Monday, April 26, 2010

Shu Fanatic Program + Review: Shu Uemura Nobara Cream Cover Stick 754

On Friday, I received an invite to attend Shu Uemura's Shu Fanatic, a privilege/reward system card where members receive invites to pre selling events, workshops and exclusive discounts.  I didn't really plan on going as I was being a good girl (trying!), but the Shu boutique was within the vicinity where we had my Papa's birthday dinner so I remembered to drop by before heading home. There were quite a lot of people perusing the displays when I entered but I was greeted by my sweet MUA/SA Cindy right after she spotted me. After a short chitchat she went to get something and I was surprised to get a new Shu Fanatic Card to replace the old one and lots of freebies. Yay! I'm glad I went. :)

there are 3 cards which has corresponding levels: white (Php7,000 single receipt or Php10,000 accumulated purchases), red (Php10,000 single receipt) and black (Php15,000 single receipt)

product rewards & partner establishments:

Cindy gave me lots of cleansing oils and a 30ml. UV Under Base which I was excited about

 this is how it looks like:
it's a lightweight mousse, this needs fast blending as it dries up quickly. It has SPF 17 PA++ which is nice, but to those who has allergic reactions to silicone, it has silica listed in its ingredients. 

after blending:
it makes the skin super smooth, glowy and bright (in a good way). It also evens out the skin tone and helps minimize the appearance of pores. It doesn't have shimmers (Shu Uemura also released a shimmery version but I believe it has been discontinued). This is the nicest gift with purchase I've ever received in my beauty blogger life. :)

now, onto the main purchase of the night, I must warn you, I really like this! Lemming prone zone! ^_~

The Nobara Cream Cover Stick in 754, a medium beige shade with a neutral under tone
 ingredients: dimethicone, neopentyl glycol dicaprate, isotridecyl isononanoate, synthetic wax, ceresin, talc, diisostearyl malate, sorbitan sesquioleate, phytosteryl/octyldodecyl lauroyl glutamate, alumina, aluminum hydroxide, tocopherol, canola oil, may also contain i 77891 / titanium dioxide, ci 77491, ci 77499, ci 77492 / iron oxides & mica

Omigosh. Perfect match!
✪ high coverage (concealer level)
✪ long wearing (even in humid conditions!)
✪ easy to blend with fingertips or as recommended, a foundation brush
✪ very creamy and soft to touch, it glides on like butter! (its like a foundation version of YSL's Rouge Volupte!)
✪ it feels very light on the face
✪ travel friendly packaging
✪ it did not break me out! 
✪ available in 13 shades (supposedly)
✪ a little goes (or should i say, blends) a long way

✪ some ladies have difficulty getting their shade right
✪ here in Manila, only 6 shades are available (734, 754, 764, 964, 974, 554)
✪ price: Php1,900 (approx. $42 USD) for 11grams of product

It's always a challenge to find a perfect match foundation but once you get it, you will be rewarded with a flawless face, free from break outs if you're lucky. Now I understand what the bloggers/MUA's/celebrity  raves are all about. I'm in love with this Nobara foundation reincarnation. Shu Uemura did it again, its another HG material for me!

Oh it's the last week of April! Have a great week ahead everyone! ^_^


  1. Ooh, so how would you apply it, the Nobara foundation? That's great that you got your perfect match! I always have trouble finding foundation match... I wonder if I should venture to Shu Uemura and hopefully find my match hehehe... Great buy!

  2. wow it really is a perfect match for you!
    It looks like a really good foundation.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Wow this is great! Too bad I usually buy Shu stuffs in Hongkong and Taiwan =(

  4. oh em gee look at all those bottles freebies!!! i would so kiss your SA for being so generous! in my life experience with shu, ive only gotten one tiny bottle from them >.<

    xoxo elle
    ps: 15g is that less than a lipstick??

  5. nice!! the nobara cream cover stick looks like a really good buy; and lucky you to have a perfect match! ^__^
    im interested with the UV underbase! do you know how much is it? :) and does it also help in fighting oily-ness?

  6. ur so lucky! loove the samples! luv everythin!

  7. That was a lot of free stuff! That helps make the real cost of the Nobara much less. =)

  8. Thanks for the review of the stick foundation =) I am tempted to check it out the next time I hit a Shu counter! Unfortunately the nearest one to me isn't in my city at all D= and I don't know if they do beauty club card thingies.

    And WOW, they are so many nice gifts from the MUA.!!!!

  9. wow....what a generous SA and I would love to try that foundation....

  10. Wow the UV base looks amazing!

  11. soo many shu goodies!! the UV Under Base looks like mousse and blends out with an airbrush effect! so cool!! i have to go check it out some time because i'm impressed just by the photo!

    i'm looking for a good concealer at the moment so thanks for the review!

  12. wow that's a lot of stuff you got for the member's program! so neato!!...

  13. wow amazing match!!! u have found it!

    and love the tiny bottles of samples!

  14. Holy moly! That IS a lot of freebies! WOW!

  15. Ooh yay, your Shu post is here! *^_^* I don't even know if we have this program here b/c I need to join it! Oh wait, they are leaving the U.S. T_T I stared at the freebies you got for a good 5 minutes. Wow!! I am so glad that you mentioned the UV base containing silicone b/c I am allergic to it. That and the Nobara cream stick look like they were made just for you! Blends in so beautifully. "(its like a foundation version of YSL's Rouge Volupte!)"...whoa! Does this have silicone in it? Sorry, I don't know which ingredients are silicone (besides silica)...hehe. TIA! =)

  16. The UV base looks really nice. I really wanted to try a mouse base.

  17. everyone kept raving about this lightweight mousse! Must go n get it somehow!!! Thanks for sharing sweetie

  18. great post :) wish i knew more about makeup though haha

  19. OMgosh SOOOO jealous of all the samples you got ! & being able to go to the event at all! we don't have a shu here =( but it was so nice of them ! the uv base looks cool too!

    the cover stick looks really good too ! good thing you were able to find your perfect match in the 6 shades that were available to you =)

  20. I will definitely have to check out Shu Uemura over here to see if I can get my hands on either one of those. Do you blend the mousse with your fingers or a brush?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am a new follower. :)

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    cluster necklace giveaway

  21. wow... that stick costs an arm and a leg for such a tiny product! ><

  22. I love Shu Uemura!!! wish we had a local retailer here.. I used to use the skin care line.. but it got pricy.. but my skin was so supple and fresh back then!! :) Well, it still is.. but maybe not as much as before.

    xx Love & Aloha

    **Stop by to enter my Misikko Flat Iron Giveaway!!

  23. Wow the Nobara Cream Cover Stick in 754 looks perfect on your skin, perfect match ! ^_^ And that Shu Uemura Under Base sounds intriguing, I just hope it has higher SPF hehe. ^_^

  24. shu uemura cleansing oil break out my face :/

  25. Shu Uemura is love!
    How did you join the Shu Fanatic club? I always buy my make-up from Duty Free and I probably have accumulated over P20 000 already in Shu Uemura products (sorry ma!)


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