Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall 2010: NARS Beautiful Life Palette

I'm officially aboard the NARS train to pigmentation! Lovelies, presenting you... my very first NARS product, the Beautiful Life palette. I got this because I thought it has good value for money, and I really wanted to try the super popular Orgasm blusher.:)

The palette is housed in a LE zippered nylon case which I think is nicer than the rubbery compacts, it attracts dust and dirt like crazy, but I still prefer it over the regular NARS compact packaging.

I like the fact they did not put multiples and powders together, it makes the palette more neat and tidy. You ladies know what happens when powders and creams are combined in a palette, DISASTER! XD

Lipsticks in Sexual Healing (sheer, shimmering pink), Honolulu Honey (satin, flesh-toned beige), Roman Holiday (sheer,  pastel pink), Funny Face (semi-matte fuschia)
 Multiples in Orgasm and Copacabana

sorry if the swatches are not very good, I had a hard time making the colors appear on camera. swatches were taken under daylight. :)

the lipsticks: 
Sexual Healing, Honolulu Honey, Roman Holiday, Funny Face

The Multiples: Copacabana and Orgasm

one more pic to show how shimmery Copacabana is, it looks frosty on me, so I always remind myself to use it with a very light hand. It highlights beautifully when used properly.
As for the Orgasm Multiple, I am not impressed at all, its so sheer! I poured my heavy heart to the NARS SA and she told me that it would be better if I layered it under the powder Orgasm. NARS palettes cannot be returned, so I caved in and bought a powder Orgasm after a few minutes of pondering, the shade is really pretty and flattering no doubt about that. It wouldn't be a bestseller if it wasn't right? :)

Overall I think this palette would suit you if you like NARS lip colors and you like using your lip brush. ;)

but if you're like me who wanted THE BEST introductory piece to NARS cosmetics, well, I must say, it didn't blow my socks off (just because I had HIGH expectations for the Multiples), but its still a good palette to own, great for traveling. I give it a 4/5 if I must rate it. If you like NARS eyeshadows maybe you can get the "Only You" palette instead, 4 eyeshadows, 2 powder blushers in Hungry Heart and Orgasm. Please excuse me while I hit my head on the wall for making the wrong decision. LOL!

Thank you for reading!


  1. What a pretty palette, thanks for the swatches. :)

  2. Aw, I'm sorry you didn't love it. =( (It does look pretty though! :) Any way you can go back and exchange it for another?

  3. awww sorry you're not loving this palette. The multiple is a bit sheerer compared to the powder but it is a pretty natural glow on the cheeks if you like cream blushers.

  4. Wow what a lovely palette!! i want it!!!

  5. ooh Looks really nice! :)
    The only NARS product I have is a lipgloss^^

  6. this is such a cute little palette. love all the lip shades, and i've always been curious to try nars orgasm multiples. welcome to the "NARS train to pigmentation", hehehehe :p

  7. The lip palette looks really great! Love the zippered case :)

  8. wow it's your first NARS product :)? You should totally get some more when we shop in HK!!! lol and as far as i remember i have 10 % off heehe!!!

    p.s. have you tried Orgasm powder blush?

  9. Hehe. I think the names are cute and funny! All the colours do look quite nice though but I'm not sure if I would actually buy it.

    Thanks for the swatches and review <3

  10. welcome aboard my dear haha. the palette is so nice. love it

  11. Darn, what a bummer to not have it meet your expectations
    I think that's one of the reasons why I haven't bought anything from NARS besides their lippies because I don't want to end up being disappointed. I think all the excitement that everyone has had has made my expectations of their products too high

  12. Georgina! I had a good birthday week and celebrated with friends, although I only stayed at home and studied on the actual day of :(

    Aw I recently got the Orgasm powder blush and it's pretty nice :) it's really too bad you couldn't return the multiples palette for a powder and e/w one though.. hope you still get to make good use out of it though!!

  13. Yay for your very first NARS haul!

    I have not a singly item from NARS yet, but my two blushes are already ordered, and hopefully, I'll get them soon! ;)

  14. :D !

    Your first NARS was a LE palette?! This one must have cost u a pretty penny heheh My best friend got the es and pressed blush version and she loves it. The only contention she has with it is that it doesn't come with brushes, but I guess you can't have it all right? I've never tried the Multiples before but I read a really good review on Luxor and now I'm dying to try hehehe How are you liking the lippies in this palette? I've always wanted Roman Holiday but I'm a little bit too olive toned to pull it off *sigh*

  15. What happens when powders and creams are combined in a palette??? hehe!

  16. This is so nice~~~ OMG!! I'm getting my first NARS too..hehe..

  17. Ooh, thanks for the heads up on the orgasm multiple! I was thinking about getting it some day!
    Ah well~ I think your first purchase for NARS is still great because you get to try multiple products in one =)


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