Friday, November 12, 2010

CHANEL Pulsion

It's been a while since I posted a NOTD entry eh? Well, I'll make it up to you right now. If you're on the hunt for the perfect BARBIE pink, I think this is it! 

I got this nail lacquer along with my CHANEL Tweed Fuschia, both part of the 2010 Holiday collection. I know there may be dupes for this out there *some say NARS Schiap, some say OPI Pink Flamenco* since its not really the most unique color from CHANEL (just like tweed fuschia), but I can't compare since I don't own any of Pulsion's potential dupes. Plus the color just screamed at me to take it home and wear it. Nail ladies, I know you feel me!

I really like how my application turned out, patience is always the key to an (almost) perfect manicure! All photos were taken under sunlight outdoors except for the last one which was taken inside the house, beside a window. ;)

Pulsion has a creamy consistency which makes it really easy to apply, even for a clumsy gal like me, it is not streaky  at all. I applied 3 coats (because I smudged my pinky and was too lazy to redo it. LOL), but you can get away with 2 coats. I also applied  Seche Vite topcoat to be sure it dries up faaast. ;)

I'm loving it so much that I'm thinking of getting a back-up already since its LE! What do you think?

TGIF! and thank you for reading!


  1. Very pretty and fun color! LOL Yeah, I know what you mean, just because there are probably dupes out there, doesn't mean you should buy this color. ^^ Get the back up if it makes you happy. :)

  2. i want this too! but i already have nars schiap eh. di ko alam if matutuwa or malulungkot ako haha

  3. This colour is gorgeous! Bright pinks are so pretty and they always remind me of summer <3 <3 <3
    Ahhhh Chanel always makes great nail polishes :)

    Hhehe I'm in love for sure, over my MAC Tartan Tale collection! Heheh I was wearing my Highland Honey in the pics teeheehee Can't wait for you to try it out! :D

  4. OMG!!! LOve the color!!!
    Its to die for!! <3

    Much love,
    enchi :3

  5. pretty!! I want! I want to find a nice pink... perhaps a dupe for this hahah.

    btw, did you start using twitter again??

  6. OMG, this color is sooo pretty!! and your application looks perfect :)

  7. Dang girl you're on a roll with posts. Maybe it's just me. It's hard for me to find time and things to blog about. Anyways... Polishes!
    Chanel polish is my favorite!! I recently fell inlove with their nail polish a few months ago. Even if there are dupes I feel like the finish isn't the same. All though this pink is a little too loud for me, it is defs a gorgeous color. You should buy a back up since it is LE. If you end up not using it... Blog sale!

    <3s Serena.

  8. I've heard that some girls have a special "shoe" gene. I'm getting th eidea that maybe there is a "nail" gene as well. Which is great because I have the "flashlight" gene. What can a say, handheld lights are just cool. =)

    Happy Weekend!

  9. perfect barbie pink! so pretty, i want!

  10. ooh the color is so pink! I hardly ever wear pink polishes, but I love this! btw I like your appliction too :) mine has slowly gotten better over the past year haha I used to have to do so much cleanup afterward b/c it would get all over my skin.

  11. that color is sooo PRETTY!!! i love that shade of pink...ahh i haven't taken plunge for chanel polishes yet...

  12. beautiful~! i'm going to get this soon before its sold out. you did a perfect job when applying it. so proud of you

  13. Pulsion looks so youthful on the nails <3!!! Did you apply a base coat before the 3 layers of pulsion :)?

    ryc: i agree with you lol i happen to be in a matte, semi-matte blush phase because they look more subtle XD

    however i don't think i'll wear those dramatic falsies out XD those in the coffret are overly dramatic LOL im' afriad i'll look like a bird with all those feathers!

    hehe i have jill stuart members card at facesss...lets make good use of it LOL....

  14. sooo pretty! the pink is such a gorgeous color! love it!
    I need to get me some Chanel..gosh but they are pricey!

    thankx for sharing! love!

  15. Georgina, that color is soo pretty!! I can tell why you would get a back-up just in case.. I honestly love that shade and shiny finish.. I hope I can find a dupe someday that is CF though :\ but yes great pick!

    No worries.. you don't have to comment much on my post bc it's rather broad and controversial :) but one thing you said is on point-- stereotyping and prejudice stem from ignorance!

  16. J'adore! You had me at "BARBIE pink". XD

    (LMAO! Oprah's favorite things episodes always make for unintentional comedy =)

  17. I love how Barbie doll bubblegum pink it looks. And it looks really glossy too. Was there a top coat painted over?

  18. Yes to getting a backup!!! Bold colours look great on you =]

    I detest streaky finishes --> I need to layer a LOT to make them opaque --> They take forever to dry =.=

  19. Hey Georg! i think it's not likely to rain here when you come (will check the weather forecast sometime later this week) hehe but HK doesn't carry many wellies though...not until this year! hehe to keep your luggage light, you need not bring wellies with you (and save some space for MU and skincare LOL)!

  20. Oh gosh, I am definitely thankful that I'm not into nail stuff haha! I think I would go broke if I also spent on expensive nail polishes because I mean look at that colour! Looks gorgeous on your nails G!

  21. My friend is giving away a bottle of this. I have no use for it, but thought you might like to know!


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