Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 Highlights: Life and Makeup

2010 was a happy year for me, even if it was the year I got sick a lot... I hope 2011 spares me of frequent sickness. *positive thinking while chugging down vitamins* Its also the year I got to develop real friendships with my fellow bloggers. I'm looking forward to getting closer to more lovely ladies this year! ^_^

Let me share with you some really good moments LAST year:
✦ January,  we got BOWIE, our little boy Chihuahua. One year later, he's turned out to be quite the fashionista. J'adore!
✦ March, my first batch of blog sale items went up for grabs on shopcoffretgorge.blogspot.com
✦ July, Singapore trip with the whole family! gotta lurve family bonding trips! Have you seen the MUMMY PIC? click on the link, if you need some cheering up! XD
✦ November, went on a girl's trip to Hong Kong and queued for the Lanvin x H&M collaboration. Nothing like a crazy hoarding experience to add to my shopping history. ;)
✦ Also in November, Blogger meet-up with Jennifer. It was so fun shopping for cosmetics with her.

and now, my favorite products that helped me look presentable althroughout 2010...

Fancl! especially the Washing Powder and foaming ball(first and second from left)
The lather cleans my face thoroughly but doesn't strip off natural moisture, leaving my skin soft and smooth. Fancl products are preservative free.

Korres Hot Spiced Chocolate Shower Gel
This has a love it or leave it scent, obviously I love it! It smells oh so yummy! Hot choco scent with a grown up twist. Shout-out to M for getting these for me in Singapore where he bought all the remaining bottles upon learning it will be discontinued. Aw.

La Sana Hair Essence 
I have tried other hair essences/leave-on treatments this year but nothing compares to this seaweed essence. 

Prettia/Liese Bubble hair dye 
Fun, fast and easy to do! Plus the colors are very pretty, very flattering for asian skin tones.

Shu Uemura Nobara Cream Stick
medium to full coverage, ideal for special occasions especially in our humid weather!

Canmake 5-effects Foundation
 easy to blend foundation with a cream to powder finish, saves me a lot of prep time in the morning.

Clé de peau concealer in Ochre
Now I know what the raves are all about. Full review coming soon. :)

CHANEL Tweed Fuschia
I love this to bits. ;)

Dollywink Liquid liner in black
Want to achieve that winged liner look? If you're a liquid liner newbie (like me) get this one, its easy to apply plus it doesn't smudge and lasts all day.

LUNASOL Aurorized Eyes palette 05
very versatile palette. I wore it almost everyday since I got it. Definitely my fall favorite!

Jill Stuart Eye Jellies in 09 Midnight shine and 10 Vintage Decor
very rich colors packed with shine. I'm glad I got these to try.

Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara
looks natural and very lightweight. I already have a back-up! :)

Lunasol Full Glamour Lips S 49
Aside from the gorgeous overspray, I love it for the beautiful deep berry tint it gives my lips.

MAC Studded from the Riveting Collection
gorgeous matte polish especially on the toes! So sad I didn't get a backup. :(

RBL No More War
the BEST military green shade evarrr.

CHANEL Pulsion
vibrant and creamy fuschia for Barbie-esque nails.

Deborah Lippmann
Happy Birthday, Bad Romance, Across the Universe - I love glitters, the chunkier the better! Evidently, I got lots of nail polish this year, my collection grew mad like gremlins. XD

That's it! I hope I didn't bore you with the long product post. I hope I can keep up with my reviews this year. *i really wish that!* I already have a lot on queue! XD

Lets all help each other stay sane with all the beautiful spring collections coming up! Shall we? Thank you for reading!


  1. soo many pretty things in this post! I wish you a happy, healthy 2011 :) And I agree, I loved that this year I made friends with a lot of blogging ladies.

  2. glad you had a nice 2010! everyone seems to have dolly wink liquid liner as their best product list - maybe i should check it out ;) happy 2011!

  3. ~Happy New Year ^^. I love the CHanel nail color and of course dolly wink ^^
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  4. You have the CDP concealer! Looking forward to your reviews. Nice picks, G. :P

  5. I love that mascara too!!

    Great stuff on your list!

  6. oh you must do a review on CDP!!! hehe

    lol your favourites are those i've been wondering about: dolly wink, fancl, KORRES (!!), Heroine make mascara, Canmake 5 effects foundie, CDP, Lunasol....LOL

    Say hello to Bowie for me ^_^

    when will Guerlain be launched? are you getting that blush??

    shit....lol....i forgot about guerlain........

  7. Happy New year Georgina! I hope that 2011 will be better than 2010! =P I love love love Heroine's mascara! It's my HG now, I can't live without it XD My current liquid liner just died on me so I ordered 2 DOlly wink liquid liner I hope that it will be awesome! xD

    Thank you for sharing!! <33

  8. Love this post! I love family bonding time too! LOL at the mummy photo!! Ahahaha..

    I've heard soo much about the Dollywink eyeliner!! I'm starting to drool all over it! LOL

  9. korres is such an awesome brand

    and awesome mascara!

  10. Nice 2010 wrap-up post, babe! =D What does the La Sana Hair Essence do for your hair? Is it mainly for moisturizing, detangling, or...?

    (I agree. Life *is* too short! Oh and I got rid of the c-box due to spam. *sigh*)

  11. Such a great post :D!
    I really like that Chanel nail polish and it seems like you had a great 2010 and I hope that 2011 will be even better for you :)

  12. OMG, the lunasol lipstick is soooo pretty. The korres shower gels look super yummy too!^0^

  13. Great items! That lunasol palette and lippie are gorgeous. I'm also dying to smell that Korres body wash, it sounds yummy.

  14. I hope 2011 brings you good health throughout the year. It was sad to see you down with so many viruses. I look forward to getting to know you better this year. =)

  15. What an awesome lineup! I can definitely see why they're your top pics and the packaging on all of them is so cute too!!! OOh I love the Chanel polish on you, it's such a pretty toned pink...I wants!

  16. sounds like 2010 was a great year for you! OMG - there is such a thing as a hot spiced chocolate shower gel!??!?!?! i love sweets so i'd probably love it... hmmm.. gotta pick me up one of those when i visit!

  17. Happy New Year! I hope that 2011 is even better than 2010 was for you.

    I got the Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil for Christmas this year and love it. After reading this post, I now want to try the Washing Powder. It sounds like something I'd really like.

    Sorry for the late comment. I've been sick since the 30th, plus been busy with guests so I haven't had the time nor energy to blog much.


  18. awesome 2010! you got some great items! hopefully this new year will be even better! thanks for sharing! love all the items you got! definitely great choices.

  19. i can see you had a great year last year and hopefully this year will be even better. i love a lot of your highlight items. real classic.

  20. Thanks for sharing your list! I've heard great reviews for Fancl skincare, I might try it one day :D

  21. Georgina, I see a bunch of polishes in your 2010 favs! I fall for pretty polish colors as well :) I hope you a many more life & makeup highlights this year, and I look forward to reading your upcoming posts!! I'll try to be good about blogging too 0=)

  22. Wow that's so cool how I remember most of the products in your list from you blogging about it haha! Aw I clicked on the MUMMY link because I needed to cheer up and it made me crack up. I'm glad 2010 treated you well ^^

  23. what a nice list for 2010 hightlights!!! you are a darlin~

    BEGONE to flu & sickness~ me too!

    yay my fav stuff are in your list too! wuu whee

    you know i havent found my HG mascara :( i have the hideous shortest eyelash which no mascara can help me T.T

    majorlica majo is too difficult to removes! gackkk
    KATE is meh meh
    MaxFactor false lash is a joke :P

    i havent tried heroine~ i will once my others dried up


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