Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shu Uemura Hard Formula [Hard 6] Seal Brown 02 Eyebrow Pencil

I've found another HG item lovelies! We all know that eyebrows frame the face, thats why I decided to "invest" in a highly raved eyebrow pencil from Shu Uemura. After I saw how effortlessly the MUA filled in the gaps in my brows when I had a makeup session recently, I just blurted it out: I want one please! ^_^

 There are two kinds of the hard formula pencils, I believe they're called hard 6 and hard 9 respectively. MUA recommended hard 6 to me because it can be easily sharpened with a regular eyeliner sharpener after I told him I didn't want to bother going back to the store every time the pencil needs sharpening (using a sharp knife or a cutter and doing it myself is not even an option for a clumsy gal like me).

Description from Shu Uemura: 
A hard eyebrow pencil used to precisely create and shape the eyebrows. The H6 formula is made with soft lead to draw slightly softer and thicker lines. Unique color pigment releases only when it interacts with the oil in the eyebrow hairs. The result is natural, defined brows without the 'drawn on' look. Smudge-proof and long-lasting.
in its original packaging.

its exactly 17.5 cm long

Let me show you how it works on my brows, heres a pic of my bare brows: 

and heres a pic after filling the 'bald spots' with the Shu Uemura Hard Formula [hard 6] Seal Brown Eyebrow Pencil:
so much better no? 

What I LOVE about it:
➜very easy to use, even for 'pencil' beginners like me, as it only blends pigment when natural oils are detected, giving me a very natural look which I love.

➜it doesn't smudge
➜it stays on all day
➜pencil is long, lots of product to last for a long while
➜the shade 'seal brown' complements my dark, asian brows really well
➜it can be layered for more definition.

What I DONT LIKE about it:
➜the PRICE! that's all. Bought it at a Shu Uemura store for Php1,400 or approx. USD31 (the horror!) 

I already tossed my one year old Etude eyebrow cake (which I hit pan on!) back in the drawer since I got this pencil, its that amazing! I know I won't be needing anything else. ;)


  1. oo i've been really interested in this brow pencil too, but i keep telling myself no because it's so expensive! so glad you liked it! it should last you a long time so i guess if it works, then it's a great deal! yay! :)

  2. i heard the hard 9 is very good and easy to use...your tempting me to buy one now!

  3. you have such nice brows already! love their fullness :)

  4. That looks really nice. But the price, my goodness! Haha! :P

  5. Your eyebrows look perfect bare! I wish that I had eyebrows that look like yours. Probably my #1 challenge is my supremely sparse eyebrows.

    This pencil sounds wonderful but as with all Shu Uemura items, it's expensive! It seems quite awesome though and your finished eyebrows look very natural.


  6. the eyebrow pencil does look really good! Thanks for the review :)

  7. congratulations! shu uemura products are great but pricey :) i'm glad you like your purchase :)

  8. glad you found your HG! i think it's worth it even if it's a little pricey if it is HG status hehe

  9. Bare brows? You need to cover-up, kids could be visiting your blog!!! LOL! Honestly, I like the bare brows, you look great either way.

    Happy Sunday!

  10. oooh the pencil gives a very subtle difference but it def fills up the 'bald spots' hehe i need to get something like this

  11. The color looks great on you. But I do agree that it is a bit too pricy. Haha, maybe you can try Anastatia. I love their eyebrow products, and I think their brow pencils are also really east to use.^0^

  12. the brow pencil look pretty good! but is a bit pricey.. i have very light and little brows and im still finding my HG one to fill em up!

  13. Thank you for sharing!!! you have really nice eye brows!!! the SU pencil looked really natural I love it :)

  14. woo nice pencil. i need to replace my dior brow pencil soon. does it only come with a plastic bag as packaging?

  15. Omgosh that eye pencil comes at a steep price!! I can see that it really gives your brows definition though.. to be honest I'm lazy about doing my eyebrows so it's always in its natural state =X I think I'm going to use my brow powder again so I can remember the effect it has hehe.. glad you found a HG :)

  16. i wish shu still had a counter here for me to go take a look at!

  17. Bald spots? Are you kidding me? Your bare brows look GREAT!!!

    My cheapie brow pencil from Etude House does fade, might have to upgrade to Shu soon! =DDD

  18. I love how natural and full this makes your eyebrows look! :D It's a shame Shu decided to leave our shores. Oh well, at least we can still buy from their website. I will have to check this pencil out!

    P.S Aw, you are too kind :) Thanks to summer, I have tanned arms now! And I am fascinated by the book you recommended to me. I actually do like non-fiction. :P I will check it out!

  19. Hey Georgina! Hmmm that's so weird I think I missed this post?! :X
    Wow I think the pencil does look really natural on you, I typically stay away from black brow pencils because my brows are so full already (well, you know! hahahahah) Wow the pencil does seem pretty pricey, hopefully it'll last a long time though considering the pigmentation! ^^ <3

  20. Love your brows, natural and full! They make your brows look subtly define - pretty and natural :D

  21. Aiya I should really do my eyebrows too but I'm so lazy sometimes or forgetful haha! Yeah, i wouldn't want to sit there with a knife either sharpening o__o It sounds so.. cave-like no? Haha!
    I should tell my mom about this, she's always looking for a better eyebrow pencil.


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