Monday, October 4, 2010

My First Online SASA Haul ;)

I feel like a kid with that title. Haha. But yes, as much as I love shopping at SASA, I have been resisting ordering from their online store for a long while up until I just couldn't anymore, I really wanted to try the FaceQ masks Blair and Eki reviewed and raved about on their respective blogs. I still have some Silk Whitia masks from my Singapore trip, they're great and all, but lately I've been miss lazypants... I need want some masks I won't have to rinse off afterwards. XD

I was so excited to get my package... until the mailman came and gave me the receipt with a whopping 33% Customs Tax to be collected in the post office. Seriously, that much tax for toiletries? I felt like abandoning my box. But then I came around and claimed it of course. I just felt like wailing when I handed my money over. ~Waaah! That's the first time I've paid so much tax for a package, and I've been online shopping for a long time now. *sigh* Another lesson learned for me, no more ordering online from SASA, as they send packages in BIG boxes (= Tax magnet!) full of curly styrofoam! Good for the products, not for my wallet. :{

moving on... here are the goods:
clockwise from left: Face Q Hydrating Mask Set (36 pc. box), My Beauty Diary All In One Package Limited Edition (4 pieces), DOLLY WINK Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black) -for a friend, GWP Black Wheel Wire Manager, Shills Dust It Magical Hair Fully Powder, Sasa Powder Brush -CP, Mentholatum UV Moisture Gel SPF27 PA++ (150 g), Shiseido MA CHERIE Platinum veil spray, ASIENCE SHINE THERAPY Shampoo & Conditioner (220 ml)

product close-ups: Haircare
Shills Dust it volumizing powder -originally intended to give this to my sister as she has fine hair, but I want to try it first if it works! >:), Ma Cherie finishing spray, Asience Shine Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner - I'm a fan of Asience.

FaceQ Hydrating set, includes 20pcs. Ocean + Aloe Mask, 11pcs. Grape Seed + Green Tea, 5pcs. Luffa + Adlay Masks; My Beauty Diary LE Set includes 1 pc. platinum hydra mask, 1 pc. whitening truffle mask, 1 pc. of camellia ultra hydra mask and 1 pc. white-tea peony mask

 Mentholatum Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel SPF 27 PA++ -because a girl can never have too much sunscreen. Plus I wanted to try a gel formula.

AND the measly GWP:
 a black rubber wheel wire manager, for my phone's headset :)

I will post product reviews as much as I can, as you know, I am SO overwhelmed and behind on my review posts... Sorries! I'll do my best to update you with everything. For now, I can't wait to use all of my new beautifying things! Happy Monday, wishing you all a lovely week ahead! :)


ps. I noticed some new followers/readers recently, thank you for the support lovelies! I hope you enjoy your time here in coffretgorge as much as I love creating the entries. You are one of the reasons I stay happy with blogging. Thank you! :)


  1. That customs tax was a rip off! Though I have never experienced having to pay for customs tax, just the 35 po fee, I have read lotsa stories about it. That takes away the joy from online shopping if the stores abroad!

    Anyway, that was a nice haul. The packaging looks really cute! :P

  2. lovely haul,hun!

    main reason why i wanted to buy at sasa is the wide selection of asian brands!

    i've been meaning to buy the face masks & the japanese mascaras but i know that i can only have a very limited amount of money to spend if i want to avoid the tax. i bet sasa declared the exact amount that you paid for hence you were charged that much.

    that is so annoying

    been there done that so i always make it a point to spend less in my online shopping...i haven't shopped for like months now!

    well, i'll be looking forward to your reviews,sweetie!

    hope you'll have a nice week.

  3. I was just about to do an online order too.. thanks for the heads up! I like your buys can't wait for the reviews :)

  4. Let me know how you get on with the Ma Cherie products because I am interested in trying it out myself!

  5. 33% tax? oh my goshhh thats insane! :(

    i do like your buys though! i really want to try faceq masks and need to buy from sasa soon. but some of the other things i want are all sold out :(

  6. ohh nice haul! let us know how you get on with the skinaqua moisturizer :)

  7. wow that posting is expensive!
    I agree, its the box which makes it soo much more expensive.
    I was tempted to uy laods of things from sasa but dont think i will now ... :(

  8. wow, 33% customs is crazy! Your goodies look so interesting. Love sasa hauls!

  9. what?seriously 33% tax...tsk tsk..oh well...still it's such a nice haul...enjoy your goodies....

  10. I love Sasa! That store has everything and anything. Enjoy your new goodies Georgina. Can't wait for your reviews on them.

  11. Awesome haul! Please do some reviews on the items you got! :)

  12. wow! great haul! i love seeing this kind of posts ^^ thats a lot of tax! but its worth it

  13. Nice haul! OMG you had to pay a lot in customs tax. I've ordered from Sasa twice and didn't have to pay anything.

    Looking forward to you reviews on th products.


  14. yay for the haul!! you're so lucky that you can go to the store. i only have access to the cold boring online store lol. i ordered the ma cherie veil spary before too. i don't think it does anything. but i'm a big fan of the pink shampoo and hair mask.

  15. Ughh yah, the main reason why I haven't made an order at! The big package is a tax magnet =[ MYS customs is worse, you'll have to collect the parcel yourself from the customs office (and this office is 3-4 hours away from my house) *sniffffff*

  16. I got the sponge hair wire from Taiwan. And yeah I do use a lipbalm prior to the Candy Doll lip concealer =D

  17. Oh no! The custom tax is so ex! i ordered twice before and i didn't incur any tax. now you have many nice stuffs to use! :):) Hope to see your review soon :D

  18. That's a terrible tax! Wow. I don't know whether to hope you love the stuff or that you never want to order it again.

    re my brother, thank you. His wife also wonders how the two of us can be related.

  19. PS - We wrote almost exactly the same thing on Karen's giveaway announcement. We think alike!!! {Yay}

  20. Seeing all those pretty goodies makes me want to relieve myself of my self-imposed shopping ban! Gah this Singapore trip'd better be worth it! XD

  21. SASA!!! I still haven't bought anything from them but I always find myself adding items to my cart and closing the window before purchasing anything. Oh you're making me want to buy something now but I can't believe that the tax is so high!

    That is CRAZY tax for this package. DANG! O_O;

    Thought I have to admit... SO many beauty goodies!! Let us know how this all works out for you.

    The Face Q Hydrating Mask Set, My Beauty Diary All In One Package Limited Edition and , DOLLY WINK Liquid Eyeliner has caught my eyes. I've been wanting these items for a long time as well. I'm just horrible with using face masks and liner recently. >.< I told myself I can only buy once I've finished what I have. {*AHK}

    <3s Serena,

  22. wow! so many sasa goodies!! :) haha i know what you mean by hauling and hauling...and then realizing you're behind on the reviews!! i love sharing my hauls too :)!

  23. Ahhhhh 33%?????? :O That's criminal! I can't believe the tax on that is so expensive :X Ughhh

    In any case, you did a fantastic haul! I've been really wanting to try the Dollywink stuffs too but getting it is kind of hard over here (and expensive!)

  24. nice haul. i got a similar wire manager but mine is in the shape of a camera

  25. Haha tell me about it.. I've been backup up on reviews for more than a year now HAHA! I'm so bad =X

    Aw dang.. 33% tax, that's horrible. You got lovely things though! I hold myself back from buying from Sasa because if I don't spend a certain amount it's like $16 shipping..!! AH!

  26. hey girl! thanks so much for the congrats on my engagement!! :D

  27. Hey Georgina, wow that's a crazy tax.. unheard of for me =X I'm glad you kept your goodies though b/c you sound super happy lol. Aw don't let blogging overwhelm youu! That's not what it's for.. and yes I did get my MAC VV stuff! Just posted the haul yesterday >=)

  28. waaah awesome haul!! can't wait to hear your reviews on them! I've been wanting to try Asicence hair products ive heard good things about them.

  29. That's why I never want to do online shopping in Indonesia, the tax is ridiculous!
    Awesome haul though :D

  30. "When there's a will, there's a way." Yes, haha! XD

    Congrats on your first Sasa haul, doll! You did well I see...hehe. ;D Gotta grab some sheet masks for sure! Out of the MBD LE set, the white-tea peony mask is my fave. But what's up with the tax? BOO!

  31. Wow what a great haul!!! I wonder how Macheri finishing spray work out :)

  32. I just spent a bomb at SASA recently. Oh I love that place! Can't believe I'm complaining about how small the SASA is in my neighborhood when I should feel fortunate that at least we have the physical shop here in Singapore! I hope you like your SASA purchase!

  33. wow what a lovely haul from sasa!! 0__0 Im sorry to hear you had to pay so much for customs tax fee >_< that sucks T__T

    well hope everything was worth getting and how was the faceQ mask working for you so far? :D

  34. How much did you pay for the taxes? :O
    I'm curious cause I also want to buy at Sasa (yes, I'm from Philippines also!) and I was wondering how much would all in all costs. @-@



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