Monday, November 29, 2010

Autumn in HK Part 1: Hello Kitty Madness!

Heya lovelies! I'm back on bloggersville!!! Sorry it took me a while, I really needed a lot of time to re-energize and catch up on sleep! =.=

I traveled to Hong Kong with K of, and it was awesome! We had lots of fun adventures and misadventures as well. On our first day, we roamed around Mongkok and went to Langham Place, there's a Hello Kitty Spectacle going on, so K and I grabbed our chance of being photographed with the cutest kitty in the world! I have a lot of fun photos to share with you, it was Hello Kitty paradise, London style. ^_~

there was a Hello Kitty version of the Big Ben and London Eye...

Adorable Kitty and Daniel will greet you with a bottle of wine in hand. KAWAII!

"Gretel" Hello Kitty in tartan plaid and leather bow! Spot the Gingy's! :P

Soldier Bear ^_^
*asian pose* :P

HK in a trench! Stylish feline!

This photo op. was the highlight of our first day, I just died and went to Hello Kitty heaven! 

next up, Lanvin x H&M mania! :)

Happy Monday!


  1. hello, welcome back! ooh did you manage to get your hands on anything from the Lanvin for H&M line?? I'm so jealous if you did. hahah love that Hello Kitty in a trench coat!

  2. lol you've been there already!! the kitties were nowhere to be seen when i was there 2 weeks ago :D love the gingerbread man <3

  3. That looks like it was such a fun place! I'd love to go there too!


  4. Hello Kitty land! Super cute kitties. :P

  5. OMG!! The HK is sooo cute~~ So jealous on ur vacation..

  6. super duperr CUTE!
    hello kitty all dress to kill~ with many wonderful themes!

    G you looked fab! bright fuchsia MJ sling? i reckoned..uu luv your flat boots too!comfy?

    i spotted the H&M paperbag!
    is my dress inside!! stellar squealed excitedly!! uuuwheeee~!!!

    when is your next post~!!
    i'll be stalking you hahahaha mania indeed


    i'll be visiting taipei~ will not miss out the hellokitty sweet cafe!! muahhahaa
    not a big fan of HK but not too miss out too lox

  7. aww HK looks so cute there! i have never visited hk during xmas but i can feel the festivity there :)

  8. Wow *-* That's super cute~ I'm envious now!

  9. Awww, Hello Kitty galore!!! Adorablenesssssssss~~~ Did you manage to get Japanese Kit Kats, G?

    How was the weather in HK?

  10. The Hello Kitty looks super cute!! Welcome back~

  11. So cool!! I want to go to HK! =D

  12. ZOMG, you went to HK *and* you met Hello Kitty and friends?! Welcome back, babe!!!! =D


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