Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Holiday 2010: CHANEL Tweed Fuschia

Les Tissages De CHANEL 17 Tweed Fuchsia is my second blusher from the label, but the first one I bought myself. Blusher fiends, be prepared to be enabled. muahahaha >:))

Ok rants first: like any other CHANEL compact, the case can only open up to 90 degrees, which is annoying especially when you're trying to maximize the use of both hands. Also, the brush is useless to me, it's rough, it pokes my cheeks and irritates my skin. Oh and the price will make you cringe too, I got mine at Rustan's for Php2,650 (approx. USD60).

Dear CHANEL, with the price tag for your cosmetics, you NEED to make better compact brushes! (This is why I love Japanese cosmetics  - everything is just top notch, you get what you pay for.)

~ if you don't want to be have a major lemming, you can stop reading here. don't tell me I didn't warn you. ;)

macro shot of the tweed pattern:
Gorgeous POP of color for the holidays!

The texture is amazing, powder is finely milled and really pigmented, I had to buff my cheeks a little when I first applied this because I got overly excited, applied way too much and looked like an exaggerated doll -> not good! :P
The shade will make you look HAPPY! It may not be the most unique color out there, but its a very nice blusher to have in my collection especially because its LE (limited edition) and the tweed pattern is very chic which will please you for a while until it disappears with wear. Surprisingly, I don't own any dupes for this, and I currently have a LOT of blushers. 


Its perfect paired with pinkish-nude lips!

If you're a fan of CHANEL, tweed, and bright colored blushers, RUN to your nearest counter NOW.

Have a lovely week ahead!

ps. I will update this entry when the shimmers come off and the "blush duo" shows up.


  1. The pattern reminds me of an ancient archaeological discovery. Maybe a wall that sealed a mummy into it's tomb.

    I've watched too many movies. =)

    Have a great week!

  2. wow!!!!!! what's the first blush from Chanel you own :)?

    this looks a bit glittery but it's a lovely pink <3

  3. am a blusher FIEND!!
    haha chanel cant enable me yet...
    i wonder why?
    perhaps the black shiny plastic packaging..with the noisy sound will make lol

    perhaps i always opt for something DIFFICULT to get my hands on*brands not easily accessible to me lolx

    ohh but the colors are such beau!
    so when do we get to see your FOTD?!

  4. It's super pretty! :P Oh no, don't bring my lemming for Tweed Corail back. :D

  5. That does look like a gorgeous color! I might have to go and take a look at it, but definitely will not buy (I gotta keep telling myself that) because I have way too many blush right now.

    Thanks for sharing and enabling. LOL!


  6. wow this is absolutely gorgeous! and the pattern too. i didn't stop reading and now i am lemming! wahhhh! never tried a chanel product either.

  7. Aaah you picked up the Tweed Fuchsia! It's my HG fuchsia blush hands down. I absolutely love this color. It can definitely be bold if you don't use a stippling brush :)

  8. Their blushes are so pretty! I always like swatching them when I pass by. The tweed detail on that is so fancy!

  9. *sol, you don't need this. you should have stopped reading when G told you to!*



  10. Indeed pretty! It's so weird, I can't see it's made of two colors unless I look at the reflection in the mirror on the 2nd photo! HAHA There it's clear^^

  11. These blushes ARE really pigmented! Be prepared to be enabled PLEASSSEEE WOMAN! This is so not fair :X
    I wants! It's sooo pretty and the tweed design is so precious! Arrghhh....

  12. This is indeed a really gorgeous blush! Must look super beautiful for the holidays!

    Both the shade and the shimmer are amazing!

    And yes, I agree that Chanel has the worst brushes ever - Chanel should definitely improve on that!

  13. wow, this one looks lovely! Perfect blush for the holiday :)

  14. this piece is precious! lol i cant even afford it, but yeah its sparkly and beautiful! :)

    Taradiddles of a Style on a Budget

  15. aaah thankfully I don't wear blush, or else I would be jumping out of my chair right now to get this. The tweed pattern is gorgeous, and I love the shade too!

  16. Hey Georg! Do you have sort of a mental wishlist for your spree in HK? LOL

    1. Lanvin x H&M
    2. Dollywink eyeliner?
    3. NARS Duo?


  17. Oh boy...I shouldn't have continued reading. ;) That is one seriously pretty blush! Not to mention that the tweed design is cool.

  18. hi babe it's so pretty. i love tweet and i love chanel blushes. but i dont love the little brush inside lol not a big deal though

  19. Very very pretty. I actually want to but a tweed blush from Chanel but one from their permanent line. For some reason, the latest LE one doesn't tempt me, perhaps it's too fuscia XD Looks very lovely though!

  20. that blush is so unique! does that tweed design come off as you keep using it? I'm so lemming chanel now because of you haha!


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