEL Tweed Fuschia. T.T *heavy heart, deep breaths* Such a shame because I really love this blush! *tears*

on a lighter note, at least now I know how it looks like underneath the tweed overlay. Lesson learned, always put things back into the drawer after use. Better safe than sorry!  
G -> :'''(

question is, should i get another one? It's LE!!!!! really need your thoughts on this lovelies!

Thanks in advance!


  1. aw i can also feel ur pain! whenever im such a klutz (wic is pretty frequent grr) i put the broken item far far away from my sight, not to remind me hehe

    can u get another one since it is LE???

    xoxo elle

  2. Ahhhh that is such a shame!!!! I would be crying too XD
    If you really like it and its LE i would rebuy it XD
    As you said better safe than sorry :)
    Please follow my blog i jst started! <3

    With Love Chanel

  3. Hmmm how many blushes do you have? If you have a lot and some of them are dupes to Tweed Fuschia, then give it a miss. BUT if you can't live without it, then what are you waiting for? Go get it NOW hahaha xD

  4. Oh no! That's terrible! You poor thing. Since it's LE and it's your favorite, I'd get another one. When I like something that's LE, I always buy a back up.


  5. aww the tweed pattern was so pretty...BUT I don't think you should buy a new one. After all the color is the same and you would eventually have to wear away the tweed pattern anyway~

  6. oh no!!! :( i'd be heard broken too :( go get another one to keep cuz it's LE, but use this one, and now u don't have to be careful w/ it anymore haha :p normally i wouldn't have told u to get another one but this design is different than others and there's no way you could have packed the powder back together and make it look just like new :p

  7. I'm terribly slow in updating my blogroll, but you are up now!! Thank you for always entertaining me with your posts =D

  8. Oh no! It's really heartbreaking when something you love gets broken. :( *hugs*

    If it is something you really cannot love without, then go get a backup. But if you can see yourself wearing and loving another blush in the next few months, then might as well not get a backup. And you will eventually use up the overspray. :)

  9. Awwww sorry to hear that, G!! :( If i were you i'd get another one since it's LE (if there's no dupe in my drawer). If you have dupe in your stash, then make a pass.

    on a brighter side, it's not entirely shattered, so it's still usable (the side that still has the tweed) :X

  10. eeep! you big klutzzz!
    aww shit happens i broke my dior e/s palette my favorite quint for purple/lilac ! gahh

    no dont get a new one!
    the tweed is only suface value :P
    will be gone in months if you do use it diligently WINK!
    now you can star using the expose side..

    get the guerlain...remember~!!

  11. oh noooo :( woman you'd better go find some tutorials on how to put it back together, then find you a really good dupe just in case! but if you reallyyyy, reallyyyyy love it...go splurge on another :)

  12. Oh nooooooooo T_T My heart is breaking for you!!!! as soon as I saw the first pic my heart sank :(
    I dunnooo....if you really love it that much mayyyybe get a replacement? The price is quite steep though hey? What does the pink underneath it look like ? Is it something you'll wear just as often as when you thought it was more of a fuscia colour?

  13. Oh, so sorry to hear that! IMO since it's only the tweed pattern broke, I don't think you'll need another one :D

  14. Awww....I know how u feel....I broke my Laura Mercier blush too luckily it's not LE...

    If you really love that blush and u know you'll gonna use it why not get it if you can...but makeup expires right....I've tossed out a few blushes that I loved just because I have it for years....

  15. Aww that sucks! I don't think you need to buy another one since only a little bit broke off. Under the overlay is yet another gorgeous color so now you get to use it earlier.

  16. Oh no! Perhaps you can give your friends and family a VERY NON SUBTLE HINT as to what they can get you for Christmas. : )

    ♥ Milk

  17. That's exactly what I thought when seeing the photo! Now we know it's going to look like! XD
    And eventually the tweedy part would wear off, so I think it's a waste to buy a new one. Not much of it broke off, just the surface, so...if I'm material...save your money! But, if you know that you would feel bad forever for not buying a perfect one, then do it.

  18. Oh my, that's terrible news G =( I haven't broken any of my stuff yet *knocks on wood* but this post is a reminder that I should stay careful and always pay attention where I put my stuff!
    I think if I were you, I'd go buy another one because it would just bother me that it's not perfect =X
    But hey, if you look at it this way your Chanel blush is now a duo! You have two colours to play with =]

  19. if its your match, (which should be totally priceless) yes get another one!

    check out my giveaway:)

  20. I would have an opinion about whether to replace or not if I saw a picture of you wearing the blush--but then I'm sure my opinion would be yes!!! =)

  21. aww no! *covers eyes* I seem to remember you really loved this blush when you bought it. Since half the overlay is gone, maybe you should go and buy another if you love how it looks er...intact. Still, it is kind of nice that you can use half the exposed blush and half the overlay. If you hadn't broken it (trying to look on the bright side for you), then you would've probably only hit the light pink when all the overlay was gone. Now you can use both :)

  22. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear this. =( I'd only get another one if you really lurve it.

  23. Seeing your blog makes me miss hong kong so much! Hui lau san, so yummy! <3


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