Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Autumn in HK Part 2: Lanvin x H&M Haul + OOTD

Day 2 of our Hong Kong trip was dedicated to the launch of H&M's latest designer collaboration, Lanvin ♥ H&M! This is the first time I experienced queuing at 7 in the morning just to shop for clothes... talk about dedication and materialism. :P

They gave away color-coded wrist bands/tags with corresponding shop times, earliest was 8:05am and the last batch was 11:50am-12:00 noon, the Lanvin collection was opened for public shopping at 12 noon, where the only things left were the poofy grey tulle dresses, fur jackets and coats which also sold out in no time FYI. Lots of crazy people in HKG! hahaha!

A quick look inside the store at Silvercord, TST:
calm before the storm...of fashionistas! XD

Seeing the clothes in person made our hearts flutter in delight! Thank you K, for the photos :)

Happy G @ Canton Road :)

UNICEF All for Children tote, lipstick, 2 shirts and a shoe bag-from K as I did not get shoes. I managed to grab some shoes at size 39 during the 10 minute shop time, but they were too big, they already ran out of 38's when I came back to have them changed. Oh I also managed to get a dress as CP for miss Stellarvixen! Yay! :)

I really wanted to get all 3 shirts but when it was my turn to shop, only 2 of the designs were available in medium and large sizes. This design is the blingy version of the UNICEF tote, very cute! totally wearable!

the shirts come with extra appliques, just in case ;)

Sunday's OOTD featuring my other Lanvin ♥ H&M shirt paired with black H&M zipper skirt, army green F21 studded flats and my current favorite, Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha Rosie sling bag.
ni-hao!!! that's my adorable god-daughter achi Janelle and shoti Nate, Lurvey's niece and nephew :)

next up... Day 3: Blogger meet-up with sweet Jennifer + my HK cosme haul! ^_^

Thank you for reading!


  1. awww I love your haul!
    I wished there was an H&M store in AUS T-T!
    I also want to go to HK again haha, jealous!

  2. They looks so cute and adorable. :P The shirt's cute too. :)

  3. totally love the Lanvin shirt and your god-daughter and niece (super cute!!!)

    you're starting to make me wonder if i should have queued up for Lanvin...lol

  4. ohh wow, I can't believe you actually managed to buy something! I heard the lines were absolutely crazy over here, so I didn't participate. I'm wishing I did now, that shirt is really cute!

  5. I'm super jealous! I Didn't end up going to the Lanvin launch in Canada and I feel like I've missed out on so much :(

  6. wow, the lavin collection is looking amazing :)

  7. Wow, that's a good haul! And you look great with the shirt on! :)

  8. oo you got lanvin stuff! by the time i heard about it my mall was completely empty hahaha. you look so adorable w/ ur big shopping bag hehehe

  9. Your god-daughter is absolutely adorable ^_^! I'd love to go to HK one day~ Btw i love the zippered skirt you're wearing!

  10. Haha your outfit totally matches what you bought :3

    I like the tote bags! I think they're very useful but I did wonder about the jeweled t-shirts--do they last?

  11. I'd totally queue for Lanvin if given a chance, great purchases G!!! And omg, sold out so fast? o.O HK people are indeed crazy shoppers lol

    My birthday was ages ago, July 25th =D

  12. You lucky girl!!! I'm sooo jealous that you were able to go to the H&M with the Lanvin collection *sigh* you look amazing in the H&M outfit though! Their styles this season is breaking my bank, with or without the Lanvin collection at my front door! Haha

    Your god daughter looks just peachy...where did she learn how to pose like such a Precious Moment?!

  13. Lucky you to be able to get those tshirts! I was eyeing for their tshirts too :D

  14. I love the shirts.....I've been wanting the shoes and the dress for this line...but I don't have anyone to come with me..:(

  15. Wow. Fashion goers just really blow my mind >< I don't think I would even have the power or energy to shop under such circumstances haha. I love the outfit G! Looking lovely as always!

  16. me me stellar bows & do a curtsy for G! thank you for pulling off the mission impossible again~!
    i hav a lil xmas gift on the way to you!!

    thank you for the photos! the calm before the RAMPAGE shoppers hehe

    pretty good coding&timing system for crowd control~!

    the lanvin sketches TEES are to die for! with 3-D ornaments blingout!
    so sweet & artistic and hard to comeby !!

    lurving your OOTD! do post more babe! you hav an uh-mazing trend going on there~
    Lanvin ♥ H&M artesy tee nicely paired with zipper skirt and BRIGHT Marc by MarcJacobs

    haha you are good with kiddos!

    cant wait to readup your HK cosme haul~ give me some foresights what to get & prices too kies

    i'll arrange a meetup with sweet JENNIFER also

  17. You got your hands on some Lanvin X H&M stuff?!! At least one of us did...lol. =D I lurve your haul! 7am isn't too bad. If you can believe it, there were girls here arriving at 5am. @_@ Anyways, love how you paired your new top and Janelle and Nate are adorable! =D


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