Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TFS Clean Face White Post-Acne Nighttime Spot Eraser Review

A popular product from The Face Shop, oftentimes, its out of stock, so when I spotted it in a store during one of my TFS leisure sprees, I grabbed one right away as I have some "spots" to "erase". Some readers have been curious if it really works so I took a photo of my target spots before using it to show the difference.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Contains arbutin to fade post-acne marks and triclosan which inhibits the proliferation of acne bacteria. Its skin lipid complex strengthens skin’s natural protective function for faster repair of damaged tissue.

before (May):
after a month (June):
I apologize for the different quality and lighting of the pictures, the before photo was taken at night and the latter during daytime. I hope you can still see the difference. A little more exfoliation will help totally erase those stubborn spots. I can't wait to have a spot-less face! (well, except for my 6 beauty marks aka moles.) :)

HOW TO USE: Apply (only) to acne scars/ dark spots after skin care. Please note that I also use Paul & Joe's Whitening serum as part of my skin care regimen.

HOW IT FEELS: It's a thick cream, which may cause a stinging sensation if you have very dry or sensitive skin.

✪ hygienic tube packaging, which is also good if you travel.
✪ no heavy scent/fragrance
✪ if pimple/acne is still in its healing phase, using this will reduce redness in the area
✪ reasonably priced considering the amount of product you will get (Php795 or $17 for a 15ml. tube)
✪ you will notice minimal fading of spots in a week's use

✪ it can be hard to find because its always sold out
✪ it did not completely erase the spots in one month, so it can take a long while to totally eradicate the spots.

REPURCHASE? No, because there are more products to try out there!

This review is dedicated to Ehlee, sorry it took a long while hon! I hope you still find it helpful. :)


PS. I have something brewing... Stay tuned for the next post!


  1. hahaha i like your NO! the same as me~~ cant be too loyal hehe

    tryout ettusais white shooter!! workingout fine for me~ its stabilized vitaminC~ subsidiary of shisheido to treat Adult Acne :)
    since arbutin breakout on me! boohoo!

    TFS products tend to hav too much fragrance that turns me off :( my nose no likey them
    i bought the seaweed clay mask ~ smells badd urghhh

  2. wow it faded a lot! thanks for the review!

  3. Hi G! By any chance do you have any red moles? I know it's a crazy question, but I have a few--and a future post about one of them! My mom called them blood moles.

  4. i have yet to try anything from TFS lol i'd take japanese products over korean ones. its just me. hurry up finish it so you can try something else haha

  5. Thanks for the review. I remember seeing this at TFS but didn't pick it up. I still need to use Paul & Joe Whitening cream to see if the acne marks fade.

  6. thanks hun!! XD looks like it is quite effective!!if your spots are 90% gone by the time you finish the tube you may not even need to buy other products ^___^I want to get my hands on this to get rid of the spots on my chin=/

  7. Hey G, I'm so glad you did this review. After reading it, it sounds like it won't work on my sensitive skin. My wallet thanks you!

    Ooh, I wonder what's brewing? :)

  8. Oh I need something like this for my spots. If I see it I might pick it up. Did you get any dryness or sensitivity while using it?

  9. It's great that it worked on you.....lucky u..cuz' it didn't do anything on me...


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