Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ekilove Jewelry Haul

It's official, I'm addicted to Ekilove. Eki's creations are just too darn cute to pass up on, so when I got the chance, I just clicked on everything that I liked, because I know that her pieces are limited and they sell out faster than you can say KAWAII! lol XD
my latest loot:
meticulously packed with love ♥

notice the stamped cover? nice touch eh? I like the grey pouch too.. XD

Here are the latest additions to my growing Ekilove collection:
The very popular Hime Necklace in 14k gold filled chain, its really pretty and eye-catching in person!

Stars Necklace

Love Hearts Necklace

Doll Bow Earrings

there's a crown detail on the necklaces' locks :)
it fits perfectly with Eki's tag line, 'made by hime for a hime'. nice, I feel like royalty! ^_^

and of course, its not an Ekilove package if it doesn't have extra goodies:
clockwise from top: pink bow fringe holder, candies, FaceQ mask, nail art stickers & eye masks. Thank you for the extras Eki :)

I can't wait to doll up and wear my new accessories! Lurvey needs to take me out on a date! hahaha ^_~


  1. They are all so pretty! I love the Stars necklace :)

  2. awww....cute haul...I so have to agree with you on this.....I think eki's creation are one of the hauls I did online that I'm so happy when I got...and It's really worth it....

  3. and I just read your comment....
    Thank you G...If we don't laugh about it...I think we're going feel so lucky to have met you guys...**hugs**..just knowing that my blogger buddies are there for me..makes me feel better...

    why not visit us here this fall???and we could go shopping for fall fashion..:D

  4. Georgina!! I miss you too! Love the jewelry haul. They're sooo pretty ;)

  5. Nice haul! Beautiful jewelry. It's good that you got what you did since they are limited.


  6. OMG Those necklaces are soooooo cute!!! Please post pics of you modeling them!! ^^ The gold number is stunning and so kawaii, Eki is so talented LOL

    Ahhh the ecobags are found mostly on the street markets hehe. I got mine at Fa Yuen Street by Mongkok. If you get them there you can buy them for 5HKD each, whereas the Women's market sells thems usually for like 15HKD lol I love them! They are so cute hehe

  7. adorable necklaces!! That's it,i'm heading over to Ekilove right now..

  8. Kawaii to the max!! I always love eki's jewelry, I think I need to act fast when she posts her new piece next time!

  9. The Hime necklace is really pretty! :P

  10. super adorable! i especially love the earrings! sorry i haven't got a chance to comment on your latest posts, but I've been reading :p Hope you've been doing well recently love!

  11. You picked out some really pretty pieces. L will be proud to have you show them off with him while he is showing you off with them. Wait? What did I write? Well, it's supposed to be a compliment--I hope it is! :P

  12. Ooh! The jewelry is nice, but I think the best part is the goodies she threw in! SO thoughtful, and girly, and sweet :)

  13. i love eki's creations too! the beauty and love that those creations give off are beyond words ^^ thanks for sharing! the fringe holder is fantastic!

  14. Nice! looks like you got a chance to get a lot of her items this time :)
    Very pretty pieces! <3

  15. That first necklace is beyond cute! But really, everything in her line is too! ;D

  16. so u r the one taking all of eki's stuff before i can. just kidding!!! awesome haul. i cant wait to own my first eki item....trying to hold off but cant resist no more. thanks for posting!! =)

  17. they are sooo cute. I wish I was more of a jewelry person. Eki is sweet, very attentive to the packaging :D


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