Thursday, October 21, 2010

Updates + Something CUTE :)

Hello lovelies! I can't believe its Thursday already. Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I got addicted to Plants VS Zombies that's why my blogging time has been diverted into playtime. XD I already defeated Dr. Zomboss, but I'm still unlocking some mini games so i'm not done playing just yet. muahahaha >:) 

You know how I'm backlogged with posts (hauls, reviews, events, etc.) so I decided I'm going to be productive as a blogger today. :P

Last September (->you see how backlogged I am?!), I received a surprise package from the mail, it was from my cousin, Ate (means a senior female in Filipino/Tagalog) Chie, as you can see, she has talent for making presents look like ART. Awesome gift wrapping skills don't you think? I couldn't touch it for a while as I didn't want to ruin the pretty present!

We share the same interest in collecting Melissa shoes - the candy scented plastic shoes from Brazil. I used to go crazy every time they release a new pair which I like. Fortunately, I'm over that now. but I still love them, especially when its raining and I don't want to worry about my shoes being ruined. :)

yep, i have big feet. :P

I was already eyeing this pair of jelly flip flops on their local site and I think Ate Chie has special telepathic powers, because she gave me the exact thing! The CUTEst flip flops ever, in a color suitable for fall. Yay!
Like all other Melissa's, they smell like yummy candy ^_^

and here's the closest thing to a modeling photo you will ever get from my feet. harhar! :P

Thank you Ate Chie for your thoughtfulness and generosity! Stay sweet! *hugs*

In other news, I didn't go to the Shu Uemura SALE because it was raining so hard yesterday. Weather has been cool and rainy this week, a typhoon just passed, but were told that there are more coming... I'm praying they won't be as terrible as the typhoons (Ondoy & Pepeng) which hit our shores last year. Those two brought a lot of property damage and claimed many lives. :(

I hope you are all safe wherever you are.

EDIT: I just got word that the Shu Uemura sale has been extended until Sunday, October 24,201o. ;)


  1. Aw it's sweet that you are close to your cousin!! The bow on the flip flops is really cute, I've never had a pair of "jelly" ones before :)

    Please stay safe Georgina!! Hope the weather lightens up for you!

  2. waaaah i miss my melissa cute! ginawang dinner ni pampam eh *sniff*

    btw, gen, you should get the chanel np's today weeeh!

  3. Candy scented huh? COOL! :) The bow is really cute :)

  4. omg i LOVE melissa's candy scented shoes too! i bought the melissa-vivienne-westwood bright baby blue pumps with red heart; and im also very protective of them; always make sure they only bask in the sun and not get drenched in the rain :D i'm a size 7, pretty big feet too!

    and ur elder sister's really sweet...

    love, mica

  5. That's a cute pair of flip flops. The color and the bow are super cute. :P

    My feet are size 8-9. I have big feet too. :P

  6. those shoes are adorable, love the bow detail!

  7. the bow is so sweet and cute! :) weather is bad over here too but no typhoons. Take care and stay safe babe! :)

  8. I love Plants VS Zombies! :)

    Cute flip flops

  9. yeah, gloomy weather sucks. i hope the weather doesn't turn out to be so horrible for you. ( :

    but i need some new shoes for the rainy season too! gahhh

  10. Those shoes are soooooo cute! And what makes it even better is that they're purple! Purple is one of my favorite colors.

    LOL @ your "so cute I'm gonna die". I want to watch that movie again. {*HAHA} She was so adorable in that movie.

    I hope the weather doesn't get crazy there. The weather has been crazy everywhere lately. =/

    <3s Serena.

  11. oh my goodness, these are wayyy too adorable!!! love it love it!

    haha i was really addicted to plant vs zombies a while ago too. it's soo addictive, and so fun!

  12. The flip flops are really cute!

    Please stay safe! I have been worried for the bloggers in the Philippines.


  13. aww. melissa flops are soo adorable! :)

  14. Aww that's so cute G! And of course, the gift-wrapping skills made it even more special :)

  15. Cute flip flops! Aww, be safe girl!

  16. Ahaha, plants vs. zombies... my bf plays that LOL the characters looks so cute ^^
    Don't worry about it Georgina, I think everyone is backlogged with posts. I don't think I'll EVER be NOT backlogged haha.
    Wait.. what? Scented shoes?! Omg that is the cutest pair of flipflops ever. Why don't more flip flops have bows like that?! That's so sweet of your Ate (hehe I only know what this means other than you actually mentioning it in your post from my bf =P) to send those to you.

    p.s. Please stay safe Georgina! I hope that there won't be any terrible weather =(

  17. what a pair of cute sandals. the bow is adorable.

  18. I could never package anything so wonderfully. It's clear she's pretty fond of you.

    Missed you, but I'm just glad you're not sick!!! =)

  19. Nice flip flop especially the big bow!! haha...

    Finally i know someone is so into the Plant & Zombie... i was crazy about it too! Never feel bored of playing it!!

  20. OMG...I think plants vs. zombies is one of the reasons I'm not blogging anymore....haha....and That is such a cute flipflops...I love anything with ribbons...

    U take care...

  21. Omg, so cute! I go nuts for stuff with bows...hehe. *^_^* Hope the weather improves for you. It's raining here in L.A. too. =\

  22. Wow they are really cute.

    Stay safe, I heard about the terrible rain... It's affected some parts of japan too :( have a nice weekend. Hopefully you can find Something at the shu event!!

  23. I do like the word ASWANG. Haha! When I was growing up I liked stories about ghosts, vampires, and werewolves and my son is the same way. He introduced me to the Aswang legend and I think it's cool. My wife's family claims to have blood ties to almost every country in Europe plus American I don't know what they are! ;P

  24. Those shoes are suuuuper adorable, love the purple bow. Stay safe!


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