Wednesday, August 17, 2011

CHANEL Fall 2011: 525 Quartz, 529 Graphite, 531 Peridot

CHANEL's seasonal nail colour releases are always highly anticipated by nail-a-holics around the globe. Its because of the chic and unique shades they come up with every season and the smooth quality that only CHANEL can deliver. As the cliché goes, its always imitated, but never duplicated. You may find some dupes for popular shades, but you won't get the same quality for sure.

525 Quartz
Quartz looks like a pearly taupe with multi-colored shimmer and its the most sophisticated shade out of the 3. I find it really chic and understated, I'm surprised why a lot of bloggers choose to skip this while getting the other 2 shades. Probably because it's not limited edition and will be added to the permanent line of nail colours. FYI, this already sold out in our local counters. No word (as of writing) on when it is going to be restocked.

529 Graphite
Graphite is a silver-grey polish with silver and gold shimmer which has a greenish undertone in some angles and lighting. It looks really cool on short and square shaped nails. Perfect for those who dress up for the season. Graphite will surely match a lot of your "Fall" outfits. This shade is limited edition.

blurred photo to show the greenish duo chrome effect.

531 Peridot
Peridot is a gold/green (with a hint of blue) duo chrome, this the most popular shade out of the 3. This is limited edition.
I find all three shades flattering against my skin, and I'm happy I got them since they are all very wearable and fashionable for the upcoming fall season.

Do you like CHANEL's fall collection this year? I also purchased Illusion D'Ombre in Emerveille, swatch and review to follow. :)

Happy hump day!


  1. yay you picked up all 3! My favorite shade is also Quartz out of all the shades. I really wanted Peridot to work on me but it's just too yellow/gold. They look great on you, Georgina.

  2. Graphite and Peridot are both so pretty! :P

  3. Such gorgeous colors! I still don't have any Chanel but I really want Graphite. :)

  4. Peridot is divine!! It's my birth stone too so perhaps I best indulge?

  5. I think that Graphite is my fave - and Estee Lauder also has a matching eyeliner too!

  6. These are all so pretty but the one that really caught my eye was 525 Quartz. Love it!


  7. Runway-worthy nails! I'm totally loving it!

  8. Wow, all three shades looks great on you! *tries not to be tempted* XD <3

  9. i haven't checked out Chanel's fall collection and I'm too cheap to splash out on chanel nail colours.. the colours you've picked are very pretty though. especially like the second one!

  10. G, you need to follow me on twitter so I can DM yooouuu! :) <3

  11. Wow, such lovely shades! Am waiting for them to arrive in the UK. I especially love the look of Quartz on you.

  12. Will you look at how those polishes glitter and shine... *___*


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