Friday, October 29, 2010

Love Packs from K and Laru!

I'm blessed with great friends, and thats no secret. ^_~

♥ from Hong Kong:
ViVi HK version, October and November issues from my best friend Laru* :)

ViVi makes me happy, kawaii overload! Lots of cosme updates makeup tutorials too! ♥♥♥

♥ from Tokyo:
yummy japanese chocolates, couple chopsticks and MORE magazine with GWP Paul and Joe SISTER tote from K of I loved browsing (I cannot read kanji) MORE, its loaded with trendy fashion items like boots and sweaters for fall plus some tips on how to wear them. I think its more practical and 'real world friendly' fashion-wise compared to ViVi's über kawaii stuff. Layout is also neater and more focused. Just my two cents. I know I'm getting old for ViVi's target demographic. x_x
K also gave me (& Lurvey) a bottle of Ajinomoto Japanese mayonnaise, super tasty for salads and dips! Its not in the pic 'cause its in the fridge (lazypants!) :P

Paul & Joe SISTER tote with zippered purse
I like the plaid print a lot! The tote is quite big, it can fit the magazine inside.

I'm a happy daisy with my MORE magazine from K! :) Unfortunately I won't be able to scan the magazine for you because it doesn't fit in my all-in-one scanner. :(

Thank you for the lovely and thoughtful presents ladies!


  1. I love Vivi mags too! :) Everything in there look pretty :P

  2. Yay! I love Vivi too!!! how long have you been reading it? do you notice their section on makeup is getting thinner and thinner X_X ?

  3. Hi!!! :P

    Do you know where I could buy Kpop magazines and Japanese magazines like that in HK?
    I couldn't find one when I went there. :( Only found one in 7-11.

    You're super lucky to have those goodies!! XD I'm soo envious!! I wanna go to HK again!!! :P

    Thanks for sharing... :)

    Much love,
    enchi :3

  4. I love ViVi! Sometimes I don't want to toss them out when I get the new issue, because the pictures are so vivid and pretty!

  5. aww they are all really sweet! extra sweet if they have freebies XD

  6. thanks for that!! :) I'll try to look for them when I visit HK.. :)

    abt the KPOP thing, haha :) I totally understand. I don't have much time to stalk them around either when classes are on-going, but right now its our sem-break so.....I'm really savoring up every minute to stalk my fave. bands!!! hahahah :3

    Hope I don't freak you out!! :P

    Much love,
    enchi :3

  7. You have such sweet friends. :P

  8. The next time you come to HK we shall definitely have a meetup, Georgina!!

    I love to read what are the top faves (makeup items) selected by readers each year published in the mags XD Vivi does have some nice tutorials!

    How's MORE? it seems to be targeted at working women? :) i haven't read them before lol

  9. G dear!! I just came back from my shopping trip! Didn't buy anything much, and I wanted to send some packages but the post office branch that I went to went bankrupt =.= Terrible trip indeed LOL

    Gahh I forgot to check Chanel out! Nvm, you'll haul from them on my behalf haha xD

    Am catching up on unread blogs when your comment came in. We need to chat on gchat one of these days!

    Guhh, those choco made me drool! I love jmagz for the GWPs!! =.= Your friends are super sweet to get you these babies!! =D

  10. What sweet friends!!

    I love MORE! It needs to get more attention!!!

  11. oh wow so soon!!!! hahaha literally a few weeks' time! do you wanna meetup for a quick meal or you'd want me to take you for some MU shopping?

    Please let me know :)

    btw we can discuss our plans through email lol (tryme.imtoxic at gmail dot com)

    do you have Facebook too?

  12. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee vivi mgazines <3

  13. That's a great picture of you. I hope you're doing well and that yo and L have a great weekend.

    Happy Halloween!

  14. I love ViVi mags!
    I love it when Japanese magazines gives you a lot of good freebies :D

  15. You definitely look like a happy (and pretty) daisy! Yay to love packs! =D

  16. Haha, yeah I like mags that have a simpler not so chaotic layout.. otherwise I get real dizzy and there's too much going on.

    Very thoughtful gifts from the ladies G~!

  17. lucky girl! i only get to read japanese mags at my hair salon!


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