Friday, April 16, 2010

TGIF + More Awards! :)

How are you spending your Friday night lovelies? Im spending mine at home, surfing the net, blogging and watching Let's Speak Korean on Arirang with my peripheral vision (i don't absorb anything, really) anyways, my fun and always sensible blogger bud Ric and sweet Jessie tagged me to receive a Happy 101 Award while the lovely Nat got me a Kreativ (i have no idea why its spelled like that hehe) Blog award plus the One Lovely Blog award. Instruction is to share 10 things that make me happy plus 10 more things about me (sorry!) and pass it on to 10 more bloggers. Easy breezy right? Here we go!

10 things that make me happy:

1. holding hands ♥.♥

2. hugs ε-----^_^----3

3. Hong Kong. Can you say shop n chomp? (hi Lisa!!! hahaha ^_~)

4. finding out that a pair of gorgeous, killer looking shoes are actually comfortable to wear.

5. reading your comments and commenting on your respective blogs, therefore keeping us in touch :)

6. traveling, discovering new places to eat...

7. dessert!

8. Occasions... because I love being dolled up by a MUA and a hair stylist. (yep, lazy me!)

9. hammocks and swings.

10. scenic drives.

Ten more things about G you might find interesting:

1. I terribly miss New York, I want to watch broadway musicals again, shop at urban outfitters (in person), get groceries at Whole Foods and have Cold Stone ice cream for lunch. ;)

2. Im very blessed with a generous though most of the time crabby elder sister. hahaha! love her to bits!

3. I am totally addicted to Fro-Yo and Ice blended drinks from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf & Starbucks. In this hot hot weather of ours, can you blame me for wanting it everyday? gosh. i want one now! hahaha

4.  I don't appreciate SA's who push their products too much for commission, ever heard of subtlety? geez.

5. I used to be technologically independent, but when Lurvey came along I make him fix everything. ;)

6. my secret dream jobs include being a personal shopper, be a popstar and/or to be a judge on iron chef. :P

7. I used to shop for clothes and shoes every weekend, now its cosmetics. :o

8. I collect Melissa shoes, those pretty plastic shoes from Brazil. I love how they smell like candy

9. If handbags could talk, mine would say, please stop bringing all these crap you put inside me, its making me look fat. hahaha!

10. I started blogging because i was inspired by the nicest super blogger Fuz Kittie, ironically, she went on hiatus right after I created coffretgorge. :| I hope she returns to blogger soon! :)

I'd like to share the awards to 10 beautiful bloggers namely;
3. Eva
5. Mary
7. Cha
8. Iris

so sorry if i deviated from some of the rules like the 7 more facts to share because i think my brain isn't functioning very well anymore. I need to go sleep now, gotta wake up early tomorrow! :)

ps. Please help me pray for better weather here in the Philippines, we need rain as farmers are having a hard time growing their crops because of the dry spell. I hope you guys are being blessed with good weather wherever you are. Thanking you in advance!

♡ coffretgorge


  1. awww congrats on the rewards! i have never been NY so that would be on my to-do list!

    cute new layout btw!

  2. i love holding hands! but i like hugs and cuddling more teehhehehee. happy friday!! I should probably post something today... but i am soooo terribly unmotivated. how do you ever do it?! lol

  3. hey~

    Thanks for tagging me~
    I will be doing a post on it soon. hehehe ohhh also thx for the website for the template. It is by FAR the most easy way to put in unique templates. I love it!
    Fro-Yo is awesome~

  4. *waves* Hong Kong beckons!

    I love everything you love...yay! Psst...Fuz is back :D *prays for rain in the Philippines*

  5. Congrats on the awards...and thanks....I still have to do your previous tag....sorry....and Hopefully the shoe is still available...

    great to know more about tell me if you visit NYC again...we have to meet up...

  6. i love hugs too!! :) my boyfriend gives me the warmest bear hugs :)

    oOo one of your random facts (#9) makes me think u should do a what's in your purse post!! :)

  7. Hi Georgina, thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad you think Hong Kong makes you happy :P if you're there in future, let me know maybe we can meet up!! (I live there btw)


  8. Congrats to the winners! :))

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog hun, really appreciated haha :) I didn't know there'd be someone around who would have time listening to me blabber about my friendship life! Thank you so much :P


  9. Oh no.. I hope it rains there soon :( mainit daw dyan? Anyway, a personal shopper would be nice =)

  10. hi gorge! thanks for the award :)
    aww i love discovering new food spots too and a warm hug never fails to make me smile :)

    thanks again pretty!

  11. Totally the same with #7!! Haha, I should really pay more attention to my wardrobe as it's dwindling T.T
    Agreed with #4.. I always try to sneak up to the counter to look at the products and dart away quickly once I see a SA make eye contact with me HAHAHA!
    I hope the Philippines gets more rain! *crosses fingers*

  12. awww so cute
    i know what u mean abt NYC!

  13. On #6 Remember Gen back in college our secret day job? *noontime show* haha! Don't worry! I will stop giving clues! It's so embarrassing!

    I want to be like Britney Spears! Love her to death!!!


  14. I'll do a rain dance for you to try to bring this rainy weather over there to the Philippines !

    OMG IT WOULD BE AWESOME to be a judge on iron chef ! everytime i watch it i get so so hungry and i wish i could eat whatever they're eating !!! but the portions are so small..and i wonder if they even eat the whole plate or if they just taste a little? i'd probably chomp down my whole plate and everyone elses too! haha


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