Tuesday, January 18, 2011

GGA Inspired Nails: Daisies For Audrey ;)

Hello lovelies! I've been feeling a lot of stress lately, so last night while watching The Golden Globe Awards (encore) on TV I decided to release some tension by painting my nails. I chose a turquoise color, inspired by Alexa Chung's NOTD while she was on the red carpet interviewing celebrities. I thought it was so cute when she said that she tried to match her nails with her cue cards... 

Then Michelle Williams came in, wearing the cutest dress with daisies on it, I was reminded I had some nail stickers which looked similar so I decided to top 'For Audrey' with daisies. Finished it with a coat of Seche Vite. :)
Looks very fresh and fun, totally reminiscent of Spring. :)

On a different note, Rustan's Makati is having a SALE on all labels in their cosmetic floor. Look what I got last Sunday! I went there to get the Guerlain Blush G which was still unavailable, so I ended up getting these:
hoarded a bit from Paul & Joe, stocked up on my HG whitening serum, I believe I got the last 2 bottles. woot! Plus a bottle of their moisturizing foundation primer in 03 (translucent). Their UV primer broke me out so I gave it away. Now I'm giving P&J primers another go. We'll see how it fares after I finish my Diorsnow and Jill Stuart primers. Hahaha long time eh? ;)

I hope you're all having a great week so far,
thank you for dropping by!


  1. For Audrey is such a pretty color, reminds me of a Tiffany's box :) I love your NOTD, the daisies are super cute!

  2. the daisies look perfect with for audrey color!!! :D you have so much patience in nail art, salute!

  3. I love For Audrey! It's an amazing color! And yay for P&J!

  4. G, do you know if they are still on sale? Haha! Nice P&J haul, a brand I have yet to try. Very cute nails too. :P

  5. the nail polish color is super pretty^0^~ Yeah for p&j, I really want to try their creamy matte foundation.

  6. i've been on a skincare binge lately too ( :

  7. I am so going to Rustan's this weekend if they are still on sale! please be on sale till thenx3!!! *crossing fingers* *crossing toes too*

    i love what you did with your nails btw! i wish i wasn't lazy as i am so i can think of something really pretty like what you did. :3

  8. Aw, I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling a lot of stress lately sweetie. *hugs* Hope it disappears soon!!

    I missed the interview part. Would have loved to see Alexa! I <3 the color and daisies on this. It's so spring-y and fun! =D And yay to you snagging the last two bottles of the serum! Love your haul, babe.

  9. pretty nails! i wanna try out P&J soon! :)

  10. oh tink i just received the nail colour there!! I am excited to use it now hehe... your nails are so cute!

    i was drooling over some of the beautiful golden globe dresses!

    nice p&j haul - would love to hear your comparison with p&j/JS/Diorsnow.. as i was an avid fan of Diorsnow... :D

  11. Ooooh the last two bottles of the Whitening Serum, you lucky girl!!!

    Are MBD masks not sold in the Philippines?

  12. For Audrey is such a pretty color. Love the flower detailing you added. It kind of connects the two things together. Your nails look like a design Paul & Joe would use as a theme.

    <3 S.

  13. cute nails and great polish color. i'm looking for a blue/green for the upcoming season!


  14. I'm so far behind in your posts G haha, I'm catching up now =)
    Love the Paul & Joe stuff, they all sound wonderful to use! And your nails are too cute, great job! Reminds me of spring and the cool weather, which is warmer than what I'm experiencing right now!! School has been killin' me x__x I finished a midterm today (sshhh I think I did good *pats on back*) but I have 2 other things as well this week =( Will have to fight through!


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