Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Updates: Loco for Lusso

Double dating is totally one of my favorite things in life, especially if its with the stylish couple M & K of! We make it a point to meet up every month to catch up and just enjoy each other's company. Our favorite activity? Eating good food while talking endlessly! :) 

fab four @ lusso ;)

This time we went to wine and dine at Lusso, Greenbelt 5. I dont really drink wine (or anything with alcohol), but I do try and sip a little to understand K's detailed commentary and oftentimes, I do get it! I'm more of a foodie than a wine drinker, reading the menu was exciting, and for once I'm a good blogger because I remembered to take photos before digging in! (Lurvey took the food pics)

Hello there Foie gras burger!
We ordered 2 and asked the server to split the burgers in half, it was a good idea because this way you can see the foie gras oozing out of the beef patty! I cannot tell you how so juicy and savory it is, the foie gras just adds that special *oomph!* to it. such an evil burger. no ketchup needed! *oh please*

M & K's Spinach Taglierini, also served split

Lurvey and G's "Luxe" Mac & (three) Cheese
The name is so appropriate, you wont get this kind of mac and cheese in an instapack thats for sure, the mini croutons brings in the crunch while the pancetta adds saltiness to this mild and creamy version of the comfort food we all crave for once in a while. :)

G and Lurvey ♥

I hope you enjoyed this post! Back to beauty bits on the next post. I have a LOT to cover this week, Etude House lash ample review and Lunasol swatches to name a few. I'm also expecting some online hauls to come any day now. Ahh the anticipation! ;) Have a lovely week ahead lovelies!



  1. Aaawww sweet picture of the two of you! The food looks so yummy too. Now I want to eat food again.


  2. wow, the food looks amazing! glad you had a nice double date! I've never been on one before.

  3. beautiful pictures. The food looks delicious, and you look great!

  4. You two are such a cute couple!

    "no ketchup"? Whoever heard of such a thing??? ;P

    Thanks for sharing G.

  5. foie gras burger? omg sounds delicious

  6. Georgina, you look stunning! ( I saw some more of your pics on fb hehe) The food looks so good.. drooling is becoming a habit when I look a food posts :P'' aw I used to love foie gras.. until I found out some things about it =x

  7. T_T i don't even date anymore.. after being with the same guy for 10 years.. sob sob...

    much less double date! all his friends are single..sigh

  8. aw. miu! maybe you can double date with stellar and her SO! im sure stellar has some cutie guys friends! :)

  9. indeed fab four. the mac and cheese is what i'm craving for dinner

  10. Ah double dating, I have yet to experience such thing, sounds like a lot of fun ^^

    The food looks so delish, wow your SO took some really nice photos! Props to him!!

  11. *waves* Hi love! :D Wow, looks like I've got some reading to catch up on.

    Um, seriously I could totally devour that burger and mac n' cheese right now. *drools* Love your cute dress!

  12. food looks amazing!


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