Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DSK Goodies!

With all the focus being on dark and vampy colors during fall and winter season, leave it to Steph of DSK jewelry to make you feel all warm and fuzzy anytime of the year with springtime colors to complement your outfit! Don't get me wrong, I luuurve fall/autumn season, but there's something about vibrant colors that make me yearn for springtime colors all year round. It just looks so fresh, don't you think?

Honestly, I had a hard time choosing between the "Flowa Powa" and "Autumn Story" necklaces because they are both very pretty and the color combinations are both very appealing to me. But when I saw the limited edition "Cherry Blossoms in Bloom"  bracelet, I just knew which one to get. ;)

I ordered September 7 (-> backlogged! :P) and got my parcel on the 27th, not bad at all! Steph also added some sweet extras. Thank you babe! :)

the box is well padded and each piece of jewelry comes with its own small drawstring pouch.

Flowa' Powa' Necklace: 

16" .925 Sterling Silver Heart Link Chain Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski
Engraved Sterling DSK Jewelry Tag

 Cherry Blossoms in Bloom bracelet:
7" Sterling Silver Bracelet with flower and butterfly crystals
the bracelet's design supposedly had big and small flowers only, but Steph ran out of green flowers that time so she asked if I wanted a refund or if I would like green butterflies instead. Of course I didn't mind the butterflies, I think it made the piece even more special and personalized. Plus the heart links are really cute! It makes the jewelry very endearing. 

I also got some goodies from Steph's blogsale, 
I snagged some MAKE UP FOREVER Glossy Full Couleur lip glosses in 3 -coral, 4 -fuschia and 6 -bright pink which are super hydrating and gives a nice tint of color to the lips with a glossy finish. It has a refreshing, minty flavor to it, which is a nice surprise for me. 


Look! I finally have a Laura Mercier Gilded Garden palette! 
I've been on the hunt for this limited edition palette for a long time now. As you can see in the pic, the long travel wasn't so kind to the palette, edges cracked up a bit and powder is all over the palette, but I don't mind that at all, its still pretty and it does the job wonderfully. Fuz is right, it gives the most amazing glow! You have to try it and see for yourself! Needless to say I'm very much satisfied with my first DSK haul. :)


  1. DSK stuffs is really pretty and true to pics i must say...

    so thats the swatch for the MUFE gloss, as the packaging looks rather heavily pigment so i din reach for it since its release last year i think. but you got me lemming haha

    long travel is NO GOOD for cosmetics but when it comes to limited edt who can say NO??

  2. awesome stuff!!! I love DSK jewelry i actually have the autumn story necklace. I really like the ones that you bought. I want to get her "everything" bracelets but they are always sold so fast! haha

  3. pretty pretty pretty! =))
    I like the soft pastel colors of the cystals.
    and loving the swatches of the gloss..they look opaque!

  4. The bracelet is really cute! :P

    The MUFE lipglosses look pretty and the Laura Mercier palette too.

  5. The bracelet is so pretty! I think the butterflies give it a nice touch too. The Laura Mercier palette is so gorgeous too, I love the flower motif on it :D

  6. love the bracelet! and the butterflies are soooo cute, good thing she ran out of green flowers haha.

  7. great haul! such pretty and cute jewellery! I have the LM palette too and totally agree with you on the great glow is gives.

  8. The bracelet looks beautiful <3 ! and I agree ..the heart links are gorgeoussss !!! :D

    and I think the palette looks pretty despite it being all cracked up!

  9. Both the necklace and bracelet are so pretty!

  10. The lip gloss look really glossy pigmented.

    Awe poor laura mercier blush! Still in one piece tho.. Yay :)

  11. the flowa powa necklace is so cute! i love the color combo :)

    aww sucks the blush got a little damaged but at least it's still in tacked!

  12. all the things you got from steph are super wonderful! love the necklace :) i also have been intrigued by the LM Gilded Garden palette, so glad you love it!

  13. I understand why you had a difficult time choosing betweent he two. They're both pretty. But I htink I like the necklace just a little more.

  14. I understand why you had a difficult time choosing betweent he two. They're both pretty. But I htink I like the necklace just a little more.

  15. The bracelet is sooo cute and pretty. I am sorry the LM palette didn't survive the long ride. But it will still look pretty on your face, I am sure^0^~

  16. Nice haul, babe! XD Really love the pastels you chose for the bling. Great choice on the lippie colors and palette too!

    Hee hee...guess we are style twinsies. XP Your weekend sounds wonderful! So sweet of you to cook for him. =D And yay to you getting your MUJI fix! *sigh* Wonder when they will come here?

  17. that look like a great haul! :) I like all DSK's jewelry. no wonder you have a hard time choosing :)

  18. Pretty DSK stuff and great MU haul! Sorry to hear one didn't survive the trip there though! :(

  19. oehhh DSK !!
    the packaging is looking cute =D !


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