Thursday, October 28, 2010

CHANEL Les Khakis

I know I'm so behind on this, but I still can't believe I got a hold of these three babies! So I thought, this deserves a proper post. XD 

When I was told by my CHANEL angel (= Sales Assistant) that the Les Khakis collection won't be making it to our shores, I just accepted it... I had to let go of the lemming. BUT days after that sad Sunday, my "bad fairy" Sol of Digital Traincase came to the rescue, she sent me a message (out of the blue) and asked if I wanted the whole set because she had a friend who was accepting custom purchases. At first I hesitated to get all three, as I was only interested in Khaki Vert. So I asked Sol if she thought all three shades would suit my complexion. Sol is my biggest nail polish enabler, so you know what happened next. ;)

So say hello to my little friends: the CHANEL LE VERNIS Nail Colours, Les Khakis Collection!
Khaki Vert, Khaki Rose, Khaki Brun

I'm glad I got all three shades because Khaki Rose turned out to be my favorite, its the prettiest brown I have ever seen! (sorry, I dont have swatches for you right now, but they all apply true to the color from the bottle) All three shades are safe for the office ladies, but I'm planning to wear all of them at the same time by using them for a camouflage nail art. I can't wait to go and have my nails done this weekend! (of course I will show you) Kudos to CHANEL for another chic collection! My collection is growing rapidly!

Which makes me curious, what's your unforgettable/favorite CHANEL nail polish shade? Do share!

Thank you for reading!


  1. I believe it's my true calling! To influence every single Filipina to wear polish, especially weird shades! LOL! Seriously, we're so behind compared to other ladies on the other side of the globe! Minority pa rin ang mga nail polish users here dito sa atin =(

    Anyway, I can't wait to use mine too!

  2. nice collection! so pretty and chic. can't wait to see your swatch/nail art. my unforgettable chanel polish would be the duo platinum set ^^

  3. nice haul!!! haha you aren't behind the post :P really.

    love the one in the middle! would love to get one too *sulks*

  4. Wow beautiful shades!!! I actually don't have any Chanel nail polishes!! :) but would love to hear what other's favourites are :)

  5. Glad you were able to get a hold of the pretty Chanel nail polishes. :)

  6. Camouflage nail art? What's that? So sorry, I'm clueless about nail stuff =.=

    Ahh I have no plans for Halloween! How about you my dear? Nope, Suqqu isn't sold in Malaysia, I had to fly my babies in hahaha xD

    RYC, your comments won't disappear if you switch to Disqus. I would not recommend making the change though, I encountered a few problems with it lately =[

  7. Yay!! I'm glad you were able to get them all in. I agree with you Georgina, Khaki Rose is also my favorite shade but I still can't get over the price to purchase one of these.

  8. lol your lil story about the bad fairy is so cute hahaha. i am glad you got what you wanted! they look like such awesome colors! wearing them all at the same time sounds like a very neat idea, i wanna see :)

  9. These colours are pretttyyyy I wanna see swatches!! and the camouflage nail art toooo :D Happy Halloween Georgina!! ^^

  10. ohh yay would love to see them on you :)

  11. Oh my, that is one divine collection!! I can't wait to see your camo nail art. =D

    My fave Chanel polish would be "Dragon".

  12. I want some Chanel nail polishes :(


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